Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 644

Chapter 644: I just happened to be drinking tea
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Being enemies with Hoshi Seiji didn’t want to think about this.

“If you look at such a possibility, perhaps it is indeed foolish of me to let Hoshi do as he pleases. Yet, I’ll still let him choose for himself,” Seiji stated adamantly.

“You really are an idiot with no dominance over your harem at all.”

“If you really insist on calling me that, then I suppose I am indeed such a person.”

“Yet, that type of person is precisely the type that I like.” Chiaki changed the topic suddenly and smiled.

“Same for me.” Mika smiled as well.

Seiji didn’t know how to respond to Chiaki and Mika’s sudden direct attacks on his heart. He could only awkwardly avert his gaze.

Karen Miyamoto was having hallucinations yet again.

She saw a blood-red moon, a dark forest, large and colorful monsters, blood-red eyes, the stench of blood, red moths, caterpillars, ants, beetles, locusts, centipedes A dense array of various insects filled her vision, crawling on her body and entering her cavities

She wanted to slap away the insects, but her entire body was unable to move. She wasn’t even able to make a single sound. All she could do was watch in horror.

‘Don’t come over don’t come over don’t come over don’t come over don’t come over’

Although she prayed furiously in her heart, the endless amount of insects continued to crawl towards her and invade her body. Karen felt itch all over.

‘Itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy I’m so scared I’m so scared I’m so scared I’m so scared I’m so scared!!!’

Karen felt as if she had been filled up entirely with insects, as if she would see nothing more than a wriggling mass of insects if someone cut open her skin. In fact, nothing but insects would fall out of her body. ‘So scary so terrifying I don’t want to die like this I might as well die forget it I don’t want to die no I can’t take it anymore I just want to dieeeeeeeee’

Her consciousness became hazy and her sense of logic and reason was gradually unraveling. Her soul slowly sunk into an icy cold ocean and was about to be robbed of its final spark of light.



“Sister hurry and wake up!!”

A voice transmitted itself through the final spark of light, helping to slightly recover her consciousness.

But, she was so tired already.

‘This is too difficult for me. Just let me leave like this.’

“Sister Sister Sister

“I’m begging you

“Wake up”

‘So annoying, leave me alone, Kaho’

But the moment that this name appeared in Karen’s mind, she couldn’t help but think about her younger sister.

Karen suddenly woke up!


She kept muttering this name as she felt a warm and familiar sensation again.

Her sinking soul was pulled back up to the surface. Her sense of logic and reason returned.

‘I can’t give up. I have to escape from all of this!’

Karen did her very best to regain her consciousness as she struggled with all her might to swim towards the light

Finally, her eyes were able to see the real world again.



Kaho tightly hugged Karen who had finally woken up again. Kaho’s face was filled with tear streaks.

“Wonderful wonderful”

“I’m fine it’s all thanks to you, Kaho”

Karen hugged Kaho back, with tears streaming down her cheeks as well.

She was almost unable to return if it wasn’t for her younger sister

The two sisters hugged each other with deep emotions. It was a long while before they finally let go of each other.

“Sister, you’re at your limit, aren’t you?” Kaho inquired.

“I’m fine I can still go on” Karen did her best to squeeze out a smile.

“Don’t lie to me! I felt that you were in great danger just now, as if you wouldn’t return!!” Kaho glared at Karen. “Tell me the truth, you’re at your limit, aren’t you?”

Karen fell silent.

Karen treated Karen’s silence as tacit agreement.

“If you can’t take it anymore, you should just tell the truth. Forcing yourself is meaningless.” Kaho glared at Karen one last time before she picked up her cell phone and dialed a certain person’s number.

Kaho explained the current situation to that person when he picked up.

Karen quietly listened to her younger sister’s phone conversation until she hung up.

“Kaho, aren’t you afraid?” Karen asked in a light voice.

Kaho blinked upon hearing this.

“How can I possibly not be afraid? But, there’s no other method. This is all I can do.”

“I’m sorry”

“This isn’t your fault, Sister. There’s no need to apologize.”

“But what should I do?” Karen clutched her younger sister’s hands.

“You don’t need to do anything at all.” Kaho looked directly at her. “We’re sisters if I was the one who met a demon, Sister would help me as well.”

Karen didn’t know what else to say after hearing this.

They both silently stayed like this until Seigo Harano called back.

They left their home and saw a very expensive-appearing black luxury car in front of their home. The windbreaker-wearing handsome boy was standing in front of the car, smiling and waving towards them.

A young master! This phrase entered Karen and Kaho’s minds simultaneously. They felt as if Seigo had stepped right out of an idol television drama filming set.

“Seigo, this car”

“It’s Natsuya’s car.”

“President Yoruhana?”

“Yep. When you called me earlier, I just happened to be drinking tea together with her.”

There was a subtle pause in Seigo’s words.

Seeing his expression, Kaho couldn’t help but imagine that he was actually doing something apart from only “drinking tea” together with President Yoruhana causing her heart to reflexively tighten up.

It was already confirmed ever since last Monday that Seigo and President Yoruhana were an official couple.

Kaho didn’t want to recall what she felt on that dayan entire day of unhappiness.

But, there was nothing she could do.

Seigo Harano and Natsuya Yoruhana made an excellent match for each other, a perfect pair. All that Kaho could do was silently give them her blessings and suppress the feelings in her heart.

But right now, an indescribable sense of frustration was welling up within her. She was unable to control this unstoppable emotion at all.

This was despite the fact that he clearly didn’t do anything wrong at all. Kaho knew that she had probably interrupted his intimate time with his girlfriend, and not only did he not get angry, he even arrived immediately to pick them up he was already being so gentle to them.

“Please get on the car, ladies.” Seiji opened the car door and invited the Miyamoto sisters on as if he was their personal servant.

Kaho did her best to smile as she got on the car.

Karen followed after. Seiji was the last one to get on. He then asked the driver to begin driving.

Everyone remained silent for a moment inside the car.

“Harano-kun, whom were you and Kaho talking about earlier?” Karen broke the silence and asked a question.

“Natsuya Yoruhana. She’s the student council president at Genhana High School, as well as my girlfriend,” Seiji replied.

“Your girlfriend!?”

“Yep. We just confirmed our relationship last week.”

Confirmed that would be after the “body inspection” that Seigo did for Karen.

Karen’s face flushed red in embarrassment as she recalled that scene.

But, rather than her own embarrassment, she was more concerned about her younger sister right now!

She turned around to see that Kaho was quietly looking out the car window.

Although she couldn’t see Kaho’s expression, Karen knew as Kaho’s older sister that her younger sister currently had a negative aura about her.

Karen knew she probably shouldn’t ask more, but she couldn’t suppress her curiosity about this Natsuya Yoruhana character.

“This car belongs to Yoruhana-san?”

“Yes. She’s the scion of a major family. They have a lot of money.”

A wealthy female scion Karen instantly thought of various tropes about this type of person.

With Seigo Harano’s physical features and qualities, it didn’t seem strange at all to her that he would have a wealthy female scion as his girlfriend.

“Are we going to meet her?”

“Yeah. She’s also a Spiritual Ability user. The place she lives at has a room that’s specially used for spellcasting. It would be better to remove the demon energy from your body there,” Seiji explained.

Not only was she a student council president and a wealthy scion, she was even a Spiritual Ability user!

Karen couldn’t help but imagine a beautiful, regal, and powerful girl who would be high above all others like a queen.

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