Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 61

Neither Mika nor Chiaki knew that the thoughts that randomly passed through their minds were actually correct.

If only Mika could have connected the dots to the first meeting between Seiji and Natsuya Yoruhanaespecially the words Natsuyad spoken to himshe may have been able to realize the truth after thinking it through.

However, that didnt happen.

Was it that she simply wasnt very bright, or was something unconsciously preventing her from thinking along that direction?

While Chiaki was also aware of their meeting, she only knew that Seiji saved Mika, which led to the presidents gratitude and the subsequent invitation to transfer to Genhana High School. She didnt mull over this incident too deeply.

That was because Seiji acted too much like a normal person! He made a living by working, bought ordinary products, and had otaku hobbies... None of these actions seemed befitting of a rich young master!

This was why the two girls only treated their passing thoughts as a joke and didnt think it was really serious.

But, unbeknownst to them, their joke was actually fairly close to the truth.

The trial that Seiji endured continued as the duo brought out even more clothes for him to wear.

Feeling helpless, Seiji was forced to use the excuse of going to the restroom in order to give himself a little break.

The piano music continued to echo throughout the entire store. Listening to such a melodious tune while being in a grandiose store was a form of enjoyment in itself.

Leaning against the guardrail, Seiji peered down at the first floor. He noticed a female musician playing wholeheartedly as a small crowd quietly listened to her in a nearby rest area.

The female musician wore dark red ceremonial clothing. Her hair was wrapped up in a bun, exposing her jade-white, delicate neck.

Seiji couldnt see her face from the angle he was at, but he figured she was probably a beauty.

He relaxed there for a few seconds, enjoying the sight.

At that moment, two girls appeared on Seijis floor.

"Milady, its almost time."

"I know. Lets shop for just a little while longer."

An alluring, sultry voice as well as a light and clear voice came within Seijis earshot.

Seiji suddenly felt as if hed been struck by lightning.

The original Seijis memories flooded into him.

Seijis body trembled, and he almost reflexively turned around in order to catch a better view of the voices owner. He barely managed to stop himself at the last moment, instead settling for stiffly twisting his head slowly and peeking at them out of the corner of his eye.

He saw two beautiful girls walking past him at the edge of his vision.

There was no mistaking it.

It was her.

Even though he only saw her out of the corner of his eye, that beautiful figure of hers matched perfectly with the person in his memory!

Seiji covered his mouth with his hand in an attempt to conceal his identity as he once again followed those two girls with his eyes.

Those two girls undoubtedly entered the store where Mika and Chiaki were currently shopping at!

Everything was over.

Seijis face twitched uncontrollably.

Right now, he wanted to shout loudly at the ceiling.

Why did she have to come here at this exact time?

Why did she walk into the exact same store?

Why... why all these coincidences!?

Meanwhile, inside the store.

While they were picking out clothes, Chiaki and Mika noticed the atmosphere within the store had suddenly changed.

Following an employees line of sight, they saw an unimaginably pretty girl.

Even for above-average beauties like the two of them, this girl was pretty to the point where they were left dazed for a short while.

She was wearing the classic pairing of a camisole under a light jacket. Her chest was ample, her silky and shiny black hair cascaded down to her shoulders, while her bangs, eyebrows, and eye color were a mysterious light purple. Her facial features seemed exquisite, and there was a sharp light in her eyes. As well as possessing great beauty, she also seemed to have a strong personality.

Although people might mistakenly assume she was a gentle person, on deeper inspection, it could be seen that there was a fierce, unyielding spirit within her. She was like a sword of the finest craftsmanship that had been slightly pulled out of its scabbard.

Her aura seemed almost contradictory but suited her well, thus creating an unique and memorable impression.

By her side was another girl with curly green hair and a seductive look in her slightly droopy eyes.

Her mouth was arced upwards in a slight smile, and she was wearing a tight one-piece dress with black fishnet stockings. Her curvy body seemed devilishly charming.

If this green-haired girl was unaccompanied, shed be sure to attract lots of attention, but the black-haired girl beside her completely suppressed her!

These two beauties attracted almost all the customers and employees attention.

"So pretty..." Mika couldnt help but mutter to herself.

The black-haired girl caused Mika to recall Natsuya Yoruhana. The black-haired, full-chested president was the only other girl whod ever given Mika the impression of such an ultimate beauty.

No, wait, there was one other as wellthe middle school girl she saw at the drama club; she seemed like a beautiful, untouched snowflake.

Perhaps the two girls were already used to being the center of attention, as they ignored the surrounding stares and began to pick out clothes from the store.

An employee hurriedly went to greet them and respectfully attended to their needs.

"Those two girls are so beautiful, especially the black-haired one! Are they idols?"

"They dont seem like the type... Theyre probably scions of major families."

"Ive seen them beforethey seem like regulars here. Ive met them quite a few times."

"Even though the green-haired girl is sexier, the black-haired girl is someone you simply cant take your eyes off of."

"If only I had such a beautiful daughter! Id die happy!"

"Haha, I bet what you truly want isnt such a beautiful daughter..."

The customers discussed the beauties with each other in low voices.

As expected of a high-class department storeI can even meet these kinds of beauties here Mika mentally sighed in amazement.

Suddenly, she discovered Chiaki was gazing at the two girls intently.

"Chiaki..." Mika called out softly to her friend. "Those two are indeed beautiful, but dont just stare at them."

Chiaki finally returned to her senses and retracted her gaze.

"They are rather pretty, but I was staring at them... for another reason."

"Eh?" Mika blinked in surprise.

Chiaki glanced at her good friend.

"You didnt notice? That black-haired girl... strongly resembles Seiji."

Mika widened her eyes in surprise upon hearing this.

Indeed, Chiaki was rightin terms of top-class appearances, other than the president and the girl who visited the drama club, there was still the boy who had just been beside her...

Seiji Haruta.

Currently, Seiji was seated in a bathroom stall in the department store. He seemed to be in deep thought.

No, he wasnt actually using the bathroom.

Even though he would have liked to do so in order to waste some more time, his body didnt feel the need, so all he could do was sit there helplessly and waste time.

As he anticipated, his cell phone started ringing.

Seiji answered it.

"Im currently contemplating about life. Please dont bother me, thank you very much."

"What the hells with that greeting!?" Chiaki retorted forcefully.

"How could you possibly go from the bathroom to thinking about life!? Hurry up and get back here!

Or is there a reason that you cant come back?"

Upon hearing Chiaki ask the last question so calmly, Seiji knew Chiaki must have realized it as well.

"You probably should have confirmed it as well. When I said I was just contemplating life... I wasnt entirely joking. The girl thats currently inside the same store as you is most definitely the person who made me restart my life all over again."

After a period of silence.

"She... shes really a family member of yours? Older or younger sister?" Chiaki asked cautiously.

Seiji heaved a deep sigh.

"Thats rightshes my family. Her name is Yui Haruta. Shes my... older sister. The one who exiled me from the family."

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