Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Youre all free to decide what you want to do
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Seigo could do it But before the students could be happy about this, the blood-red demon viciously swung its other arm at Seigo.


There was a low sound as if a heavy hammer crashed into the ground. The entire earth seemed to tremble.

If this hit connected, it would definitely smash anyone into pieces!

Luckily, Seigo was able to dodge this attack.

Nobody was able to see clearly how he dodged it. The students only saw him flashing instantaneously and arriving seven or eight steps behind where he originally stood.

The hole in the blood-red demon's arm speedily recovered. The blood-red demon then swung both its arms at the boy in front of it!

The students witnessed Seigo Harano continuously dodging the monster's attacks. Although none of the attacks hit him, Seigo had a rather serious expression. It seemed that this monster was a difficult opponent for him.

Seigo was rather tall as a human, but he seemed like nothing more than a child in comparison to this gigantic monster that was two stories tall.

The students imagined being up so close to such a monster and felt even more afraid just thinking about it. They were also impressed with Seigo's courage.

Go, Seigo, go!!

They hoped that the Magic-Devouring Dragon would successfully exorcise the demon, both for his and their own sake.

After many successive attacks, the blood-red demon's movements gradually started slowing down.

At this moment, Seigo Harano lowered his body and instantly rushed forward towards the demon and punched with lightning speed!

*Boom, boom, boom, boom!*

The students heard four explosions and saw four large holes appear in the demon's body.

'Amazing' every student thought this.

However, the blood-red mist swirled as the demon speedily recovered from its injuries. It waved its arm and sent out a large number of blood-red balls with a whoosh!!

Seigo did his best to dodge the balls. However, he was still hit and sent flying backwards!

The students instantly felt their hearts clench. But right after that, they saw him backflip in midair and land steadily on the ground.

It didn't seem like he was injured he must have used some type of protective spell?

Everyone felt that those blood-red balls had massive power, because countless holes appeared in the ground where they hit! Any of those blood-red balls that connected with a human body would surely leave a bloody hole.

The demon swung its other arm and shot out a large number of blood-red balls once again!

Seigo barely managed to dodge this attack as he agilely twisted his body.

The demon was now fully recovered as it pressed the attack!

Seigo kept dodging and counterattacking whenever he saw an opening!

This fierce battle between a demon and a human seemed just like a scene out of a manga. However, it was far more realistic than anything the students had ever seen in a manga.

The spectators were feeling tremendous pressure since the battle might involve them at any moment. If nothing else, just a tiny blood-red ball hitting them would cause serious injuries!

Fortunately, the Magic-Devouring Dragon intentionally led the demon away from everyone. But even so, some of the blood-red balls splattered only three or four meters away from the crowd of students. The students standing closest all had incredibly pale expressions of fear.

Some students did their best to overcome their fear to move their bodies and escape from this place. However, most of them still stood there, frozen. They were unable to do anything except watch the battle before them.

Whooshthe demon suddenly spat out a large patch of blood-red mist!

The temperature in this area lowered again! Nobody knew what effects that mist would have, but it would definitely be frightening if one came into contact with it. Perhaps this mist could even dissolve humans!?

Seigo shouted loudly when faced with this attack he couldn't dodge. He was suddenly covered in a golden light before the blood-red mist appeared to devour him.

The students' tension reached a maximum upon seeing this!

The next instant, *boom, boom, boom, boom, boom* The sound of explosions kept sounding in succession as the demon's body was instantly smashed into pieces!


Everyone heard a strange ear-piercing sound. Evidently, the demon was making this noise.

The demon kept restoring its body's form, only to be smashed again. It released even more blood-red mist which started expanding everywhere.

This was the final moment of the battle!

Seeing the blood-red mist approach them, everyone realized that either Seigo Harano would defeat this demon, or this demon would devour everyone present!!

'Dragon Magic-Devouring Dragon, you have to win!'

All the students were shouting that in their minds.

As if Seigo could hear what they were thinking, the sound of the explosions became even louder and the demon's screaming became weaker.

And then "BOOM!!!"

There was an ear-rattling explosion as the blood-red mist suddenly exploded!

