Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 593

Chapter 593: I really like you
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Saturday morning.

"Milady, I hope you have a fun time." Mai accompanied Seiji and Natsuya to the doorstep with a smile. "Same to Young Master Haruta. However you understand, yes?"

A sharp glint flashed in the maid's eyes for the last part.

"Of course I understand, Senpai." Seiji smiled wryly.

Seiji and Natsuya left together and walked over to the monorail station under the watchful gaze of the maid.

Although they could have simply had Natsuya's driver take them directly to the amusement park, they felt that it would be nice today to just go by themselves.

Today, Natsuya was wearing a leaf-patterned one-piece dress with a light jacket on top. As was her habit, she also wore black lace stockings which accentuated her youthful beauty and charisma.

Seiji was wearing a dark jacket and dark long pants which made him seem ridiculously handsome and cool.

They drew a great amount of attention due to their outstanding physical features as they walked together on the street. However, both of them had gotten accustomed to this already and ignored the attention.

Seiji wanted to hold her hand as naturally as possible. But, right before he reached out his hand, Natsuya automatically moved closer to him and clutched his arm.

'Ohh, I can feel her chest' Seiji was moved by the wondrous feeling.

He noticed how many male passersby were glancing towards Natsuya, which suddenly made him want to shout out loud in a blissful tone that "This is my girlfriend!"

Of course, he wouldn't really shout such an embarrassing thing out loud. Yet, he really did have such passion.

Seiji looked towards Natsuya.

Natsuya also looked towards him.

They exchanged glances while smiling at each other, giving off an incredibly sweet aura.

'Please, don't act so lovey-dovey in public!!'

All the poor individuals passing by thought in such a manner.

They arrived at the monorail station and took the monorail to the Empire World amusement park. Some time later, they arrived at their destination.

This was quite a famous amusement park with many visitors. After purchasing tickets and entering, they immediately entered a jubilant and festive atmosphere.

Empire World was a large amusement park with many districts and rides. It would be easy for a person to be lost here if they didn't do homework beforehand, not knowing what to ride.

Of course, Seiji did his homework. He already made a nice planned route that would be perfect for a date.

First, they would start off with some relaxing rides. After drumming up the excitement, they would ride the most important ride of all: the tall roller coaster known as the "Cloudsoarer!"

This was the single most stimulating and fastest roller coaster in all of Sakura Island. Most visitors to Empire World reviewed this roller coaster as the single best ride here. Of course, if one didn't have problems regarding health and age limitations.

Seiji was rather interested in taking a ride on this Cloudsoarer which had a cool-sounding name as if it came out of a webnovel from his previous world. But, if Natsuya didn't want to ride it, of course he wouldn't force her.

To his surprise, she was even more excited than he was, with her eyes lighting up.

They had purchased VIP tickets which helped them to avoid the long lines. They soon got on the roller coaster in the middle section of the cars.

The roller coaster began moving along the tracks and slowly went up the chain.

Seiji silently squeezed Natsuya's hand.

Natsuya's eyes were watery as she felt his gentleness.

As the roller coaster climbed higher, some riders shouted out in excitement, while others screamed in fear.

Natsuya suddenly shouted as well.

Seiji saw the look of delight on her face and was infected, shouting out loudly as well.

As everyone shouted, the roller coaster finally reached the highest point and paused before the drop.

At this instant, looking up at the wide skies, Seiji felt an indescribable sense of openness as his heartbeat increased in expectation of the upcoming stimulation.



"I really like you." Natsuya flashed a beautiful and seductive smile.

Seiji received a direct powerful attack!

Before he could even regain his senses, the roller coaster started moving again as it slid down the track and rapidly gained speed!

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" the riders started shouting in unison.

Everyone's shouts combined with the rushing wind, deafening Seiji's eardrums!

Despite all this, Seiji could still hear his own heartbeat.

Was his rapid heartbeat because of the roller coaster, or because of what he'd heard just now? He didn't know!

He gave up on thinking and shouted loudly as well. He used shouting to vent the emotions within his heart, enjoying the simulation and excitement.

Left turn, right twist, circle loop, twirling and whirling around It truly felt like he was dancing in the sky, a fun experience.

Not long later, the roller coaster returned to the starting station, ending this fun little trip in the sky.

After walking out of the roller coaster facility, Seiji suddenly pulled Natsuya into his arms and kissed her.

"Enwoo~~~" She made a cute sound.

This sudden passionate kiss naturally attracted many people's attention. Couples nodded in understanding, while others sent them jealous looks. Children stared curiously while parents dragged them away.

After a long kiss, their lips finally separated.

Natsuya's face was red and she spoke shyly, "Right here it's so embarrassing."

"It's because you said something like that earlier." Seiji acted as if he was in the right. "It's all your fault."

Natsuya became even more embarrassed as her face became redder.

Seeing this sight, Seiji impulsively wanted to kiss her again. However, he restrained himself, feeling that it indeed wasn't proper to behave so passionately in public. So, he held her hand and walked together.

"I also really like you as well, Natsuya," he spoke in a soft and serious voice.

Hearing this, Natsuya's heart was filled with a feeling of bliss.

The two of them continued having fun together, taking Seiji's planned route to experience various rides. They also rested appropriately during all the fun, took pictures as memories, ate snacks together, and then went to a small restaurant in the amusement park for lunch. They had lots of fun.

The final ride for the day was the ferris wheel.

They sat together in the wheel as it slowly lifted them upwards, silently gazing at the park's scenery. This atmosphere slowly calmed down their emotions.

"When I was very young, Father once took me to this amusement park," Natsuya spoke up while gazing out the window. "That was both the first and last time it gave me a really deep impression."

Seiji saw that she had a complex expression.

"Perhaps, if I requested him to take me again, he would have done so. But, I didn't ask him, because Father was always so busy, and I knew that I shouldn't bother him because of something like this. I could have asked someone else to take me. I know that I could have come here again as long as I asked. Yet, I didn't do so. It wasn't that I didn't want to come again, and I had others that could go with me. Still, I didn't come back here until today."

Natsuya smiled as she looked back at Seiji.

"Thank you, Seiji. I had lots of fun today."

"Natsuya" Seiji smiled as he looked right at her. "I had lots of fun today as well. Let's come back here again some other time," he continued. "We can come back here with others apart from the two of us. For example, we could take Houjou-senpai, Shuho-san, or Kirin-san I feel like Kirin-san will especially like this place."

"Indeed." Natsuya chuckled. "We should come back here together with them sometime, especially Rana."

Seiji could already imagine the cute scene of the cat girl playing around here joyfully.

"We could even have a small competition game! We could have rewards and punishments, which will make things really interesting."

"What type of rewards and punishments would you have?"

"The rewards could be small things that can be actualized within the park. For instance, eating some pancakes, ice cream, or so on. As for punishments how about taking a picture of the competition loser making a strange pose?" Seiji made a funny face at Natsuya.

Natsuya instantly broke out into happy laughter.

She no longer had only one beautiful memory of this amusement park.
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