Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 615

Chapter 615: What part of me left you such a deep impression?
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Do you think we should keep this a secret?"

"I don't know What do you think?"

"I think we should keep it a secret. The school will be much safer with the Magic-Devouring Dragon and our student council president around."

"Do you believe what she says? Maybe she's actually lying. Maybe having the Magic-Devouring Dragon stay is actually more dangerous?"

"Do you want them to leave then? What if demons come after they leave?"

"Maybe this school will be fine after they leave with no demons appearing."

"How can you be sure?"

"I said only maybe"

"If you want them to leave, then say it clearly. What if something happens here afterwards? Can you deal with it? Can you take responsibility?"

"I didn't say I wanted them to leave"

"Then what side are you on?"

"I said I don't know"

Judging from President Yoruhana's words, she obviously wanted everyone here to keep the incident a secret. However, some students still felt suspicious and felt that there was some nefarious scheme involved.

However, these people would be asked by others: who would take care of any demons after Seigo and Natsuya left? Who could take responsibility for demons injuring others?

Nobody was able to answer.

This was a question with two choices where the result of the first choice was a known one. If they kept this incident a secret, the Magic-Devouring Dragon and the student council president would remain here to deal with the demons.

The second choice, to spread word of this incident, would end in an unknown result. The Magic-Devouring Dragon and the student council president would leave. Nobody knew what would happen to the school after that.

It was quite easy to doubt others, but when it came to choosing an unknown result How many people had this type of courage?

Even if one person had the courage to do so, what about the people around them? The entire student population would have to bear with the consequences! This meant that all the students were paying close attention on what to choose here.

If someone chose to spread this information and something bad happened later down the road, everyone would blame this person!

Not only would a person need courage to do this, they would also need to withstand lots of pressure. And, they wouldn't gain anything from doing this at all.

At most, they would contribute to revealing the truth and feel a sense of self-satisfaction.

Having all the students keep the secret together for him Natsuya's daring idea would have been absolutely impossible before. However, things were now different after the Midnight Spell which caused a sharp increase in mystical phenomena.

Natsuya didn't know whether or not her idea would succeed. After all, it was impossible to say with so many students.

If they failed, she could still fall back on trying to hypnotize the entire school.

Seiji felt that it would be quite immoral to hypnotize the entire school. He felt that he might as well just quit this school if it came to that.

Although loading back to the first day of the sports competition would be the best way to resolve this incident after catching the culprit, that was only a temporary band-aid for a foundational problem.

His reputation at Genhana High School was already quite exaggerated. The "magic football" incident where someone intentionally meddled was the only spark needed to fully exaggerate rumors about him to outlandish proportions. Even if he solved this incident before it began, future sparks would always exaggerate his reputation even further.

Would he have to load every time that such an incident occurred? Wouldn't it be too much of a bother to constantly load just to keep his secret identity?

Seiji didn't want to go to such lengths to do so. In that case, he would simply see what Genhana High School's students would decide upon.

The sports competition resumed as normal.

The exorcism incident and the student council president's explanation were the hottest topics at school right now. However, the main characters involved in this, Seigo and Natsuya, were both no longer participating in the sports competition. Apparently, Seigo asked for leave by saying that he was injured, and Natsuya accompanied him.

Every single student in Year 1 Class 5 said that they supported their classmate Seigo Harano. They believed him to be a hero who was protecting the school! Class president Koji Hoshihara even made a school announcement by vouching on his own honor and asking everyone to keep Seigo's secret.

After that, the students who personally witnessed the exorcism came out and also made schoolwide announcements with the same request.

The football team captain Oogi Takasugi also made a schoolwide announcement. He spoke with fiery passion in his hot-blooded style as he called for everyone to support his heroic junior so that Seigo could enjoy his youth!

Many students deleted all records of this incident that they took. They also tried to convince the others to do the same as well.

By the time that the second day of the sports competition ended, the students at Genhana High School basically reached a tacit agreement to no longer discuss this incident.

The teachers were even better than the students at keeping silent on this matter. As they were adult employees of the school, they all knew to keep any incidents out of the media's reach.

Natsuya's plan succeeded probably.

Right now, it was still impossible to say if it was a complete success or not. It would only be a success if nothing happened even after a long while later.

Later that night, Seiji, Natsuya, Shika, Hitaka, and Rana arrived at the school's football field.

The "exorcism" incident from earlier that morning hadn't truly dealt with this incident at all.

However, that demon had been real. It wasn't an act put on by Seiji at all. And, it wasn't the only demon at Genhana High School!

After everyone finished making combat preparations, Natsuya controlled the school's spell formation to decrease its suppression effects.

A unbelievably dense blood-red mist no, it was no longer mist, it was more like liquid. This liquid speedily appeared in midair and formed into a tremendous humanoid figure! It was three times as large as the two-story figure from this morning. It formed into a vicious demon and carried the smell of blood.

Seiji and the others furrowed their eyebrows. Hitaka in particular had a particularly heavy expression.

They had all sensed and smelled something similar here at school before.

Seiji instantly recalled the vicious powerful great demonShutendoji!

Seiji recalled how Minamoto no Raikou told him how Shutendoji had escaped in the end.

Had Shutendoji actually been hiding here all this time!? Was this demon the escaped Shutendoji!?

Although they had similar auras, they didn't seem the same.

"Grahh!!" The giant blood-red demon pounced towards them!

*Boom!* Everyone's prepared spells instantly exploded against it and set off brilliant explosions.

The two Yin Yang Masters and three Spirit-branded Retainers had all been fully prepared and were in excellent condition. Even if the great demon Shutendoji had appeared, they would still be able to kill him once again!

Attack attack attack attack spell shooting spell shooting spell shooting spell shooting

They easily won!

The demon finally ended up exploding, sending out a powerful shock wave of blood mist. If there were spectators like this morning, the spectators would surely have been seriously injured by this. However, this was nothing more than a light gust of wind to the five of them.

Natsuya then fully removed the school spell formation's suppressive effects. This revealed a giant black oval-shaped spell formation!

A Dimensional Eye?

"The demons came out of here, not from outside the school. That's why the school spell formation didn't inform me of the intrusion," Natsuya explained.

"This appears to be a Dimensional Eye. However, it's different from the ones I've seen before. It's also different from Kazuko-san's way of entering her Domain." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"Dealing with this incident's root cause will probably require entering in here. However, it will likely be incredibly dangerous," Seiji surmised.

"My family should be very interested in whatever this is. I shall report this to my family and have them send someone to deal with this." Something flashed in Natsuya's eyes.

'Letting the Yoruhana Family deal with this that should be fine.'

Just as Seiji was thinking this, a voice suddenly spoke up behind him.

"Good evening, Mr. Knight Leader."

!? This voice was

Seiji turned around to see a girl wearing black traditional Sakura Island clothing and a dog head mask slowly walking towards them.

This was the dog head mask girl that he previously met in the Inner World, whom he suspected to be a member of Soul World!!

"Good evening, Miss Dog Head Mask," he responded in turn.

She chuckled as she walked up to him.

"We meet again, Mr. Knight. I'm glad that you haven't forgotten about me."

"You left me such a deep impression, Miss Dog Head Mask. I wouldn't possibly forget about you."

"What part of me left you such a deep impression? My face or my body?"

"Everything," Seiji replied.

The dog head mask girl chuckled once again. "Where's the previous Lady Knight from last time?"

"She's in my knights' training ground Where is Mr. Minotaur from last time?"

"He's probably lost in a labyrinth somewhere."

The dog-head girl then turned to look at Natsuya and the others.

"Are these beautiful ladies also members of your knight order?"
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