Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 599

Chapter 599: We might be brushing by death
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Silence reigned after Chiaki's kiss.

Judging from Chiaki and Mika's expressions, Seiji knew that he had successfully transmitted his feelings, and that he didn't need to say anything else.

After he calmed down, he could finally smile brightly as he always did again.

'A harem is indeed an unfair relationship,' Mika thought to herself.

'But, I only saw how unfair it was to me. I never carefully considered just how much pressure Seiji must be under from it.

'This relationship is his own choice, along with our own choices. All of us are responsible for it.

'He said that he would "take things slowly" and sincerely treat all of us, allowing any of us to change our minds at any time. He's truly gentle.

'Yet I still didn't think that this was enough, and I wanted even more Although I was influenced by Chiaki, the reality is that I really wanted this deep inside my heart.

'The result was that I made him cry.

"Pretending to be a handsome womanizer has its limits for me."

This sentence contained so many emotions that etched themselves deeply within Mika's heart.

'I'll never forget this sentence for the rest of my life, nor will I forget the expression he had while saying this.

'Chiaki is probably the same as well.

'We all need to self-reflect properly and think about our futures.'

"I'm sorry for showing both of you such an unseemly sight."

'No, I'm the one who was unseemly.

'You recognized your own responsibility, but I didn't recognize mine. I was the truly unseemly one.

'I'm sorry, Seiji.

'Such a thing I'll never let it happen again!'

Natsuya received a phone call.

To her surprise, the caller ID indicated that the call was from Mika Uehara.

"Good evening, Uehara-san."

"Good evening, President Yoruhana."

Mika's voice sounded steady and solid, giving Natsuya an impression of a certain resolution.

"It's quite late already. Is something the matter?"

"Some things happened I feel that I shouldn't procrastinate any further," Mika told her.

"What is it?"

"I wish to have a harem discussion with you and Chiaki."

A harem discussion Natsuya really wanted to comment on this term! However, she could tell that Mika was being quite serious right now.

Ever since all three of them confirmed their relationship with Seiji, none of them had yet to have a serious conversation with each other about this topic. That was because none of them had brought it up.

"What's suddenly motivated you to do this?"

"I'll tell you at the harem discussion meeting, because it's something you should know."

"What time shall we meet?"

"Will tomorrow morning be fine?"

"Not a problem. Where shall we meet?"

"Let's just meet at the coffee caf where you previously met with Chiaki."

After arranging a time and place, Mika hung up the call.

She had already left Seiji's apartment and was in Chiaki's apartment at the Uehara apartments. Chiaki was standing right across from her, smiling.

"Nice look on your face, Mika."

"I didn't have a strange expression just now, did I?" The twintailed girl rubbed her face.

"What I mean is that you had an excellent aura around you just now!" Chiaki gave her a big thumbs up.

"I didn't feel like I had an aura at all."

"But I sensed it! There was this powerful aura around you as you spoke as equals to our student council president scion! You're truly amazing."

"I simply asked her for a discussion Something like speaking as equals to her, you've done that as well, haven't you, Chiaki?" Mika looked at the tomboy.

"I was just bluffing back then. It's different from your aura which is real."

"Stop teasing me."

"I'm not teasing you at all. I'm a 'counterfeit' product, while you're the real deal." Chiaki lightly laughed. "As for what happened just now, I only self-reflected on myself, while you already thought of having a discussion with President Yoruhana immediately in order to prevent something similar from occurring further down the road. That's the difference between us. You should be able to notice your own newfound maturity. Without even talking about anything else, how you currently face the President is quite different from the first time, don't you agree?"

Mika fell silent for a moment.

"It's all because of Seiji that I've changed myself. If it wasn't for him, I'd still be"

"No matter what the reason is, you've grown. That's a fact." Chiaki smiled. "I leave everything up to you tomorrow, Mika."


"I told you, I'm a counterfeit. It's fine for me to bluff, but this will be a serious discussion that determines the nature of this harem. That's why you should be the one to take charge."

Mika fell silent once again.

"No need to worry. As long as you bring out the aura you had just now, everything will go smoothly." Chiaki paused for a moment. "And if you want to ensure success, you should invite Kagura-san to the meeting. But if you do this, your status in the harem will be decreased."

'This sounds almost as if Shika is a special anti-Natsuya weapon,' Mika commented in her mind.

"I think it's better not to invite her, but I'll leave the decision whether to invite her or not up to you," Chiaki added.

"This is a harem discussion, so I don't think Kagura-san should participate."

"It's fine if that's what you think." Chiaki smiled lightly.

Mika felt as if this smile was hiding something.

Would there be hidden problems is she didn't invite Shika Kagura?

She asked this question directly.

"That's not it, it's that Kagura-san herself is a hidden problem," Chiaki replied directly.

Mika was rendered speechless.

Was it that Shika wasn't a specialized anti-Natsuya weapon? Was she actually a weapon of mass destruction against all of Seiji's harem members? Mika revealed a strange expression.

Chiaki chuckled as she knew what Mika was thinking.

"It's difficult to predict just what Kagura-san will do. If you think about it from a good angle, she won't do anything. But if you think about it from a bad angle we might be brushing by death."

Brushing by death?

Mika thought about it and then understood what Chiaki was saying. A chill then went up her spine.

"Kagura-san she wouldn't do something so extreme, would she?" Mika wanted to deny it.

"Are you absolutely certain?" Chiaki revealed a serious expression.

She wasn't.

Mika carefully thought about this, and found that she really wasn't certain about this at all!

That was because it was quite obvious that Seiji was almost Shika's entire world!

What would she do if Seiji was hurt? If Mika thought about the worst possible outcome something truly scary seemed quite possible.

It was only a possibility. Yet, it was a possibility that couldn't be denied.

Shika Kagura was a factor that even President Yoruhana didn't know how to deal with! Just from this angle alone, she was truly a frightening person!!

"Perhaps we should also have a good discussion with President Yoruhana about how to deal with Kagura-san." Chiaki sighed.

"Yeah" Mika nodded in agreement.

The next morning, Mika Uehara, Chiaki Wakaba, and Natsuya Yoruhana met up at the coffee caf.

They had a friendly atmosphere as they discussed and exchanged opinions. After a heated discussion and restrained debate, the three of them successfully reached an accord on the most important issues, obtaining results that satisfied everyone.

This harem discussion set the foundation for how Seiji Haruta's harem would operate. Although nothing was put down in writing, all three believed in each other to uphold the results of the discussion, showing great amounts of trust in each other and being an excellent example of great friendship.

Since there were no paper records of this meeting, it was unknown what they specifically talked about or how the meeting went. Nobody knew except for the three of them.

Even though Seiji asked them about it later in the future when he found out about the occurence of this meeting, none of them would tell him any specifics about what went on there. This incredibly important harem meeting became a secret that only the three girls knew about.

Whether or not this secret meeting would ever be publicized was something that only them, and the author, would know.
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