Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 608

Chapter 608: None of you have any knowledge of the Magic-Devouring Dragons true strength!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The sports competition day was the final major activity for the Genhana High School seniors. The only event after that would be the graduation ceremony.

Of course, some people had zero interest in the sports competition. Still, a majority of students were quite excited about it as they wanted to leave a good memory of high school behind.

Naruki Yamada was among the students who intended as such.

He was the ace player of the football club more accurately speaking, he had already retired from the football club, so he was the former ace. He wanted to show off one last time during the sports competition.

Of course, the best way to give everyone, especially his soccer club juniors, a deep impression would be to slay the dragon!

Seigo Harano, the "Magic-Devouring Dragon" after he became famous, the football club president Oogi Takasugi had tried to personally recruit him but failed. Oogi later expressed what a pity it was that Seigo hadn't been willing to join them.

Naruki, however, had a different opinion.

He believed that one's love for football was the most important. No matter how good someone was at sports, if that person wasn't passionate about football, that person would end up having problems sooner or later.

Besides, was this freshman student really as talented as everyone said?

Naruki seriously doubted all the rumors. Besides, even if Seigo was outstanding in athletics, football was a team sport that required eleven people! Teamwork ability was far more important than personal ability.

Naruki respected his team captain and club president Oogi Takasugi. Still, that didn't mean that Naruki agreed with Oogi's views on what a loss it was that they couldn't recruit Seigo.

If Naruki could defeat the famous Magic-Devouring Dragon in front of everyone at the sports competition, he'd be able to prove that he was right! This would help his juniors to understand the importance of teamwork as well as show everyone that this so-called Magic-Devouring Dragon wasn't that much after all.

As for his idea about slaying the dragon, the male classmates er, his teammates greatly supported him. They all agreed to listen to his commands so that the arrogant first-year student Seigo Harano would taste defeat!

As if the very gods supported him, the first opponent that Naruki's class got randomly picked to face was Seigo's class, Year 1 Class 5!

Naruki believed that this was the will of the heavens. He was confident that he would obtain glorious victory.

He looked at his teammates and saw that they all had excellent morale as they brimmed with anticipation and clenched their fists they had incredibly sharp auras!

'We shall slay the Magic-Devouring Dragon!!'

Hot blood coursed through Naruki's veins as he showed off a grand smile.

The last time he had such a feeling and expression was back when he was participating in the national football competition.

"Let's go, everyone."


The sword-wielding heroes began their journey.

Year 1 Class 5 and Year 3 Class 5's football teams faced each other on the football field.

Seiji was standing across from the other class's team captain, who was a medium-sized, muscular, squarish-faced third year student who had short reddish-brown hair.

The referee announced the lists of both teams' players. Seiji thus learned that this senpai who was looking at him sharply was named Naruki Yamada.

"Harano-san, Captain Takasugi once tried to recruit you, but you didn't wish to join. He really thinks that it's a pity," Naruki suddenly spoke in a low voice to Seiji.

Seiji blinked and thought back to when he was being invited by all the sports clubs Captain Takasugi must have been the really tall senpai who was the first to appear.

"However, I'm different from Captain Takasugi. I don't think you'd be that useful to us, because you don't have any passion for football!" Naruki continued. "Even if you have outstanding physical ability, it will only cause problems for the team if you don't have any passion. Now then, I shall lead my team to defeat you! I shall prove that the so-called Magic-Devouring Dragon is only someone who has good physical abilities that won't be of any use to a team sport like football!"

Seiji was rendered speechless.

After the referee finished reading the list of names, a coin was tossed to determine the sides and who got the ball first. Both teams then bowed at each other before getting into formation.

Naruki's team started with the ball. Naruki used excellent footwork to dribble past several players.

When he saw Seigo rushing over towards him, Naruki decisively passed the ball over to a teammate with zero hesitation.

He wasn't showing weaknessthis was simply tactics. Since everyone already knew that Seigo had ridiculously good physical abilities, then they would simply avoid him completely!

Naruki was quite confident in his football techniques as the former ace of the football club. He wanted to try dueling against the Magic-Devouring Dragon. However, he considered his team's victory to be the most important.

'Even if you have better physical abilities than I do, despite me being the former ace, it's all meaningless if you can't even touch the ball!' Naruki thought to himself.

Year 3 Class 5's team performed excellently. After several passes, the striker used a beautiful headball to shoot the ball into the goal!

Cheers instantly spread throughout the spectator stands.

Right now, many other students that weren't currently participating in the competition were spectating.

The Magic-Devouring Dragon's team was on the receiving end of much attention. Since they just lost one point, the boys from other classes all cheered passionately!

Year 3 Class 5's members were proud of themselves for scoring first. Their spirits were obviously raised.

Only Year 1 Class 5's students were coldly chuckling in their hearts. 'None of you have any knowledge of the Magic-Devouring Dragon's true strength!'

After that, Year 1 Class 5 received the ball.

Class president Koji Hoshihara passed the ball to Seiji.

Seiji instantly saw three people rushing right at him! Naruki Yamada was among them.

Naruki was the first to arrive and sent out his foot to try and steal the ball. However, the ball suddenly vanished!?

No it didn't vanish, it had been kicked up into the sky!

By the time he noticed this, Seiji had already passed all three people. He rushed towards the opposite end of the field at an amazing speed!

Naruki hurriedly tried to chase after him. However, Naruki found that he couldn't catch up at all!

'Just how fast is this guy's hundred-meter dash time?' Naruki couldn't help but wonder.

As the ball descended from the air, several members of Naruki's team ran over in an effort to steal the ball.

However, Seiji jumped faster than anyone as he twirled around in midair. He cartwheeled in midair and accurately kicked the ball forcefully while upside-down!

This astonishing sight etched itself into everyone's eyes.

The more astonishing part came after. This ball was sent flying at an explosive speed, flying across an incredibly long distance, aiming for the upper right corner of the goal

It was too late by the time that the goalkeeper reacted.

Two seconds of silence reigned over the entire field and all the spectators before the referee finally regained his senses and blew his whistle to signify a goal.

This this was too incredible!

Apart from Year 1 Class 5's students, everyone else that saw this was astonished.

Seigo first kicked the ball high into the air, then speedily and accurately jumped up and used a cartwheel kick to perform a long-distance shot that entered the hell, this was actually possible!?

This seemed just like a scene out of a football anime Just what level was Seigo at!? A professional football player's level!?

Those with more knowledge of football were the most shaken. Seigo's movements and shooting just now would be difficult even for a pro player

Naruki Yamada's mind was filled with astonishment. He stared with eyes wide open at Seigo and didn't even blink.

All the rumors that he didn't believe to be real kept echoing in his mind.

The rumors had it that Seigo single-handedly destroyed the tennis, basketball, and karate clubs

This dragon who could destroy entire clubs by himself this was no mere rumor or exaggeration.

All the stories were simply the direct, harsh truth!

This shock and realization transformed into words that came out of Naruki's mouth as a mumble...

"This is the Magic-Devouring Dragon."

"I really love these types of scenes." Chiaki was chuckling as she watched from the spectator stands with the other Year 1 Class 5 students. "Seeing everyone else have astonished expressions at Seigo's performance? Their foolish expressions are so fun to see~"


"Isn't it the same for you, Mika?"

The twintailed girl didn't counter this.

Mika's eyes were sparkling as she watched the cool and handsome boy who had everyone's attention. Her lips were also arcing upwards.

'That's my boyfriend.'
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