Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 590

Chapter 590: This is only a small inspection
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Why her breasts?

Seiji focused on the red mist and felt rather speechless.

Karen impulsively wanted to cover her breasts when she noticed that Seigo was staring at her chest. But, she restrained herself.

She was quite familiar with boys' lecherous looks aimed at her. Currently, Seigo's expression didn't give her such a feeling. It was more like he was observing something.

Kaho also felt like Seigo was only observing. However, she felt rather strange about seeing him seriously stare at her older sister's large breasts.

"There's a bad aura being emitted from this little girl," Yomi's voice suddenly spoke up inside Seiji's mind.

"Something that's really bad?" Seiji mentally spoke with her when he heard his bonded female spirit speaking up of her own volition.

"Quite possible. A deeper inspection will be necessary."

"How should I do a deeper inspection?"

Yomi told him the relevant information, causing Seiji to pause for quite a while.

"Don't joke around like that, Yomi."

"I'm not joking at all. This is a necessary inspection."

"There's no other method!?"

"Nope." The female spirit chuckled lightly. "Why are you resisting this? This should be an excellent method for you."

"Excellent, the hell!" Seiji retorted.

Yomi's method was to massage Karen's breasts! And, the massage couldn't even be performed through clothing. It had to be skin-on-skin contact!!

Although this was indeed an excellent method for him, the price was that he would be treated as a pervert While he indeed worshipped these godly breasts, he didn't really want to massage them!!


A tiny voice in his heart questioned this.

'Fine, I admit it, I really want to rub them! But not like this!!'

"This is only a small inspection. This little girl seems quite gentle and obedient and probably won't mind." Yomi chuckled.

"That's not up to you to decide!"

"You only have to treat yourself as a doctor and her as a patient. Having an inspection is only natural. Simply enjoy yourself during the process."

"Enjoy, the hell! That will make me even more immoral!"

"If you really feel bad about it, why don't you promise to take responsibility for the rest of her life? This little girl seems like an excellent concubine candidate."

"That's too much! Also, your way of thinking is so disrespectful!!"

Seiji continuously retorted in his mind.

However, the female spirit adamantly maintained that this was the only inspection method available.

Although Seiji was incredibly doubtful of this, he could only accept it in the end.

After sighing deeply, Seiji put on his most serious expression. "After observation, something has indeed possessed you, Miyamoto-san."

Karen and Kaho both tensed up when they heard his serious tone.

"However, only observing won't tell me the specific situation. I need to inspect things more deeply in order to ascertain what it is," Seiji continued in a heavy tone. "However, there's a little problem with the inspection method no, a very big problem. Let me clarify that if there's any other methods available, I would have chosen them. But, this is really the only inspection method available with no other choices. This method is"

Seiji lowered his voice to the point where only the two sisters could hear him as he explained the necessary steps of the inspection.

Karen and Kaho both paused in surprise upon hearing it. Karen then blushed crimson red while Kaho widened her eyes in surprise.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

Seiji felt like he would understand if Karen spoke now and cursed him for being a pervert, hoodlum, hentai, or something similar. In fact, he felt it was quite possible for her to simply stand up and leave immediately.

After all, a boy that she only met twice before just told her that a breast massage would be necessary as a checkup This basically sounded no different from sexual harassment!

Yet, Karen didn't explode as her face continued to redden.

She looked towards her younger sister Kaho and exchanged glances with her.

Something flashed in Kaho's eyes as a complex expression appeared on her face.

She believed in Seigo. However, the inspection method that he mentioned was quite difficult for her to accept. And so, she only looked back at her older sister, not knowing what to say.

Karen glanced at Kaho for a while before looking back towards Seiji.

Seiji maintained as serious an expression as possible.

After observing his handsome face for a while, Karen retracted her gaze and slowly picked up her coffee mug, sipping on some coffee.

"There's really no other method?" she finally spoke up, breaking the long period of silence.

"There really isn't." Seiji sighed.

"Then I guess I'll have to accept it," Karen said in a soft voice while blushing.


"Kaho I don't trust a boy that I've only met for the second time, but I trust you I trust that the person you believe in won't be just a scammer or pervert."

Kaho was quite moved by her sister's deep trust in her.

She looked towards Seigo who could only smile wryly.

"I swear that if there's any other method at all, I wouldn't use this method."

Since Seigo Harano was even swearing an oath, she felt that it had to be the truth.

The "inspection" couldn't possibly take place in public at the coffee caf, so the three of them went over to the Uehara apartments instead.

Shika was still currently practicing cultivation at Natsuya's residence. Reo was being taken care of by Kaede, so nobody was home at Seiji's apartmentperfect for doing something that he didn't want anyone else to know about.

He felt almost as if he was having an extramarital affair.

No, no, not at all! Although he indeed didn't want anyone else watching this inspection, this was still only a simple inspection, with pure motives!! Seiji forcefully told himself that was all he thought.

After entering his apartment, what he needed to consider next was where to undertake the inspection.

The living room, his bedroom, the bathroom, or the study?

All of these choices seemed quite bad!

Having Karen choose seemed even worse to him!!

After some inner turmoil, Seiji chose to do the inspection in his bedroom.

Kaho should have originally been happy to be invited inside Seigo's bedroom for the first time. However, she felt incredibly complex inside at thinking about what he was about to do.

Karen kept her head constantly lowered and was flushed bright red all the way here. She looked just like a bullied bride.

"Please please take off your clothes."

Seiji forcefully withstood the feeling of guilt inside his heart as he spoke in a low voice and averted his gaze.

Karen's face reddened to the point where she was almost blood-red. However, she still obeyed and slowly took off her shirt and then her bra.

Kaho watched her red-faced older sister slowly take off all her upper body clothing and gradually reveal that astnoshing chest of hers Even though Kaho was Karen's younger sister, she could still feel the thick ero sensation emanating from that chest!

She felt that any boy who saw this scene would surely lose control of themselves. Luckily, Seigo was currently averting his gaze.

"I've already taken my clothes off."

Karen was now naked from the waist up and spoke softly while covering her chest with her hands.

Seiji mentally prepared himself before turning back around. He put on his most serious expression with zero traces of lust as he inspected her.

Despite his mental preparation, he was still shocked at the beautiful scene in front of him!

'Ah those tall peaks covered by white clouds are so majestic and beautiful'

Only after he deeply etched this scene into his mind did he do his best to control his expression to not flicker.

He then began to create a seal and utter an incantation.

As he cast his spell, Seiji's hands gradually began to glow golden, as if he was wearing a pair of half-translucent golden gloves.

Both Miyamoto sisters' eyes shone as they personally witnessed his mystical abilities at work.

"My apologies." Seiji notified Karen with an apology before he reached out his hands.

Karen stopped covering her chest with her hands and completely exposed her ample bosom to a boy that she had only met for the second time.

Seiji once again received an impact from the white clouds' disappearance and seeing the peaks in their full majesty!

However, he used his powerful will to restrain all desires so that his expression didn't flicker one bit.

He reached out with both his hands and gently cupped her breasts.

So soft
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