Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 634

Chapter 634: Do you think that I went overboard?

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This was such a joke that Seiji couldn’t even laugh at.

He didn’t want to load just to confirm his own suspicions. He wasn’t someone nice enough to use his powers for the sake of his enemies.

However, if his companions found it difficult to accept what he had just done… Seiji looked towards Mika and Hoshi who both had rather pale complexions due to the scene before them.

“Are you guys alright?”

Neither of the two responded.

“Do you think that I went too overboard?” Seiji asked in a soft voice.

“No,” both responded simultaneously.

Mika and Hoshi then exchanged glances.

“Although I think that these people are rather pitiful, they attacked us first without any provocation. We were simply acting in self-defense…” Something flashed in Mika’s eyes. “Besides, when I joined this team, I already resolved myself to face such a situation.”

“I think the same as well… although I feel rather uncomfortable about this, I don’t think that Team Leader went overboard.” Hoshi had a resolute expression.

“They might have been able to live if I held back…”

“Holding back against your enemies is the same as being cruel to your own allies,” Hisashi stated. “Reality isn’t a shonen manga. Something like everyone being fine in the end when holding back against an enemy will only happen in a naïve shonen manga story where justice always wins.”

“That’s not always the case.” Seiji shook his head. “Such scenarios also appear in some shoujo manga.”

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

“Cough, now’s not the time to be discussing manga… I understand what you mean. Thank you, Hisashi.”

After thanking the mafia otaku, Seiji then smiled at Mika and Hoshi. “Thanks to both of you as well.”

“Don’t say that, Seiji.” Mika looked directly at his face. “You protected us. We should be thanking you instead… so thank you.”

“I’m the one who should be thanking you the most,” Hoshi remarked. “I need to thank all of you for finding me, as well as thank Juumonji-san for protecting me just now…”

“It’s what I should have done as your companion, but if I could, I’d like to make a request!” Hisashi suddenly spoke up with a rapid-fire pace.

“Er… what?” Hoshi paused in surprise for a moment.

“Please wear maid attire and allow this humble one to take a few pictures of you!” Hisashi’s eyeglasses suddenly gleamed. “This humble one shall prepare the maid attire for you. I promise that it’ll be a perfect fit!”

“Maid attire?”

“That’s right! I only want a few pictures, please! Dear Knight of Light!!”

“This… this…” Hoshi didn’t know how to react to this type of sudden request.

“Amami-san in maid attire… I want to see that as well.” Mika’s eyes also started sparkling.

Seiji couldn’t help but imagine his junior wearing well-fitting maid attire and smiling shyly.

Stop! This was such an impactful scene that it was starting to shake the very foundation of Seiji’s image of maids!!

He hurriedly thought about what Mai looked like in order to mitigate the impact he just received. Seiji made sure to repeatedly tell himself that Mai was what a real maid was like.

Maids were allowed to be skilled at shooting a gun, or even to be skilled at rather strange or unique abilities. But, they definitely couldn’t be male! Definitely!!

“Cough cough, now’s not the time for such a topic. Hisashi, if you want Hoshi to do something for you, let’s talk about it when we return.” Seiji intervened and tried to stop this topic of conversation.

“Okay, then. After we return, I shall immediately begin preparing the best maid attire there is!” Hisashi treated Seiji’s words as tacit acceptance.

“Team Leader…” Hoshi looked at Seiji.

“This is a matter between you guys to decide.” Seiji averted his gaze.

Hisashi indeed saved Hoshi’s life just now. Seiji would leave it up to Hoshi whether to accede to Hisashi’s request or not.

‘…Actually, don’t you also want to see the trap as a maid?’ a tiny voice whispered in Seiji’s mind.

‘No! Absolutely not!!’ Seiji adamantly denied it.

He then used his [Interdimensional Locator Spell] again. Target: Shika Kagura!

Seiji’s vision darkened as his awareness entered a mystical realm. He heard various faint sounds around him.

