Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 641

After creating an account, Seiji searched the Whiteboard light novel artists site and found that there was already fan art for “Brother Monogatari”!

The most popular fan art was drawn by “Sharp Demon Soldier”, the artist who had competed with him over the artist position for Brother Monogatari. This popular fan art was precisely the one of the male lead showing off his true powers for the first time Seiji had seen previously.

The second most popular fan art was drawn by “Romance of Ice and Fire”… This was Yukari’s drawing!

Yukari drew the female lead wearing a yukata and a demon mask on the side of her face. The younger sister character was joyfully licking a candied lollipop. Although this drawing wasn’t highly detailed, it was still of good quality. The beautiful girl in the drawing sticking her tongue out had a subtle alluring sexiness to her.

Seiji instantly gave the drawing a five-star rating and added it to his personal collection.

He then looked at all the other fan art for his story. Of course, some were of good quality while some were of low quality. Still, even the worst-drawn fan art still contained the artist’s passion for his story. Seiji gave every single fan art for his story an excellent rating.

He then started uploading his own drawings.

Seiji currently had a large number of drawings accumulated due to constantly grinding his [Art] stat through his system for points. He picked some of the drawings that he felt were superior and uploaded them publicly on the internet.

But, he felt that just this alone would be obviously insufficient. Since he was both the author and artist of “Brother Monogatari”, he felt that he should draw something truly outstanding to help get his artist account known.

Seiji immediately started brainstorming about what he could draw.

As he brainstormed, he reflexively looked at Yukari’s drawing. Suddenly, he felt that a relatively ecchi drawing would be a good way to attract attention.

Seiji was instantly inspired after having this idea!

All sorts of scenes popped into his mind as if an unstoppable torrential wave had arrived. Such powerful inspiration astonished Seiji because he finally realized that he had never drawn a single ero drawing as of yet!

How illogical!

As an otaku who now possessed excellent drawing skills, why hadn’t he drawn an ero drawing up until now!?

Seiji instantly realized the answer after thinking about it for a little: because of Shika-chan.

The first high-quality drawing that he felt he had ever produced had Shika as the model. After that, he drew Shika’s birthday present drawing for the Winter Snow Festival, and then he started drawing insert art for “Brother Monogatari”… He hadn’t even thought of drawing ecchi drawings with all that going on!

Only now did Seiji finally awaken to the fact that he had unknowingly fallen into the trap of getting accustomed to a certain way of drawing.

That was completely wrong!

Although his normal drawings were excellent, he couldn’t allow that to restrain himself!!

‘I like ero drawings! I want to draw an ero drawing!! I’m going to draw something extremely ero right now…

‘No, no… let’s not draw something overly ero.’ Seiji hurriedly stopped himself from running rampant.

He couldn’t let himself get carried away, as he was both the author and artist of “Brother Monogatari”. His story wasn’t supposed to primarily focus on sex appeal. It would be a bad influence if he published an overly sexual drawing.

Still, it would be fine to draw something ecchi, just not overly so.

Seiji restrained his desires and did his best to calmly analyze all sorts of scenes that he could use. He swiftly rejected many possibilities.

He didn’t want the drawing to reveal too much flesh, show underwear, or have an overtly sexual pose…

After careful consideration and assessment, Seiji finally determined what he was going to draw. He then immediately began drawing…

Yukari was currently in her own room, surfing the internet.

First, she checked her own artist blog and replied to a few messages. She then went on her account profile at the light novel artist website Whiteboard… and saw a message for her from a user named “Idle Dimension by the Shore”!

Had Seiji registered an account on the light novel artist website?

Yukari blinked in surprise as she opened up Idle Dimension by the Shore’s profile.

Many drawings had already been uploaded. One drawing in particular instantly attracted her attention.

This drawing was of a black-haired beautiful girl who wore a mystical Sakura Island style miniskirt. Her head was tilted slightly with hair falling down. Her right leg was lifted slightly and she was currently pulling up a black stocking with both her hands.

This seemingly ordinary scene had an indescribable allure to it! Even though the girl clearly didn’t reveal much flesh at all, the drawing was mysteriously alluring. Even the female Yukari felt an impulse to take a closer look.

Yukari magnified this drawing to the maximum on her computer and observed it closely.

Extravagant attire, a lazy-seeming expression, the already worn stocking on the left leg and the absolute territory between the stocking and the miniskirt, the lifted right leg, the half-worn stocking, and the place where you would think that you could see panties but nothing was actually revealed…

Truly wondrous!

The purple-haired girl who was already a high-level ero artist praised this drawing in her mind.

This drawing wasn’t outright ero, but it was indeed ero. Somehow, the drawing managed to fall right on the border.

Any more would make it truly ero, while any less would make it plain. The balance struck was so exact as if it was a perfect balance!

And, everything was due to the quality of the drawing. Its high attention to detail made it pleasing to look at, especially the stockings and the beautiful legs. The contrast between black and white was wonderfully done. The more one looked at it, the more one would want to try and touch it.

The girl’s actions seemed natural and her expression was moving. Her clothes were extravagant, but not overly so as to steal the scene… The first impression upon seeing this might be that this drawing was appealing due to ero, but if one looked at it seriously, they’d discover that the drawing’s overall charisma was the truly appealing part!

Yukari instantly gave this drawing a five star review and added it to her personal collection.

There were very few reviews currently on this drawing. Every single review so far praised it, and Yukari sincerely added her own laudatory comment.

At the exact same moment that her comment appeared, another accredited artist by the name of “Sharp Demon Soldier” commented at the same time!

“Excellent drawing… I really hope that Shore-sensei won’t start drawing manga. Otherwise, I’ll have an even more difficult time (smiley emoticon).”

Judging from the tone, this artist was acquainted with Seiji.

Yukari was rather curious just how Demon Soldier was acquainted with Seiji. She then thought about how this person mentioned manga just now.

What would it be like if Seiji started drawing manga?

Yukari’s opinion was that he’d definitely be able to draw something wonderful.

“Brother Monogatari” had great popularity, which was the best evidence of Seiji’s talent. It was quite possible that he would be able to draw an excellent manga in the future.

To be honest, if he drew and wrote about a modified version of his own life story, that alone would likely be a powerful bestselling story.

Yukari seriously started thinking about this after having such a thought. She started thinking that perhaps this was truly doable!

Seiji was handsome, powerful, talented, and had a powerful family background. He was a Spiritual Ability user and even started a harem… he was basically like a “main character” type of person in real life!!

Yukari had complex feelings towards him to begin with. Now, they became even more complex.

She decided to forget it and stop all her idle thoughts.

Yukari admired Seiji’s drawing some more before classifying it into her “favorites” section. She then started browsing his other artwork.

Romance of Ice and Fire and Sharp Demon Soldier, these two renowned artists, had simultaneously praised a newcomer artist’s drawing. This drew much attention from the artist community.

This excellent drawing speedily received more and more clicks, with the excellent ratings and favorites rapidly increasing as well.

The website itself then noticed the drawing’s popularity and placed it on the front page, helping to increase its exposure even more. The light novel forums then started noticing this drawing. After it was confirmed that this drawing was indeed personally done by the author/artist of “Brother Monogatari”, even more readers of Seiji’s novel checked out his drawing, increasing its popularity even further.

As Seiji wanted, he received points in his system for his drawings.

As he expected, he didn’t receive that many points. Still, he proved that this was an excellent method to earn more points. If he continued uploading new drawings, he felt that he would have an outstanding new source of income for points.

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