Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 595

Chapter 595: Theyre not acting
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Actually starting a real harem because of purchasing harem adult doujinshi how was this even possible!

"Uehara-san Are you joking with me?"

"Not at all, Asamiya-san. I know that it must be quite difficult for you to believe me. But, that's what really happened."

'What exactly happened here!?'

Yukari didn't have less questions than before. She now had even more. She felt like her head was about to explode.

Alright, she knew that she needed to calm down.

"Uehara-san, could I talk about this matter with you face to face?"

She wanted to understand what exactly happened. Rather than talking over the phone, she felt it would be better to talk face to face.

Mika fell silent for a moment.

"Actually, it's not that important anymore how things became like this the important part is what you think of all this, Asamiya-san."

'No, no, it's really important! I greatly mind how this happened!!' the purple-haired girl commented in her mind.

"Chiaki, the president, and myself have all confirmed our relationship with Seiji. Although this type of relationship is abnormal, all of us have resolved ourselves," Mika continued explaining. "There's no need for you to understand the detailed process of how things became like this. You just need to ask yourself what you think of all this."


"I apologize, I know that I'm not as eloquent as Chiaki is. At any rate that's what I mean."

Mika then hung up the call.

Yukari could tell that Mika wasn't in a good mood right now. She guessed that it was probably because Seiji was currently on a date with Natsuya.

Since she evidently had a bad mood because of this, why did she accept such a relationship?

Yukari came to a realization upon considering this topic some morethat must have been because there was no other method for Mika to be together with Seiji!

If there could only be one victor, then the winner would obviously be Natsuya Yoruhana which was why Mika Uehara made her choice.

This was indeed a choice that a "hero" would make. Yukari could only be impressed with Mika.

What about Chiaki Wakaba?

Chiaki was a casual "sage". She probably didn't even need to worry about this.

What about Natsuya Yoruhana? Why did the "empress" accept this type of relationship? She was the one who clearly had the advantage.

Yukari wasn't sure about this. She could only assume that there were still other factors she didn't know about.

As for why Seiji was fine with all this that was probably because he was a boy.

Although Yukari felt like she understood his motivations, as a girl, she still wanted to call him a "scumbag"!

She felt like she could imagine what type of expression he would have if she really called him a scumbag to his face.

He would probably smile helplessly and wryly yet have a resolute expression.

He was the type of flirtatious man who casually dated many girls at once. He definitely wouldn't be shaken just because of other people's negative opinions.

Although she didn't know exactly how things became like this, upon closer analysis, Yukari felt like she could faintly guess at why things became like this.

And just like Mika said, whether or not she understood the entire process wasn't that important anymore.

The important part was what she herself thought about it.

A real harem Yukari was unable to accept this. She didn't want herself to be one girl in part of a harem.

In that case, it meant that she had failed at finding love.

It was now confirmed that she had failed with her first love!

She should have felt more pained about confirming this. But now, she only felt helpless.

"I failed in my first love because the boy I liked started a harem This sounds almost like a joke." The purple-haired girl sighed deeply.

Her so-called title of "Princess" was only to such an extent.

But even though her first love had failed, that didn't mean that her current relationship with him had disappeared.

She was still one of his teammates for both the dating sim game production and the Spiritual Ability users team. She was his companion.

Yukari didn't want to cut off this relationship. Yet, she also didn't know how to face him.

She had complex emotions within herself as she lay on her bed and slowly closed her eyes.

After riding on the Ferris wheel, Seiji purchased the park's mascot plushie and gave it to Natsuya as a gift to commemorate this date.

They then left the amusement park and took the monorail back to the station nearest Natsuya's residence and walked the rest of the way back.

As they turned at an intersection, they coincidentally ran into Hoshi, Kotomi, and Rion!

The three Amami siblings were all surprised to see Seiji and Natsuya obviously acting like a couple together.

"Senpai! This is"

Seiji was already mentally prepared for such an event, so he could calmly respond to his wide-eyed junior.

"Good afternoon, Hoshi and Senpais."

Going out on a date and coincidentally being seen by a classmate or friend, or even directly running into someone, was something he knew was highly probable.

He didn't intend to hide his relationship with Natsuya. If someone really saw them, he would just let things play out naturally.

"Good afternoon, Senpai" Hoshi maintained his wide-eyed, mouth agape expression as he looked back and forth between Seiji and Natsuya. "You're going out with President Yoruhana?"

"That's right." Seiji nodded in admittance.

Hoshi was stunned by this.

Rion and Kotomi also widened their eyes in surprise as they stood still.

"Natsuya, these three are"

"I'm familiar with them," Natsuya told him. "Pleased to meet you for the first time, young Amami junior. Good afternoon, two Amami Senpais."

It seemed that introductions were unnecessary.

"Pleased to meet you Good afternoon, President Yoruhana." Hoshi regained his senses and couldn't help but exclaim at her beauty and charisma.

President Yoruhana and Senpai seemed like a perfect couple to him! They seemed just like a couple he'd see in a romantic movie.

But, didn't Senpai tell him before that he temporarily wasn't interested in getting a girlfriend?

Hoshi wonderingly looked at Seiji, asking this question with his eyes.

Seiji noticed Hoshi's question, but didn't explain anything and only smiled.

Seeing that Seiji's smile was rather complex, Hoshi instantly realized that there might be more to this behind the scenes.

Could it be that President Yoruhana was being forced into a marriage by her family, which was why she was asking Senpai to pretend to be her boyfriend so she could escape this marriage? Hoshi came up with such a classical idea.

'That's right, it has to be that! Senpai suddenly going out with President Yoruhana must be because he's simply helping her out! He said before that he wasn't interested in having a girlfriend!

'The fact that President Yoruhana gave Senpai some love chocolate in front of everyone on Valentine's Day, causing a ruckus in school they must have been acting for that as well!'

Hoshi felt like he had seen through the truth of the matter.

He then responded with his own smile of understanding.

Seiji was mystified by Hoshi's smile.

He felt that there was something subtle about Hoshi's smile which he couldn't comprehend.

"The two of you are a perfect match for each other." Hoshi smiled and praised them. "You look like a beautiful couple!"

'You're both great actors.' Hoshi wanted to transmit this message.

"Thank you" Seiji felt rather awkward and strange to hear this.

"Senpai and President, please continue your date. My sisters and I won't be bothering you on your romantic excursion." Hoshi communicated nonverbally about this to his sisters with his eyes.

Something flashed in the twin sisters' eyes.

They silently listened to their younger brother's words and left together with him. But soon after, they both looked back at Seiji and Natsuya walking off before exchanging glances, coming to a nonverbal accord.

"Hoshi, what did you think just now of what you saw?" the twins asked together in unison.

"I think that Senpai's helping President out" Hoshi explained his way of thinking. "The President is asking Senpai to pretend to be her boyfriend, and she really does have romantic interest in him. This can kill two birds with one stone: deal with her problem as well as help her get closer to Senpai That's probably what it is," Hoshi added.

"Rion, our younger brother is definitely an idiot."

"Yes, Kotomi, we've confirmed this fact once again."

The twins sighed in unison.

The beautiful boy paused in surprise to hear his sisters say this.

"Was there anything wrong with what I said?"

"What you said is indeed possible in theory," Rion told him.

"But, we don't think that's the case at all," Kotomi remarked.

"They're not acting, they really are a real couple!" both spoke simultaneously.
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