“Brother… I’m waiting…”

“Protect… Ooike…”

Seiji saw green, red, black, and other chaotic scenery, as if a painter’s pallet had been knocked over. He couldn’t see clearly at all. The emotions he sensed from Shika were calmness, worry, as well as hope.

“Shika-chan is still alright. And, it seems that she’s together with Kazuko-san. She’s also waiting for us to go find them,” Seiji spoke up after he opened his eyes.

He then took a look at the spiritual weapons that the three dead individuals left behind.

The greatsword, spear, and dual daggers that were originally blood-red now had black spots on them as if they were damaged by fire.

Seiji felt that something seemed rather ominous about these weapons. Perhaps he would be able to find something out if he brought them to the outside world and had them investigated.

However, it was inconvenient to carry the large weapons. Seiji decided to only take the dual daggers.

Seiji walked up to the assassin’s corpse and carefully picked up the dual daggers and put them away.

Also, there was the matter of the black fruits growing on the red-leafed tree.

Although Seiji had no clue what those fruits were, he felt that they might be a valuable resource that he shouldn’t leave behind.

But, before he got a chance to go pick the fruits, this entire district suddenly started glowing a faint green!

“What’s going on?”

Seiji and his friends witnessed a white light being emitted from the flowers, butterflies, green leaves, vines, water, and the red-leafed tree… Everything in this entire district was glowing as it all dissolved into a green glow!

As a large amount of light emitted and was dissolved, the flowers and the other scenery all became translucent before completely disappearing.

In just a short instant, this beautiful garden vanished completely as if it had never existed.

“It actually vanished…?” Seiji muttered to himself.

He never expected that the scenery would vanish… was this only a cosmetic change?

But the next second, his question was answered. Large amounts of black mist poured in through the cracks in the walls and speedily formed into a pack of black wolves!

Not only had the scenery changed, this entire district became a normal part of the Forest Palace!

The safe district wouldn’t be permanent. It could transform into a danger zone! This overturned Seiji’s previous inference.

If the safe district could transform into a danger zone, then it didn’t have any value at all for being a base… why did that “Cliff Squad” attack Seiji and his friends then!?

Seiji was now confused because his previous best guess had now been proved to be wrong. However, he soon calmed himself down.

“We’re leaving!”

If he didn’t know, he would simply stop thinking about it. At any rate, it was more important to leave here first and find Shika and Kazuko.

Hoshi continued fighting hard by using his spiritual eagles as he followed his Team Leader.

Some time later, he felt his right hand beginning to heat up.

Hoshi took a look and saw that faint green runes were beginning to appear on the palm of his hand!

“What are these?” Hoshi lightly touched the runes but felt nothing at all.

“What’s the matter?” Seiji noticed that Hoshi was doing something.

“I felt my right hand beginning to heat up, and then saw this…” Hoshi showed Seiji his palm.

Seiji’s [Astral Vision] showed him that this was a spell formation.

Although it wasn’t very clear yet, it looked rather similar to the geometrical spell formation on the stone door leading to that flower garden district!

Was this some type of emblem, seal, or marking? What exactly was it? What use did it have? Was it dangerous?

Various doubts popped up in his mind, causing Seiji to furrow his eyebrows.

“Do you feel anything apart from your hand feeling hot?”


“I don’t know what this is… It doesn’t look like something that I’d be able to make go away with healing magic.”

Still, Seiji figured he could at least try. He cast some healing magic on Hoshi, but as expected, nothing happened.

He then tried to use [Cleansing] on Hoshi. However, the result was the same. The mysterious green spell array remained on Hoshi’s palm.

Seiji could only use his ultimate move.

“Yomi, I’d like to ask you a question. Do you know what that is?” Seiji mentally asked Yomi a question.

His bonded female spirit didn’t reply.

“Yomi-san, please stop sleeping for a while. At least say one sentence, and tell me if this is something dangerous or not.” Seiji sighed.

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