Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Humanity was slaughtered!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

It was quite normal for Mika to be delighted about her boyfriend's excellent performance.

The other students in Year 1 Class 5 were delighted as well. Having the dragon on their side was just such a wonderful feeling!

The other classes' girls also had sparkles in their eyes as they enjoyed Seigo's action. Although they all knew that he had a girlfriend now, he was still handsome and easy on the eyes.

As for how good he actually was at football, basketball, or whatever sport, that didn't matterbecause he was handsome.

Everyone knew that football was a team sport.

But, everyone who saw his shooting skills just now started to think that 'he really is capable of winning a game all by himself'!

Even Naruki Yamada was shaken in his beliefs.

It was impossible for him not to be shaken. Seigo's outstanding physical abilities were out of this world! It seemed as if the main character of a sports manga had just transmigrated to the opponent's side of the field.

The Magic-Devouring Dragon overturned all the previous doubts that Naruki had about him. This was a complete slap to the face. In fact, even Naruki's way of thinking about football being a team sport was shaken!

Teamwork was supposed to be more important than individual ability in football. No matter how strong an individual was, that person's overall use to the team would still be limited Was his way of thinking wrong?


Naruki grit his teeth and firmed his conviction.

There was nothing wrong with his way of thinking. It was impossible for just one person to play football, no matter how amazing he was!!

"Everyone! We haven't lost yet!" Naruki shouted towards his teammates. "Didn't we already know beforehand that the Magic-Devouring Dragon is ridiculously strong? Even if he's stronger than we anticipated, it's still nothing much! We're a team, yet he's only one person! We can win as long as we all work together and have teamwork!! The battle is only beginning!!"

Naruki's hot-blooded words were transmitted to his teammates.

Indeed, everyone knew already that the Magic-Devouring Dragon was quite strong.

It was precisely because of his strength that everyone paid attention to him! That was why slaying this dragon would be so worthwhile!

The score was merely tied! They hadn't lost yet! This was only the beginning!!

The heroes got rid of their shaken emotions and stirred their morale up again thanks to their leader's encouragement.

After receiving the ball, they attacked even more fiercely than earlier! After several excellent passes, the striker attacked the goal with full force!!


Year 1 Class 5's goalkeeper solidly managed to block this ball.

The goalkeeper was Shouhei Watari.

This excellent attacking opportunity was actually blocked. Year 3 Class 5 received an impact from this.

Shouhei swiftly passed the ball to Takashi Kobayashi. Takashi passed to Kazufuru Ooike, and Kazufuru then passed the ball to Seiji.

Football was a team sport. Seiji highly agreed with this as well.

He knew that it would be impossible for him to play football alone. He never had such an arrogant way of thinking where he believed he could win all by himself. Nor did he need to.

Although his classmates viewed him as a super ace, they didn't worship him to the degree of being a god. They didn't intend on leaving everything up to him alone.

Every person on the team would do their own job. He was the same. That was all there was to it.

As several opposing players ran over to fight for the ball, Seiji kicked the ball super high up into the air like last time. He then dashed past everyone else!

"The same tactic again!" Naruki grit his teeth and sprinted at top speed.

He ran as fast as he could to where the ball was falling. He jumped up to fight for the ball!

Seiji jumped up once more and kicked the ball with another cartwheel kick!

However, this time he wasn't aiming for the goal. He passed instead!

Koji Hoshihara received this pass, and aimed for the goal his kick went inside!!

The score was now 2 to 1. Seiji's class was now in the lead.

Naruki fell silent.

"He's only one person" This was too arrogant as a way of thinking.

Seigo wasn't by himself at all! While he was ridiculously strong, he still cooperated with his teammates.

The goal just now was the best evidence that his teammates weren't mere blocks of wood.

They had teamwork as well.

Although their teamwork wasn't anywhere nearly as good as Naruki's class's teamwork, it was sufficient as long as Seigo was present!

The dragon was the ace. Everyone in Year 1 Class 5 knew that. However, they didn't intend on leaving the entire game up to him alone to play superman.

Nor did Seigo himself intend on doing everything all alone.

They were just simply playing football.

Just this alone was more than sufficient!

Naruki realized his own mistake. He smiled sardonically.

He decided to self-reflect later! Right now, they were still battling. He would resist the best he could against this team with a terrifying ace!

The end result of the football game was that Naruki's class lost by a wide margin.

They did their very best. However, Year 1 Class 5 under Seigo's leadership greatly suppressed them for the entire game.

The dragonslaying heroes were beaten all over. Their pitiful defeat proved the terror of the Magic-Devouring Dragon!

Some people gave up on trying to slay the dragon after watching such a pitiful game. Some still maintained their will in wanting to defeat the dragon.

Although the heroes of Year 3 Class 5 failed in the end, people learned that the Magic-Devouring Dragon's strength was terrifying but not undefeatable.

"Seigo Harano is truly amazing. In personal ability, not only me, not a single person in the entire football club is a match for him! However, football is still a team sport. No matter how strong the Magic-Devouring Dragon is, he's still only one person. It doesn't mean that his team is the strongest! Defeating Year 1 Class 5 is still possible!!"

Those were the final dying words of Naruki Yamada, the leader of the dragonslaying heroes whoops, it was just a normal message.

The real heroes wouldn't retreat just because of this. Plenty of students still challenged the Magic-Devouring Dragon.

After football was basketball. After basketball was volleyball.

Every game that Seiji participated in ended up with a huge landslide victory for his class.

Humanity was slaughtered! The Magic-Devouring Dragon absolutely proved his nickname's veracity. No more students doubted his reputation although Seiji himself didn't care at all.

His class was winning and his girlfriends were happy. That was what Seiji cared about.

During his free time, he went over to watch Mika, Chiaki, and Natsuya competing in other sports.

He had seen Mika and Chiaki playing sports plenty of times in P.E. class before. However, it was his first time to see Natsuya playing a sport.

Anything that a beauty like the student council president did would make for an excellent scene.

Seiji felt that she looked awesome as she wore her hair in a ponytail and moved around on the volleyball field in her exercise uniform.

Seiji found it somewhat regrettable that she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with long pants. But, he supposed that it was fine as well as many other boys would probably leer at her otherwise.

Although she was wearing rather conservative clothing, there was still a huge number of boys that came to watch her play.

When these boys saw Seiji, almost all of them had an expression as if they saw a pile of feces.

Seiji could only smile wryly inside his heart. However, he couldn't deny that he also felt somewhat of a sense of superiority.

On the volleyball field, Natsuya tossed up the ball and served. There was a clear sound as she hit the ball.

Her serve flew in a beautiful arc to the other side. The opposing player didn't get a good hit in. The ball barely flew back over the net.

Natsuya's teammate easily received the ball and lobbed it. Natsuya jumped up high in front of the net and spiked! She succeeded in scoring a point.

Everyone outside cheered and clapped, including Seiji.

The student council president followed the sounds of cheering and smiled sweetly at her boyfriend.

At this instant, Seiji suddenly felt an even greater sense of jealousy from the other boys around him. This sensation was so strong that he imagined he could hear curses of "Go explode and die!" all around him.

Seiji pretended like he couldn't sense anything at all and focused only on the volleyball game, admiring his girlfriend's beauty.

Natsuya's team received several points in a row. The opposing team, which consisted of all seniors in Year 3, started becoming impatient.

A short girl with short blonde hair on the other team was serving. Her serve was rather light and seemed to lack power.

Natsuya was about to receive the ball. Yet, at this moment, the volleyball suddenly changed directions in an abnormal fashion!
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