Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Is this really just an inspection!?
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

'I'm only inspecting I'm only inspecting I'm only inspecting I'm only inspecting I'm only inspecting I'm only inspecting'

Seiji could only repeatedly drone on in his mind in order to prevent himself from getting lost in this soft and filling sensation in his hands.

The spell began to take effect.

Karen felt a warmth covering her breasts as a gentle and warm feeling entered deeply within her body.

"Mmm~" She couldn't help but moan out loud.

'No way, even this spell has that type of effect!?' Seiji's eyes twitched.

This was the first time that Kaho had ever heard her sister making such a seductive sound. She was shocked to her core.

The warmth gradually entered even deeper within her body. Karen felt incredibly comfortable and her body began to tremble.

Finally, the warmth came into contact with the strange chill hidden deep inside her. At this moment, it was as if she was electrified. Her entire body shook as she shrieked, "Eeyah!!"

Kaho's face burned up as she watched this. She didn't want to watch this anymore, but was unable to avert her gaze.

Seiji started breaking out into a cold sweat. However, he also sensed that the spell had detected some type of negative energy.

He needed to withdraw a small part of this negative energy For this purpose, he began injecting his Mana into Karen's bodythe process was to massage her breasts!

"Ahh yahh wan"

Karen's breasts were stimulated while she also felt some of the chill deep within her being forcefully pulled out by the warm sensation. It gave her an indescribable feeling of comfort.

She shook once again and continuously moaned as tears began dripping out of her eyes. Her reddened face had an incredibly sexy expression.

Was this really just an inspection!?

Kaho really couldn't take it anymore and wanted to stop this. However, she saw that Seigo's expression was incredibly serious. Although he was giving Karen a chest massage, it seemed as if there was no lust in his eyes.

But the bastard was still massaging her older sister's chest!!

Yet, by now, stopping it seemed meaningless. She could only watch until the end.

Seiji listened to Yomi's instructions, carefully and slowly withdrawing the negative energy that he came into contact with. Since he was concentrating fully, he had no other idle thoughts occupying his mind whatsoever.

The red mist emitting from Karen's soft breasts gradually became denser. Finally, Seiji withdrew a small blood-red stream of light and held it between his hands, forming into an exquisitely beautiful blood-red ball of light!

"This is" Kaho widened her eyes in surprise at this visible blood-red ball of light.

Karen stopped moaning and wiped the tears in her eyes. She then also clearly saw this ball of light.

"What is this?"

"This is a demon's power," Seiji answered. "It's also called Demon Energy."

"Demon Demon Energy" Karen muttered.

Seiji lifted up the blood-red ball of light with his left hand. He then carefully stuck his right hand's index finger into the ball of light.

The Demon Energy ball instantly started moving and shaking as if it was alive. It even made screeching sounds!

Karen was quite frightened to see this scene, especially when she thought about how Seiji had withdrawn it from her body.

"Sister let's put your clothes back on." Kaho walked over to Karen's side.


As Karen put her clothes back on, Seiji and Yomi carefully observed the ball of light.

"It's a powerful demon a dangerous insect demon," the female spirit analyzed.

"Where did it come from?"

"It should be related to this little girl's personal mystical connection. It might even be the main form of her mystical connection."

Mystical connections referred to ties of karma that certain humans had with certain demons or spirits. Such connections could possibly Awaken and affect the human hosts in various ways.

"This insect demon has only entered the first stage of its own Awakening. If it accumulates sufficient Demon Energy and completely Awakens, it'll definitely take over this little girl's body or she will even transform into the powerful demon itself."

"So, she'll turn into a monster and won't be herself any longer?" Seiji frowned.

"That's right. She won't be human anymore, nor will she have a sense of self. It's the same as if she died," Yomi explained.

Fallen. Seiji recalled the word that Yui had told him.

Karen Miyamoto's mystical connection didn't give her a trial or any Spiritual Ability. Instead, it was leading her directly to becoming Fallen!

How was he supposed to prevent the worst situation?

"Is it possible to enter her soul world and kill off the demon?" Seiji asked.

"It's quite possible that she'll receive too much damage to her soul and die during the course of battle if you do so," Yomi told him.

"How about cleansing the Demon Energy?"

"That won't work, either. The Demon Energy will still return after being cleansed. And if you enrage the insect demon, that could cause the little girl's soul to be damaged to the point where she dies."

"What about sealing the insect demon?"

"Sealing spells are very powerful spells that will place far too much burden on this little girl's body."

"What can we do then?" Seiji furrowed his eyebrows.

"Pay close attention to her condition. Once the Demon Energy accumulates to a certain extent, use a specific spell to wake up the insect demon in a way that it won't be completely Awakened. Then, fight against the incomplete insect demon," Yomi told him the correct answer. "This is the only useable method. And, this method requires her younger sister's assistance."

"Why's that?"

"As the Demon Energy accumulates, the little girl's mental spirit will be tremendously negatively influenced. It's quite possible that she won't be able to bear things to the end. In order to protect her when she can't bear it anymore, it's necessary to transfer some of the Demon Energy to her blood-related younger sister and have her sister share the burden until her spirit recovers. Then, transfer the Demon Energy back to her body afterwards. It will likely be necessary to repeat this process several times."

So, Kaho and Karen needed to share and withstand the mental damage from the Demon Energy together? Seiji's eyes flashed in understanding.

"It will also be dangerous for anyone else to share the burden, is that right?" Seiji asked for confirmation.

"Of course. It's possible to go insane due to the Demon Energy, or be chosen as the new vessel for the demon to Awaken in, or to be rejected by the Demon Energy, which could cause serious injury or even death."

"It sounds quite similar to that Hell's Aura spell. They both require family members to risk their lives to save someone."

"Yes, which is why having blood-related family members with a close relationship is so important."

Blood relations In modern society, this concept was becoming less and less important. But in the mystical society, blood relations were incredibly important.

Having blood relations meant having similar bodies and similar souls was that the right way of looking at it?

At this moment, the blood-red ball of light suddenly started screeching even louder.

Seiji instantly returned to his senses, only to see that the blood-red ball was violently trembling. It then changed its form and swiftly became a red moth-like creature which forcefully flapped its wings, struggling to break free!

Karen and Kaho were both scared and retreated at the scene.

Seiji clasped his hands, activated his [Cleansing] spell, and eradicated the moth demon!

"Miyamoto-san this is a very bad situation that's quite troublesome."

He explained the situation to Karen and Kaho.

"I don't want Kaho to take any risks is there no other way?" Karen asked.

"I'm sorry, there isn't." Seiji sighed.

He believed in Yomi.

Although he rather doubted the inspection method from earlier, Yomi adamantly insisted on it, so he accepted in the end. He didn't contact Natsuya to ask about it or send Karen to the mystical hospital connected to the Yoruhana Family for an inspection.

His trust in Yomi had been accumulated over time. This mysterious and powerful female spirit seemed a bit like an overly casual jokester, but he felt that she was actually highly reliable.

"Don't worry about me, Sister," Kaho spoke to Karen as she looked at Seiji. "I'll do as you say I'm truly grateful for your assistance, Seigo. Please help us with this."

She bowed deeply to him after saying this.

"No need for all that, Kaho. We're friends," Seiji told her.

"I'm the one who should be giving thanks Thank you so much, Harano-kun." Karen also deeply bowed.

"Miyamoto-san It's too early to be thanking me. Please, both of you, raise your heads."

The demon hadn't been eliminated yet. This was only the beginning.
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