Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 597

Chapter 597: I confessed to Mika
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The intimacy lasted for quite a while.

But in the end, Chiaki only did a few things without crossing the final line.

She was someone who knew how to take relationships. Going too fast right from the very start wouldn't be a good thing.

It was just like how Seiji started a harem but was still taking things slowly. There would be time for everyone to experience things as well as make their own choices.

"Chiaki us being like this is wrong, isn't it?" Mika asked weakly.

Even if Seiji didn't actually object, she still felt like something was wrong about this.

"If there's anything wrong, I suppose it's indeed wrong, but it's just at the degree of a minor having some alcohol." Chiaki smiled.

A minor having alcohol Mika fell silent. She felt that this analogy was rather subtle, and she wanted to retort but didn't know how to retort.

"Just feel free to relax yourself. If you feel awkward about it, I'll tell Seiji about our new relationship."

"That's not what I mean"

"You're such a serious type, Mika," Chiaki commented. "It's good to be serious, but sometimes you'll bring pain upon yourself if you're too serious."

"I somehow feel like being as casual as you is a major problem as well."

"Well, I'm just such a casual girl, teehee~"

"Stop teeheeing!" Mika retorted.

"Then how about I change it to 'heehee'?"

"That's enough out of you!!" Little kitten Mika waved her claws and caused zero damage to her target.

Chiaki giggled. "Let's have some drinks next time. We can do even better things while drunk."

"I don't want that at all!"

"We could even drink together with Seiji and complain about him."

Mika fell silent upon hearing his name.

"He'll accept it all. You could definitely act more willfully and not care so much Who cares if it's 'wrong?' Will he dislike you for such a small matter?"

Of course not.

Mika knew that he wouldn't, but

"Rather than being 'wrong', he wants to know about what we really think more. That's why you really don't need to think so much into things," Chiaki told her gently.

Something flashed in Mika's eyes.

She felt like she now understood everything that Chiaki was trying to tell her.

Her earlier bad mood from knowing that Seiji was having a date with Natsuya had completely disappeared.

Later that night.

Seiji was playing a video game with Reo. They both controlled cute loli characters that jumped all around, shooting sticky fluids out of water guns at each other as they faced off in fierce competition.

Shika watched them silently as she sipped some tea.

This was a normal scene just like always in their apartmenthappy and peaceful.

At the conclusion of the video game battle, Reo's orange-dressed loli barely managed to defeat Seiji's blue-dressed loli. She emerged victorious.

The little girl started shouting happily as she proudly tilted her face upwards.

Seiji chuckled at her cute behavior.

"Not bad, but I'm going to get serious now, ehehe" Seiji intentionally acted like a clich antagonist.

"I won't lose to you!" Reo was filled with fighting spirit.

They immediately began a new round.

Seiji really did do as he said he would. He swiftly took shortcuts with his blue loli and used difficult angles to shoot liquid at the orange loli!

Reo hurriedly had her character dodge and counterattack to deal with the unexpected ambush.

"You're too nave!"

Seiji's blue loli character picked up an item which modified the water gun to shoot bouncing liquid bullets. He used excellent shooting skills to suppress Reo!

The orange loli was constantly splashed with sticky liquid and could only pitifully wail.

"Onii-chan, you're so mean! Stop!!" Reo could only constantly run with her character.

"Hahaha, there's no use even if you beg for mercy!" Seiji made what he perceived to be an evil expression.

On the television screen, the orange loli ran for her life while the blue loli chased after her past various obstacles. It was a heartpounding chase where her life depended on it.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door to Seiji's apartment.

Shika put down her teacup and went to open the door.

Mika and Chiaki came in to see that Seiji and Reo were currently busy playing against each other in a video game.

"You can't escape! Obediently let me spray your entire body!"

"No! I won't surrender!!" Reo resisted until the end.

"Then be buried under my spray, ohohoho-" Seiji utilized a classic antagonist's triple laugh.

His blue loli character obtained a rare item which leveled up her water gun to the highest level. It transformed into a giant water cannon that shot large amounts of sticky fluid!

Mika and Chiaki were both rendered speechless.

They exchanged glances before they approached Seiji on both sides and suddenly grabbed his wrists!

"Eh? What's" Seiji was surprised about this.

"Tachibana-chan, now's your chance!"

Reo instantly understood and used her orange loli to run out of her hiding place, speedily crashing into the blue loli and stealing the latter's water cannon!

"Ahh! My cannon!!"

Seiji wanted to move his character. However, Mika and Chiaki tightly grabbed on to his wrists, not allowing him to move.

The orange loli used the stolen water cannon against the blue loli and shot tons of sticky fluid that washed over the blue loli entire body!

Seiji howled pitifully when he saw that his character was defeated.

Like this, evil was defeated once again as justice emerged victorious!

"That's cheating! This match doesn't count," Seiji seriously objected.

"This isn't cheating at all. We're the allies of justice." Chiaki, Mika, and little Reo happily gave each other high fives.

"This isn't justice at all! You're just underhandedly taking advantage of numbers!!"

"No, this is noble teamwork. Justice doesn't know what being underhanded is!"

"Damn it Evil is undying! I shall return!"

And so, the fierce battling continued. Soon, four lolis appeared on the screen that began shooting sticky fluid at each other.

Everyone had fun passing the time by playing this video game together.

Shika went to take a shower and then returned to her room. Then, it was Reo's bedtime, so she went to go take a shower.

Seiji, Mika, and Chiaki were now the only ones that remained in the living room.

"How was your date with President Yoruhana?" Chiaki asked in a seemingly casual manner.

"Really fun," Seiji replied.

"Where did you go?"

"Empire World amusement park."

"An amusement park? That's rather unexpected."

Chiaki continued controlling her character as she talked. Her character's actions didn't slow down one bit, as if she was just making normal conversation.

Mika quietly sipped on some tea. She seemed as if she was just normally drinking tea.

However, Seiji noticed that something had changed in the atmosphere.

"Go ahead and tell me what you want to say directly, Chiaki." After making some casual conversation, he said this calmly.

"Alright then."

Chiaki's expression suddenly became serious.

"Actually I confessed to Mika about my love for her," she spoke in a heavy voice.

"Eh?" Seiji paused in surprise.

"And, Mika accepted me. We confirmed our love for each other."

"Wha?" Seiji made a dazed, foolish sound.

"Although we feel quite apologetic to you, we've learned that we're each other's true love, so we've both decided to break up with you."

"..." Seiji had a stunned expression.

*Click!* He heard the sound of a camera phone shutter.

Seiji reflexively followed the sound to see Mika holding her cell phone.

The twintailed girl took several more pictures of his foolishly stunned expression and nodded in satisfaction.

"If I really told you something like that, what would you do?" Chiaki finally followed up with that question before she couldn't keep up the act anymore as she broke out into laughter.

Only when he heard the laughter did Seiji realize two seconds later that she had been pulling his leg.

"Honestly" He could only sigh.
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