Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 616

Chapter 616: There was once a truly sincere
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Not all of them." Seiji looked at her. "Miss Dog Head Mask, are you here because of this Dimensional Eye?"

"Don't move onto the main topic so quickly, I still want to chat with you for a little more~" She kept chuckling. "Which of these beautiful girls have you had a physical relationship with already?"

Everyone was rendered speechless.

"I'm sorry, I don't think that we know each other well enough to chat about such a personal topic!" Seiji's cheeks twitched.

"Could it be that you've had sex with all of them already?"

"Of course not!"

"Two of them, then?"

"None of them!"

"None of them at all?" the dog head mask girl spoke in a surprised tone. "Even though Mr. Knight Leader is clearly so handsome"

'Handsome doesn't mean shameless!' Although Seiji wanted to respond in such a manner, he recalled how he had started his own harem, so he was unable to respond out loud in such a manner.

"Please, let's not talk about this subject anymore, Miss Dog Head Mask."

"Seeing your expression, could it be that a certain part of your body has some difficulties?" The dog head mask girl lowered her head and looked at Seiji's crotch area.

"Not at all! Please don't intentionally sidetrack the topic like this!"

"If you really do have such difficulties, I can help you~"

"There's no need! Let's stop talking about this!"

"Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem for men. There's no need to worry too much about it. You can just say it out loud honestly."

"I said that I don't have such a problem! Please, listen to what I'm saying!!" Seiji retorted forcefully.

"Heehee" The dog head mask girl giggled happily before looking at the black oval on the ground.

"I am indeed here because of this. I'm preparing to go inside and clean up what's within. Are you interested in coming with me, Mr. Knight Leader?"

The atmosphere instantly changed.

Conversation options suddenly appeared in front of Seiji...

[A: I'm interested. Please allow me to go with you.]

[B: I'm not interested. Please go in by yourself if you like.]

[C: What do you mean by clean up what's inside? Will there be danger?]

Logically speaking, the best choice for him should be C. He could try and obtain more information.

However, Seiji felt that C would be an incorrect answer judging by the aura that this dog head mask girl was giving off.

Directly replying in the affirmative or negative would be the correct answer with her.

If he wanted to avoid danger, he should obviously reject her. However

"I'm interested. Please allow me to go with you," Seiji replied seriously.

*Ding!* His system notified him that this was the correct answer which improved her favorability rating towards him.

"Why did you agree so directly?" the dog head mask girl asked him. "I thought that, just like last time, you would ask to know more before making a decision."

"Last time was about something more important, which was why I wanted to know more information. This time, it only has to do with this." Seiji glanced at the black oval on the ground. "I think that this is a Dimensional Eye, so going to clean up what's within probably means eliminating all the spiritual creatures inside I don't need to worry about you because I already know how strong you are. However, this is the school that I'm studying at. I'd feel bad about having you go in by yourself. Besides, I am indeed interested and want to know what it's like inside. Also, maybe you'll be willing to tell me some things I want to know while we're together"

"You don't suspect that I'll take this opportunity to carry out some nefarious intentions?"

"If someone like you wanted to attack me, you wouldn't need to go to this much trouble."

The dog head mask girl giggled yet again. "I'm liking more and more now, Mr. Knight."

"It's my honor," Seiji responded calmly.

"Before we enter, how about having these ladies here go back home? Dealing with what's inside will take at least several hours. There's no need to have them wasting so much time standing around doing nothing."

"We're all going in together!" Natsuya spoke up here.

"It's quite dangerous inside there. You don't have enough power to protect yourselves." The dog head mask girl looked at Natsuya. "If all of you enter this place together, it's highly likely that you'll die inside there Unless I've underestimated your power levels. However, I think that it's likely I haven't."

Her tone was incredibly serious and was warning Natsuya.

"If you think they're not strong enough, the same goes for me as well," Seiji mentioned.

"If it's just Mr. Knight, I can still take care of protecting you. We'd still be able to escape even in an emergency situation," the dog head mask girl told him. "I can't guarantee the same if we take even one more person with us."

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"I understand" Seiji turned to face Natsuya and the others. "How about you all just return and wait for me?"

Natsuya and Shika both revealed unwilling expressions. Hitaka frowned.

"No need to worry. With Miss Dog Head Mask protecting me, I'll be fine." Seiji paused for a moment. "This is a rare opportunity."

This was just like having a high level player help a low level player to level up. He didn't want to miss such an opportunity.

Natsuya and the others understood what he meant. Although they were unwilling, they could only accept.

However, they didn't want to leave. They wanted to wait here for him.

Seiji finally managed to gently convince them to return home to rest and wait for him.

The dog head mask girl silently observed this entire process.

After Natsuya and the others were finally convinced to leave, she spoke up again. "Actually, as long as you wanted, you could easily have sex with any of them, couldn't you? Especially with that long-haired, big-breasted girl."

Seiji was once again rendered speechless.

"Honestly, please stop bringing up such a topic, Miss Dog Head Mask." Seiji felt rather helpless.

"Don't you have such desires? Why aren't you making a move?"

"I don't want to answer this question."

"I think that girl is looking forward to you making such a move as well. You only need to push her down on her bed." The dog head mask girl chuckled.

"That's enough of this conversation, please"

"Could it be that you're actually one of the legendary herbivore men? Or are you one of those pure men who believe in sex only after marriage?"

"You can just treat me as such a man." Seiji sighed. "Miss Dog Head Mask, you shouldn't casually talk about topics such as these."

"I carry myself quite seriously as a lady. Although, I do act rather casually around you, Mr. Knight." The dog head mask girl chuckled. "So, what's the answer?"

"It simply isn't time yet."

"You lose points for being insistent on waiting until after marriage."

"Please apologize to all rule-abiding men in this world!"

Seiji wasn't insistent to such a degree. However, he didn't feel that men who insisted on such a thing were in the wrong.

"It's nice that you treasure women. However, you can't just go by formalities only. You also have to truly pay attention to what they want," the dog head mask girl said, then turned to look at the black Dimensional Eye. "Do you still need time for any preparations?"

"No need But I do have a request." Seiji looked at her. "Please allow me to see your true appearance."


"In order to improve our trust. Although I've already chosen to believe in you, if it's at all possible, I still want to see who you really are. This way, I'll be able to trust you more."

A chilly night breeze blew past them.

"And here I thought that you weren't interested in my appearance at all." The dog head mask girl chuckled.

"That's impossible. It's not really that interesting to constantly talk to someone wearing a dog head mask," Seiji told her honestly. "Although your mask is rather cute, I prefer to see a human face."

"That's not what I want to hear. Mr. Knight, you should be more sincere if you want to make a request."


"That's right, sincere."

"What type of sincerity?"

"What do you think?" The dog head mask girl folded her arms and used a classical reverse question.

Seiji fell silent for a moment as he mulled it over.

"Alright then"

Seiji took a deep breath and then covered his face with his hand. He slowly revealed his face and smiled gently and sadly as he slowly spoke, "There was once a truly sincere and wonderful relationship I had which I didn't treasure. Only when I lost it did I regret it endlessly. If the gods can give me another chance to start over again, I would tell her just three words: 'I want you!' If I could transform this regret of mine into an actual wish, I'd wish for seeing the most beautiful thing in the world once more: your smile!"

The dog head mask girl was rendered speechless.
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