Everyone felt a strong gust blow them over, causing them to scream as they all fell over like dominoes.

The students were in pain as they fell on the ground, but then they noticed that the temperature was rising again, the sun had returned, and it was no longer chilly The atmosphere had returned to normal!

The camera-carrying boy from earlier crawled up, only to see that Seigo had just taken off his now tattered shirt.

Streaks of blood were on his handsome face and muscular body and he was currently still bleeding. Seigo wiped himself using the tattered shirt in his hands.

The Magic-Devouring Dragon's injuries and the countless holes in the football field proved that none of what happened just now was a hallucination.

"Harano-san are you alright?" someone weakly asked him.

However, Seigo appeared to either not hear or ignore this. He simply took his reddened tattered shirt with him and left without saying a word.

Everyone watched him leave. This entire place was silent with not a single person talking.

As word of the exorcism incident quickly started spreading through the student population, there was a school-wide announcement that all sports competition activities would be temporarily suspended and that all the students should gather in the school auditorium! The student council president would make an important announcement there.

An announcement from Natsuya Yoruhana Everyone was curious what this scion who was Seigo Harano's girlfriend would have to say.

"I think that she's going to threaten us to keep quiet and pretend not to know anything about this incident." Some students thought about it from a highly negative point of view.

"But, do you dare to not go to the auditorium?"


Although some students were afraid of the student council president's "explanation," nobody dared not to attend.

After all, they were all ordinary commoners. Who knew what type of revenge would be brought upon them if they dared to go against the scion of a powerful family?

Demons and Spiritual Ability users were all real. However, the public didn't know about this. This meant a huge power in the shadows was covering this up!

Trying to forcefully uncover the truth might end up really badly for them.

Wasn't this quite common in television shows and movies? Reporters, investigators, and other such individuals that wanted to reveal the dark truth in the shadows would often have terrifying calamities or death befall them and even their entire families.

Everyone felt that people who dared to reveal the hidden truth were heroes. But, who wanted to be such a hero? Who had the resolution to be such a hero?

This was a question that everyone could only remain silent on.

No matter what the students thought, Natsuya already knew what she was going to do.

She was currently standing at the auditorium's podium, waiting for the students to arrive.

The students continuously arrived and gathered at the auditorium.

Natsuya silently watched all the students arriving. Once the time that she set arrived, she started speaking into a microphone.

"Good morning, fellow students. No matter if you saw it or not, no matter if you know what I'm talking about or not, please seriously listen to what I have to say." Natsuya had an incredibly serious expression.

"Hidden dangers are present within this world. And, these dangers will only increase with time. Plenty of information that everyone's probably heard about proves this.

"A certain person is secretly dealing with these dangers in order to protect everyone that's studying here, simply because he's a fellow student just like all of you.

"Due to certain rules of the trade, he can't expose his own identity If all of you keep this a secret and delete any records of this incident without spreading it or talking about it, he'll be able to continue studying here. Otherwise, he'll soon be forced to leave.

"At that time, I'll be leaving together with him. As for who will protect this school in the future, we don't know. Nor will we involve ourselves with this school anymore.

"You're all free to decide what you want to do. Of course, you also need to bear the results of your own decisions.

"That's all. I apologize for taking up everyone's time in summoning all of you here."

The student council president instantly turned around to leave after saying what she did. There was nothing else at all.

The auditorium remained silent for a moment before a commotion started.

It had really only been an explanation?

This incredibly short and simple explanation was basically about only one thing.

If they kept this incident a secret, Seigo Harano would be able to stay here. Otherwise, he would be forced to leave, and Natsuya Yoruhana would leave together with him.

Who would protect Genhana High School after they left? Or, which Spiritual Ability user would stand up and deal with demons that might possibly appear here? Seigo and Natsuya wouldn't know, nor would they care.

This was actually a threat, wasn't it?

The students couldn't help but think that.

But, upon closer consideration, this was only normal.

If Seigo's identity was exposed, he wouldn't be able to stay at this school anymore. In that case, it was only natural that he wouldn't protect the people here anymore.
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