Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Taste the wrath of humanity, Magic-Devouring Dragon!!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The next week, Monday.

Rumors that Seigo Harano and Natsuya Yoruhana had a date on Saturday started spreading all throughout school.

Some students directly asked Seigo and he admitted to this being true. This caused yet another commotion!

The Magic-Devouring Dragon and the student council president had now been confirmed as a couple Everyone could only sigh as they wondered at how this came to be.

Of course, there were also other feelings such as jealousy, but

There would be more room for discussion if it wasn't for the fact that Seigo and Natsuya made such an excellent couple. It just so happened that both had excellent appearances, grades, abilities, and personalities that were difficult to find fault with So the students could only give their blessings to such a perfect couple.

Lunch break.

Rion and Kotomi joined Seiji and his friends for lunch.

They didn't mention anything about the harem. They still acted intimate with Seiji but not too intimate.

Something flashed in Mika's eyes as she saw this. Chiaki smiled in understanding.

"They haven't given up, but they aren't aggressively trying to join in, either They're probably intending on developing the relationship slowly."

Chiaki stated her analysis after the twin sisters left.

"They'll improve their relationship with Seiji and make a final decision after they're close enough to him I think that's what they're thinking."

"I agree with Chiaki what do you think, Seiji?" Mika gave him a sidelong glance.

Seiji could only smile wryly.

He felt that it would be impossible for him to come up with an appropriate response.

"I more than welcome my two senpais to join in the harem. That's because I want to have hot sexy fun with beautiful twin sisters!" A sharp glint appeared in Chiaki's eyes.

"Nobody asked you such a thing!" Mika retorted.

"Go and do your best, Seiji! Completely conquer and devour the twins!!"

"I keep feeling more and more like you're the one who actually has the harem here," Seiji commented.

"Only everyone being blissful together is true bliss!!" Chiaki acted as if she was saying a classical phrase.

"That's enough out of you!"

Even though Chiaki wasn't saying something negative, the connotations here made it sound rather strange.

'Let's just let things play out naturally,' Seiji thought to himself.

That was how the twin sisters treated the news of Seiji's harem. As for the other person who also knew...

Yukari didn't greet him like how she normally would when they saw each other in the hallway. Instead, she averted her gaze.

Seiji understood why this was.

He didn't greet her either. They simply passed by each other.

"Are you alright, Yukari?"

After Seiji passed by, a brunette girl next to the purple-haired girl asked this out of worry.

"I'm fine." Yukari forced herself to smile.

"How about we go grab something to eat after school? I'll treat you," the brunette girl offered.

Yukari politely rejected her friend's kind offer.

Rather than feeling pained from her first failed love, she felt more complex feelings within herself. She needed some time alone to digest her feelings by herself.

After classes finished, Seiji headed over to the Natsuya's residence and saw Hitaka and Rana in the living room. They had both fully recovered and left the hospital.

The little cat girl was sleeping peacefully on the red-haired girl's lap. Rana's lazy appearance while sleeping was as cute as always.

"Good afternoon, Shuho-san. Congratulations on leaving the hospital." Seiji smiled and softly greeted her so as to not wake Rana up.

"Good afternoon, Young Master Haruta."

"Young Master?"

"You're now Milady's boyfriend. This is how I should address you," Hitaka told him in a serious manner.

"I think it's fine to just call me how you did before."

"No, that's not good."

"Why is it not good?"

"It won't show the relationship between master and subordinate."

"I don't think I have a master-subordinate relationship with you, Shuho-san." Seiji smiled wryly.

"Since you're Milady's boyfriend, your social status is higher than mine!" Hitaka insisted.

Seiji felt helpless about how Hitaka acted like a traditional samurai warrior.

"I'm Natsuya's Spirit-branded Retainer as well. That makes me the same as you. Can't you use that as the foundation to continue addressing me as you did before?" He tried to convince her.

Something flashed in Hitaka's eyes.

"I want to have a better relationship with Shuho-san I'd feel quite awkward if you called me Young Master," Seiji spoke sincerely.

He didn't mind so much if Mai called him Young Master, because he knew that Mai was doing it mostly to tease him.

But, Hitaka was different. She was seriously treating him as her master, which would inhibit trying to make friends with her.

Hearing this, the red-haired girl's face slowly turned red.

'Eh, why is her face turning red?' Seiji was mystified to see this.

"I understand." Hitaka lowered her gaze as her face reddened. "I shall continue addressing you as Haruta-kun."

There was nothing wrong with her words. However, the problem was with her expression and tone!

What was with her shy reaction? Was there something wrong with what he asked her!?

Seiji was rather confused and couldn't help but ask, "What's the matter, Shuho-san?"

"N nothing I'm just a little hot." She kept blushing even redder as she lowered her head.

Hitaka appeared quite cute when she was like this.

But, what exactly was the matter?

Seiji wanted to know, but understood that it would be quite difficult to get anything out of her.

"If you're feeling hot, try having some iced tea I'll be going downstairs to train." Seiji chose to set the matter aside.

Hitaka silently watched him leave. Then, she really did drink some iced tea for herself.

The next time he saw Hitaka, she had already returned to her normal calm self.

Seiji still didn't know what happened previously, but paid it no attention.

Later that night, Hisashi called and reported that he was completely normal. According to him, he still loved anime, manga, and movies, along with playing video games. That meant there were no problems!

Seiji really wanted to comment on the standards Hisashi was using to determine if there was anything wrong with himself. But upon closer consideration, perhaps Hisashi was referring to himself foundationallyif he stopped liking his otaku interests, then something about him would probably have changed. Since he still had his original habits, everything was normal with no changes.

Meanwhile, Kaho also called him and let him know that her older sister Karen was doing alright for the time being.

Two days passed just like this. The time reached Thursday, which was the once-a-year major sports competition day at Genhana High School.

On this day, the entire school would participate in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, ping pong, badminton, and so on. Every student was required to play in at least one sport. The students would be allowed to join a maximum of three sports contests.

For an all-rounder ace like Seiji, he was naturally forced into joining the three most popular sports at this school: football, volleyball, and basketball.

Everyone in his class believed that as long as Seigo Harano's teammates didn't drag him down, the Magic-Devouring Dragon would be more than enough to defeat all his opponents!

Tremble in front of the dragon of destruction, mortals!!

Some students even wanted to shout out such words.

Most people in other classes also recognized Seigo Harano as the greatest threat. Every single class was discussing the topic of how to deal with this terrifying existence in the sports competition.

Of course, there were many who desired to try their hands at dragonslaying.

Although the legends about Seigo were quite famous, there were still many students that had never personally seen him in action. Most of them had their doubts and treated the rumors as mere exaggeration.

Was there truly someone so powerful as in the rumors?

If he was really so strong in sports, why didn't he join any sports clubs and show off his talent?

Perhaps the rumors were just rumors? They were just overly exaggerated, right?

Even if he was amazing, he wouldn't be able to do much if he was targeted in team sports, would he?

Such doubts existed in all the students' minds.

This was especially all the more so for the boys. They really wanted to make this incredibly handsome, ridiculously physically talented existence who always got such high grades and obtained the school beauty as his girlfriend finally taste the pain of defeat!

Taste the wrath of humanity, Magic-Devouring Dragon!!

The "heroes" had high morale as they shouted that in their minds.
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