Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Of course Ill let you use me
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Spiritual Ability users would have issues with a concept known as "mental roadblocks."

Simply speaking, one's own mentality would cause mental obstacles for cultivation. This might even be dangerous for one's own mind. It was similar to the concept of "demons in one's heart" that was so common in cultivation stories At any rate, while Spiritual Ability users possessed extraordinary abilities, this also came with associated risks that ordinary people wouldn't have to deal with.

Seiji felt that the sudden wave of deep sadness which washed over him must have been a mental roadblock!

He indeed felt somewhat anxious deep inside him. However, suddenly losing control of himself and venting all his emotions like that was a little strange.

Fortunately, he forcefully managed to raise his spirits and get past this roadblock If he hadn't managed to get past it, he would have doubtlessly become quite depresseda terrible outcome.

'I'll have to properly pay attention to my own psychological health from now on. Otherwise, if a problem really occurs, not only will it hurt me, all the people important to me might be hurt as well.'

Seiji properly self-reflected on this.

On Sunday afternoon, he received some Spiritual Ability user equipment that Hana mailed to him.

This was the equipment he had ordered for Hisashi. He immediately took this equipment over to the Juumonji Group and had Hisashi try it on.

"It fits perfectly. Thank you, Lieutenant Haruta!"

"No need for thanks. This is standard combat equipment, Sergeant Juumonji."

In this equipment, Hisashi appeared like a special forces soldier. The combat outfit was pure black, and he wore a helmet, carried a shield, had a longsword buckled at his waist, and a gun strapped to his leg, making him seem really cool not.

While it looked quite nice, Hisashi lacked the fierce aura necessary to pull this look off. Basically, he looked like he was cosplaying.

Hisashi first tried out the spiritual longsword in the dojo.

He didn't have the ability to inject his Mana into the longsword. But, he could enchant the sword with thunder! The black thunder sparkled on the sword, giving off a cool visual effect. It almost seemed like some powerful ninjutsu.

Seiji cast a [Mana Barrier] and had Hisashi forcefully swing his sword against the barrier as an experiment. The attack power seemed alright.

Next was the spiritual gun.

Hisashi tried his best for quite a while. However, the end result was that he was unable to shoot out Mana bullets. He was unable to use this gun.

The last was the shield.

Just like the longsword, he was unable to inject Mana into it. Once again, he enchanted it with thunder.

"I don't know how its defensive power is, but its appearance makes it seem like it has strong attacking power." Seiji rubbed his chin as he looked at the black thunder sparkling shield.

"This humble one could use this for shield slam attacks, Lieutenant!" Hisashi made a rushing pose with his shield.

"It should be fine against small spiritual creatures, but you'll have to resolve yourself for death against large ones, Sergeant."

"I don't have that type of resolution yet! I want to return home and get married!"

"Isn't that excellent resolution already? Bravely sacrifice yourself."

They casually joked around a little.

"Although you can't use the gun, you're already capable of long-distance attacks with your thunder, which should be fine," Seiji concluded. "You don't even need to take the spiritual gun with you then. Just focus on protecting yourself with the shield while using long-distance thunder attacks. As for the longsword I'll leave it up to you whether to take it or not."

"Understood! When shall we commence operations?" Hisashi inquired.

"I'd like to do so as soon as possible Will tonight be alright?"

"This humble one shall obey Lieutenant's orders!"

Seiji immediately called Kazufuru. Kazuko was the one who picked up.

"Good afternoon. Are you calling to invite me on a date, Harano-kun?"

"Good afternoon, Kazuko-san. I'd like to train in the Domain do you have free time tonight?"

"Asking if I'm free tonight right away? As expected of Harano-kun." Kazuko giggled. "Since you want to use me, of course I'll let you use me."

Seiji's cheeks twitched as he did his very best to refrain from commenting. He arranged a specific time and place to meet up.

After he ended the conversation, he looked back at Hisashi. He suddenly felt curious about how the meeting between Kazuko and Hisashi would go.

"It's confirmed that we'll be training tonight. Prepare yourself."

"Understood!" Hisashi saluted.

After Seiji left the Juumonji Group, his cell phone rang while he was walking home.

Seiji accepted the call when he saw who it was.

"Good afternoon, Hoshi. What's up?"

"Good afternoon, Senpai" Hoshi paused for a moment. "I'm sorry to bother you about this, but I really want to know about Senpai and President Yoruhana"

Seiji didn't say anything.

"I want to know if Senpai is dating President Yoruhana for real." Hoshi spoke seriously.

"Of course our relationship is real," Seiji told him.

"But didn't Senpai say before that you weren't intending on getting a girlfriend?"

"I broke that promise."

"Why? Wasn't that a promise you made to Kagura-san?" Hoshi increased the volume of his voice.

"Because some things happened I know I broke the promise I made to Shika-chan. I didn't do right by her," Seiji spoke sincerely.

"What happened?"

"It's something that's not convenient to talk about over the phone if you really want to know, I'll tell you in person."

They arranged a time and place to meet up and then ended the conversation.

Hoshi looked at his sisters who were currently sitting beside him.

"Senpai says that he's willing to tell me the reason why. I'm about to go to the park near the river to meet with him."

Rion and Kotomi exchanged glances.

"We'll go along with you," they said simultaneously.


"If it's something private that he doesn't want us to know about, we'll keep our distance."

Hoshi saw that his sisters were quite serious and knew that he couldn't stop them.

And so, the three Amami siblings headed to the park.

Seiji was currently sitting by himself on a bench as he quietly looked at the scenery and waited for Hoshi.

The weather was excellent with white clouds floating in the sky. Some families brought their children to have fun playing in the park. They all seemed to be laughing happily. It was a peaceful and wonderful scene.

For such a handsome boy like Seiji to simply sit there quietly and watch, it made him seem like a painting. He attracted many young women and little girls' attention.

Was this idol-level handsome boy waiting for someone? Numerous young women were curious.

They soon received their answer.


Seiji heard footsteps approaching him together with a familiar voice.

Turning around, he saw Hoshi who had an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry, my sisters insisted on coming together with me."

Seiji saw that the twin sisters were indeed following a distance behind Hoshi.

"I thought this might happen tell them that they can come over."

"Is that really alright?"


Rion and Kotomi soon walked over.

"Before telling you about things, I'd like to first ask all of you to promise to keep it a secret." Seiji stood up and told them this.

All three siblings had serious expressions as they promised to keep things a secret.

Seiji indicated for everyone to walk together. Only after they walked for some time did he open his mouth and tell them.

Hoshi, Rion, and Kotomi were all astonished to hear him tell them about starting a harem!

"And that's how it is." Seiji smiled at them. "I'm a terrible person, aren't I?"

The three siblings were temporarily left speechless as they stared at him in wonder.

Rion and Kotomi were the first to recover their senses.

"From any normal angle, yes, you're terrible," Rion stated softly.

"However, this current relationship is something that all the participants entered of their own volition," Kotomi stated softly.

"Although you're terrible it's only at the degree of you being a scummy person," the two said in unison.

"Thank you for your understanding, Senpais," Seiji sincerely expressed his thanks.

He then looked towards Hoshi.

"What about you, Hoshi? Just tell me directly what you think."

"I" The beautiful boy didn't know what he should say to the person he always viewed as his idol.

Seiji now had three girlfriendsin a way, this sort of seemed like cheating. Normally speaking, this would indeed be considered a terrible act.

His Senpai broke the promise to Shika, and knew that what he was doing was considered terrible, so
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