Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Just like you, Im human
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The students quieted down for a moment, but then went into an uproar!

He admitted it!

Seigo Harano admitted that he was going to do an exorcism!!

He really wasn't an ordinary person!!

"Harano-san, who are you exactly then? A Spiritual Ability user? Or a demon?" the camera-carrying boy shouted out again to him.

"Just like you, I'm human," Seiji responded calmly. "I'm just slightly stronger than ordinary people."

Human did that mean he was a Spiritual Ability user?

The commotion wouldn't calm down at all. But no matter what they said, Seiji ignored them all. He only kept telling them to leave.

Some students who weren't so brave started leaving. However, even more students came over here to see what Seigo Harano was about to do. The number of spectating students actually overall increased.

Although they all heard that this might be dangerous, they still couldn't suppress their curiosity. Besides, it was currently bright and sunny outside with so many people. They felt like nothing major could possibly occur.

Seiji silently kicked the ball continuously, aiming for the top bar of the goal. He repeatedly bounced it off the top bar of the goal.

The students all saw that he surprisingly managed to accurately rebound the ball against the goalpost's top bar every time. This was footwork that was far out of the ordinary.

The camera-carrying boy really wanted to start filming with his digital camera. However, he was extremely hesitant about "taking full responsibility for any consequences" that Seigo mentioned to him.

What might happen to him if he really filmed this?

There were already many discussions online about Spiritual Ability users. This included many topics about their darker sides. Some of the topics were truly frightening.

After much hesitation, he finally didn't dare to take the risk.

However, there would always be courageous, or perhaps a better word would be reckless, individuals that wanted to secretly take pictures or film this.

"Seiji, nothing's wrong with the school's spell formation." Natsuya sent Seiji a mental message with a spell. "However, it's faintly suppressing something. It's my own fault for not noticing earlier."

"What is it suppressing?"

"It should be suppressing a demon But the strange part is, normal demons will be destroyed by the school's spell formation the moment they enter the schoolgrounds. As for more powerful demons that are difficult to destroy, the spell formation should notify me. However, this notification mechanism wasn't activated this time. I've confirmed that the spell formation is still working with no problems. I don't know what's going on. Perhaps this demon is rather unique"

"Is it a very powerful demon?"

"No. Although it indeed affected the spell formation, this demon's powers were still suppressed to a reasonable extent."

"What should we do?"

Natsuya paused for a moment before she spoke up. "How many students are still around you?"

"Many. I think that more than half of the students that aren't busy right now are watching me." Seiji answered after looking around him.

"I want to execute last night's plan," the student council president told him in a serious tone.

The students saw Seigo Harano suddenly stop kicking the ball and simply stand there quietly while perfectly still. This caused the students to feel a premonition that something was about to happen, causing them to become nervous.

A Spiritual Ability user performing an exorcism what would such an event in real life look like?

Tension, fear, expectation, and excitement All sorts of emotions welled up in the students.

They then noticed something suddenly change about the atmosphere.

The temperature around them seemed to suddenly lower. It was quite chilly even though it was bright and sunny outside. This made the atmosphere seem rather ominous.

"Something's coming! If you don't want to get hurt, hurry up and leave!" Seigo Harano shouted to everyone.

Something was really coming!

Some students felt afraid and hurriedly left. However, more than half of the students still remained.

They had waited for so long to see something mystical already. They had to see this!

And then, they saw it.

Seigo's football that had been on the ground suddenly started floating up in midair. A faint blood-red mist started appearing on the football!

This was an unmistakable actual mystical phenomenon which was happening right in front of everyone in broad daylight!

Many students exclaimed out loud. Quite a few of them reflexively took out their cell phones and started snapping pictures.

The football suddenly flew towards Seigo Harano with a red flash! It was as if someone viciously kicked it.


Seiji blocked the ball with his hand.

The magic football rebounded with a red flash as it attacked Seigo at an even faster speed!!

Seigo continued blocking the football.

*Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!*

The football kept magically flying at him in midair at a faster and faster speed, to the point where ordinary people couldn't even see it clearly anymore!

However, the boy with the nickname of Magic-Devouring Dragon blocked it every time.

Finally, Seigo Harano punched it forcefully to the point where the magic football exploded on contact!!

Despite the great distance, all the students could sense just how powerful his punch was. If he hit a person with that punch instead, it was quite possible no, that person would definitely be sent flying!

After the football exploded, the abnormal mist on it dissipated.

Was everything over?

If that was all it was, an exorcism didn't seem like much.

Some students just started thinking this when everyone noticed that the temperature dropped even further. Even the sunlight appeared to be dimming.

A gust of chilly wind blew past this wind brought an ominous, bone-piercing chill!

Something even scarier was coming.

Some students were now afraid and wanted to leave. However, they found themselves unable to movebecause their bodies were shaking uncontrollably!

Inside the football field, a blood-red mist appeared out of thin air. This mist became denser and denser and started gathering on the field's surface as if it was material.

Faint strange sounds rang in everyone's ears as the students watched this scene. They smelled a scent which resembled a mixture of alcohol and blood, which further raised their fear.

This was a real demon!

Their bodies were instinctively warning them to run away at top speed. However, their feet were unable to move.

The students had only planned on watching a little and then leaving if things got dangerous?

It was impossible to even leave!!

Everyone could only watch as a gigantic blood-red humanoid monster formed out of the mist and started approaching!

This was something incredibly dangerous! They would die if it touched them!! Run away!!!

All the students' instincts were warning them to run away. However, only incredibly few students were able to run away. Most students simply stood still, frozen in terror where they stood. Some screamed out in fear, and some weren't even capable of uttering a sound. Some were scared to the point of crying tears and leaking snot, while some even wet themselves.

'No I don't want to die Don't come over here'

This was a tremendous terror of feeling that one's life was in actual danger. This was completely incomparable to watching a horror movie or a mystical genre movie!

The students that had believed themselves to be brave finally learned what true terror felt like.

When they were no longer part of the audience, and instead became the characters in a mystical genre movie, they actually behaved worse than the killed-off useless characters that they looked down upon.

"Save save me" The earlier camera-carrying boy was shaking all over. He had already dropped his camera onto the ground and was blubbering like a child.

His life flashed before his eyes as he recalled various memories. But, he didn't want to die yet!

A boy's figure appeared in front of the blood-red giant demon.

Seigo Harano!

That was right, he was still here!!

The camera-carrying boy had been so afraid that he completely forgot about Seigo's presence.

But, was Seigo capable of dealing with such a demon? This was a fearsome monster that was capable of appearing in broad daylight!

The blood-red demon swung its armor what appeared to be its armat Seigo.

The Magic-Devouring Dragon got into a fighting pose and responded with his fists.


There was a giant explosion.

A large hole appeared in the blood-red demon's arm!!
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