Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Its all Seijis fault
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Really? Why?" Hoshi was rather confused.

"I don't know."

"You'd have to ask him about that."

"If he's willing to tell you, that is." The twins sighed in unison.

"How about having some desserts?" After splitting up from the three Amami siblings, Seiji considered what they could do next.

"Are you asking if I want to go to the Divine Taste confectionery store?" Natsuya understood what he was referring to.

"Yeah. That's the place where we first met."

Seeing Hoshi helped to jog Seiji's memory of this location.

Back in the Divine Taste sweets store, which belonged to Rika Amami, was where he met Natsuya for the first time, where she invited him to transfer to Genhana High School

"That's indeed a meaningful location for both of us, but this is enough for today." Natsuya smiled. "Let's go next time."

Seiji didn't insist since she said so.

Today was already a wonderful day for him.

However, this wasn't the case for certain others.

"Are you still in a foul mood?" Chiaki walked into Mika's room and smiled as she saw how Mika was still lazing around in bed.

"Not at all," the twintailed girl said into her pillow.

"You're not convincing like this at all. Still, you're quite cute like this." Chiaki sat on her bed. "How about I physically console you?"

"Don't joke like that."

"I'm not joking at all! As long as you want No, as long as you allow me to, I'll start eating right away!"

"What are you going to eat!"

"Miss, I have excellent techniques. I promise that you'll immediately forget about that heartbreaker~"

"Stop pretending like you're a Casanova!"

Mika sighed after retorting.

"I don't feel like joking around with you right now, Chiaki."

"Then let's be serious. Let's have sex with each other, Mika." Chiaki stopped using a joking tone as something flashed in her eyes.

Mika was rendered speechless.

"Even if I'm not the type who doesn't object at all when her boyfriend is having a date with another girl, so I want to vent as well." Chiaki lay down next to Mika in her bed. "Of course, I don't want to do it with you only to vent. I also really like you and want to have sex with you. That's what I really think."

"Chiaki" Mika didn't know how to respond.

"Do you like me, Mika?" Chiaki looked straight at her and asked a direct question.

'Like? Of course I like you, but'

"I don't have any such"

"Not any at all?" the tomboy asked in a gentle tone as she placed her hand on Mika's cheek.

Mika was astonished by this sudden contact.

She felt as if an electric current suddenly ran through her heart.

Although the current was quite weak, she indeed felt such a current. This rather surprised herself.

Seeing her familiar "good friend's" boyish face and Chiaki's sincere expression, Mika felt that this all seemed rather unfamiliar. Her heart started beating quicker.

"You knew that I was bisexual, and still kept being good friends with me. Haven't you ever considered the possible implications of this?"

"I'm not"

"I know that you're not, but there's no absolutes." Chiaki smiled gently. "Actually, many people don't know what they truly like. They're just bound by so-called common sense, and believe themselves to be normal. Such people only need to experience things once in order to awaken, or gradually accept how they are. Of course, some people really are normal, and won't change themselves even after an experience, so they won't do it again afterwards. Since you don't have any objections towards me being bisexual, and you're even willing to accept the fact that you're joining part of Seiji's harem Mika, are you really certain that you're 'normal'?"

Mika was once again, rendered speechless.

'Am I really that normal?' She couldn't help but wonder about this.

When she started doubting herself, she felt as if she had touched upon who she really was.

Just as Chiaki said, her acceptance of willing to be in a harem was probably something that "normal" people would consider "abnormal."

Her true self what was she really like?

This was no simple question.

As for her own sexual preferences, she was already shaken just because of Chiaki's words

Suddenly, she felt something soft on her lips.

Mika regained her senses in a flash and discovered that Chiaki was kissing her!

The electric current went through her heart again as her heartbeat increased once more. She could hear her heart beating quite clearly.

'How could it be'

Chiaki only kissed her lightly on the lips and didn't do anything else.

Mika widened her eyes in surprise. She discovered to her own surprise that not only did she not object to the kiss, she even faintly felt some expectations!

That's right, she had expectations.

Deep inside her, she wanted Chiaki to kiss her deeply.

This type of feeling no, this sudden desire shocked her to her core!

Chiaki ended the kiss in just a short two seconds.

In just a short two seconds, Mika felt something that should have been solid in her heart begin to crack.

She felt as if she was getting a peek at her "true self" that she had never seen before.

It was as if a backdrop to the scenery she was familiar with had suddenly changed to reveal completely different scenery within.

This was a tremendous impact! It was an impact that would make others afraid or even lose control of themselves.

Yet, Mika only felt rather numb. She wasn't afraid, nor did she lose control of herself.

"How was it, what did you feel?" Chiaki smiled.

Mika found it difficult to answer and averted her gaze.

Chiaki stopped smiling as she peered at Mika's expression.

"I truly apologize if I made you uncomfortable."

"No I wasn't uncomfortable" Mika responded in a low voice. "I was just rather surprised"

"I was the one who acted rashly. I'm sorry." Chiaki sighed. "I won't do such a thing again. Please forgive me."

Mika felt rather disappointed when she heard Chiaki promising this.

That's right, disappointment!

'I do I really have such an interest in Chiaki?'

Mika pursed her lips as she battled with indescribably complex emotions.

But, when she saw that Chiaki got up and was about to leave, she reflexively reacted and grabbed on to Chiaki's hand.

Chiaki was a little surprised by this.

"I'm not angry" Mika said softly as her face flushed red. "Stay here for a little while longer."

Chiaki widened her eyes and then chuckled.

"I see that you don't dislike it after all, little kitten."

"Don't call me that."

"Let's kiss again. I'll give you a more amazing one this time."

"L-let's not."

"Such a weak and soft refusal will only make me more excited, you know~"

"Ah en"

She was kissed yet again.

Mika's heart was beating quite fiercely. Her entire body was heating up. She felt some fear inside her heart, but she felt even more of other emotions emotions that she didn't understand! She really didn't understand!!

Chiaki's kiss was somewhat different from Seiji's.

The moment she thought about this, she suddenly felt guilty. But then, she thought about how Seiji was currently together with President Yoruhana, which caused her feeling of guilt to instantly disappear and transform into something strange. Her emotions were in utter chaos!!

"Just relax yourself, Mika we're both Seiji's girlfriends, he won't mind," the tomboy was now basically murmuring softly into Mika's ear.

"Chiaki enn"

'I won't care anymore besides it's all Seiji's fault'

That was the last clear thought Mika had before her mind started going blank.

"Wuu ahh unn" She kept being kissed as she lost herself and got absorbed in indescribably pleasant sensations.

"You're so cute, Mika-chan~"

Seductive sounds soon started echoing in the room.
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