Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Quite a daring idea
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Although no second abnormal incident appeared during the football game, the flames of rumors were now burning unstoppably. Many students now viewed Seigo Harano as a "possible abnormal existence" instead of a "super-strong human being."

This was a serious matter. People would always treat "demon-like people" and "human-like demons" in foundationally different ways! Seiji was now personally experiencing what this felt like.

Someone who really minded how others looked at him might become seriously depressed by being stared at like this by everyone. Luckily, Seiji didn't have such a personality. Still, even though he didn't mind as much, he still felt some pressure.

His classmates in Year 1 Class 5 didn't say anything or behave differently from normal. But, who knew what they were thinking?

With the current situation, perhaps he would need to quit school And the person who caused all this was the hidden Awakened.

'If that person's goal is to make the other students reject me, then I suppose they've both achieved yet haven't achieved this goal,' Seiji thought to himself.

As long as that person used their ability one more time to cause the football to do something abnormal in midair again, everyone would have been absolutely certain that the Magic-Devouring Dragon was an abnormal existence of some sort. However, the unknown person didn't do such a thing. Why was that? Was this person afraid of being discovered?

'If this person is targeting me, then why did they show their power during Natsuya's volleyball game? Wouldn't it be unnecessary even if it was just to test the waters beforehand?'

"Harano-san, I'd like to ask, what was with that ball that suddenly turned around in midair?"

While Seiji was occupied with his thoughts, class president Koji Hoshihara walked up to him and asked a question.

Seiji looked at his class president and saw that he had a serious expression.

Seiji's other classmates were also looking in his direction.

Seiji withstood all the gazes and answered, "I don't know."

Koji looked at him for a while before speaking up in a serious tone. "You must be hiding secrets, Harano-san. But, no matter what type of secrets they are, I think that you're a good person. You love to help others and have lots of class spirit so no matter what you are, as long as you're still the current you, I'll always treat you as a classmate."

The class president then smiled. "Don't mind too much about how people in other classes view you. I believe that just about all of us in this class think of you the same way as me. Rest assured."

Koji then patted Seiji on the shoulder.

"Thank you, class prez," Seiji responded with a smile.

Koji misunderstood Seiji's lack of a concrete answer. Still, Koji was quite happy that Seiji was willing to listen to his pep talk.

And so, the first day of Genhana High School's sports competition ended.

Originally, the students should have been heatedly discussing who won and who lost during the games. However, the most popular topic for today was instead regarding the "magic ball"!

During the games, a ball had behaved abnormally two separate times. And, in both incidents, Seigo Harano, the Magic-Devouring Dragon, had been present. In the second time, he was even the one who kicked the ball.

"Loss of control over a Spiritual Ability or demonic power" was the most agreed upon theory. The second most popular theory was that a literal "prankster demon" had interfered.

But no matter what, people were now thinking of the Magic-Devouring Dragon as no longer an ordinary person. Many felt that it was possible that Seigo wasn't human at all.

What about his girlfriend, Natsuya Yoruhana? Could it be that this scion was also a Spiritual Ability user, and perhaps not even human?

She was so beautiful, with an incredibly excellent and sexy figure Her charisma was astounding. Could it be that she was actually some sort of demon fox, capable of alluring human hearts?

A beautiful, demonic vixen student council president this actually seemed pretty nice?

Seiji and Natsuya didn't know just how wild the students' imaginations were running.

However, both knew that if mystical phenomena continued appearing during the second day of the sports competition, things would become really bad for their reputation.

The two were now carefully going over the school's surveillance videos of the two sports games in question. However, neither was able to tell anything at all about which student used a mystical ability.

"This Awakened is too good at hiding their own presence." Natsuya sighed.

"This person only acted once during each of the two ball games. They're incredibly cautious and didn't have any telltale signs that we can use to identify them with." Seiji folded his arms.

Since it now seemed impossible to catch this person tonight, this meant it was highly possible that "magic balls" would appear tomorrow as well!

Without worrying about how to catch this person and if it would be possible to catch them, if the magic balls appeared again, things would become even worse for Seiji's reputation.

"In the end, it's really my own fault." Seiji sighed.

If only he had acted more like a normal person, an incident as small as the balls abnormally changing direction in midair wouldn't have possibly caused so much commotion.

If they could catch the culprit behind this tomorrow, Seiji could resolve this entire issue by loading back to today and dealing with the culprit before things became a big deal!

But if he couldn't identify the person responsible for the magic balls, all the students would absolutely think of him as an abnormal existence. It would be quite difficult for him to still remain at this school. People might even think that he was inhuman. Logically, since it was always better to keep superhuman things a secret, he would have to leave this school.

"Although I don't want to have to quit this school, if that's my only option in the end I'll accept it." Seiji made this difficult decision.

"Indeed, quitting school is the best method to deal with this incident. As long as you leave this school, the rumors about you will die down sooner or later. But before that, there's still other methods available," Natsuya told him.

"Such as?"

"Using hypnosis to mind control all the students here and deleting the relevant memories, having them forget about this incident."

The student council president casually said something so incredible!

"That's you can do such a thing?"

"It's a bit difficult, and the success rate is low. But, it's still worth a try."

Worth a try, she said she was willing to use a large-scale hypnosis spell on the entire school just for his sake! Seiji felt quite pressured by this!

This was a real life version of Hypnosis Academy, better known as "Saimin Gakuen"! Seiji instantly recalled this hentai anime and its contents'Cough, stop here, I'm not that evil!'

Although he hurriedly stopped his fantasies, Seiji still felt guilty about even considering hypnotizing the entire school.

"Is there any other method apart from this?" He wryly smiled.

Natsuya remained silent at this.

She didn't want Seiji to have to quit school. However, hypnotizing the entire school would be quite difficult for her. As for other potential methods

Natsuya really did come up with another method in a sudden flash of inspiration.

In a way, this idea of hers was even crazier than hypnotizing the entire school! Still, society was currently discussing demons, spirits, and Spiritual Ability users everywhere ever since the Midnight Incident. Completely hiding their identities like before wasn't quite as necessary anymore.

Upon closer consideration, her idea seemed indeed workable right?

The more she thought about it, the more Natsuya's eyes sparkled as she looked at Seiji's face.

Seiji was quite mystified.

"I have an idea" The student council president gradually smiled as she told him her idea.

Seiji widened his eyes in surprise as he listened.

"What do you think?" Natsuya asked after she finished telling him the idea.

"It's quite a daring idea" Seiji could only comment like this. "Are you certain that it's fine to use this idea?"

"I'm not, but if this idea fails, let's fall back upon the backup plan of using hypnosis."

"What if the hypnosis spell also fails?"

"We can quit school together." Natsuya smiled. "It also feels pretty nice to quit Genhana High School together and transfer to some other school I'd just feel a bit apologetic to Uehara and Wakaba-san."

"Do you really want to do this?"

"You don't want to?"

"I'm the one who created this problem. I should accept the burden by myself."

"But I don't want that. I want to be together with you." Natsuya glanced at him as something flashed in her eyes.

Seiji was moved by her heartfelt intentions.

"Is that really fine?"

"It's just quitting school Right, there's also Hitaka and Rana. They'd also need to quit school to follow me, but neither of them probably have any attachments to this school, so there's no need to worry about them."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Should he say that all this was to be expected of the scion of the Yoruhana Family?

"I truly hope that your idea won't be necessary." Seiji sighed.

"I hope so as well, but preparations are necessary." Natsuya showed off an exceedingly alluring smile.
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