Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Why is it always the breasts!?
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And then, Karen really did meet Natsuya.

When Karen saw Natsuya Yoruhana for the first time, she felt that Natsuya was basically exactly like what she’d imagined except that the real person exceeded her imagination and was even more outstanding!

Natsuya was noble and had a stunning aura about her. She seemed like a perfect match for Seigo Harano.

In comparison Karen glanced over at her younger sister Kaho.

‘I’m sorry, Little Sis. There’s no comparison at all.’

Karen felt sorry for Kaho. But by now, Kaho had finished adjusting her emotions and appeared to be quite calm.

After that, Seiji took the sisters to the spellcasting room.

Upon entering the room, the sisters were astounded by the white lanterns, runes, and spell formations etched in the room.

“Transferring the demon energy will require your bodies to be in direct contact with each other,” Seiji spoke up with an awkward expression. “More specifically, both of you need to remove all upper body clothing and press your chests against each other.”


Both Kaho and Karen were shocked to hear this.

“Chests against each other?”

“Yes, because the demon energy needs to be transferred through that location on your bodies as a medium. Clothes can’t be worn there because clothes will interfere with the process.” Seiji turned around. “I won’t sneak any peeks call out to me after the two of you are finished making that pose.”

Kaho and Karen were both rendered speechless.

Although he claimed that he wouldn’t sneak any peeks, it would still be incredibly embarrassing to make such a pose!

The Miyamoto Sisters exchanged glances and both saw that the other was blushing red.

Everyone remained silent for a while. Kaho was the first who raised her hands.

“Let’s take our upper body clothes off Sister”


Why was it always the breasts!? The previous “inspection” was about massaging the breasts, and this time required exposing the breasts and it even got her younger sister involved this time!!

Karen became somewhat angered in her embarrassment.

For a short instant, she even wanted to tell on him to his girlfriend, Natsuya Yoruhana. However, she instantly banished such a thought from her mind.

She was grateful to Seigo Harano for being willing to help her. She didn’t even know how she could pay him back yet, and she wanted to tell on him to his girlfriend? That seemed like it would be so terrible of her.

The previous inspection, and this time as well there was no helping it! Because there were no other methods available.

Karen decided to trust in him and treat all of this as something necessary as if it was a doctor’s visit.

Yet, she still couldn’t help her sense of embarrassment.

Karen and Kaho both slowly removed their shirts and bras. With reddened faces, they approached and smashed their breasts against each other.

Due to the bounciness, the two sisters naturally had to hug each other in order to stand steadily.

The sisters had never done something like this before! Kaho and Karen glanced at each other’s reddened faces in embarrassment and directly felt the other’s warmth, softness, and heartbeat. Both of them felt a rather subtly wondrous sensation from this.

“We’re ready.” Kaho did her best to withstand the embarrassment.

Seiji turned around with a serious expression as if he was a priest with zero earthly desires.

He did his very best not to have his image collapse in front of such a beautiful scene. Seiji started creating a seal and uttering an incantation.

Soon, Kaho and Karen noticed the atmosphere around them beginning to change.

Something they couldn’t see gradually filled the air around them and entered their bodies as they breathed. This invisible something gave them a warm feeling.

Not only were their bodies feeling warmer, they also felt the temperature in the room beginning to rise. After that, the ceiling, floor, and all around them started to glow as well. Their entire vision was filled with a mystical golden glow.

At this moment, Seiji walked up to the two of them. He placed his right hand on Kaho’s shoulder and his left hand on Karen’s shoulder.

“Ahn~” Karen started to moan.

She felt something warm flowing within her, reaching deep inside her body, making her exquisitely comfortable This was similar to what she’d felt during the last inspection, only stronger.

She wanted to withstand this feeling, but found it impossible. Soon, her body began to tremble and her consciousness became hazy.

When the warm sensation came into contact with the icy sensation hidden deep within her body, Karen felt a stimulation that was several times stronger than before!

“Eeyah~~” Karen started trembling all over as she shouted loudly with a dazed expression on her face.

Kaho’s face was completely red now. Not only was this because she saw how her sister was behaving from such a close distance, it was also because she also felt an indescribably comfortable sensation from the warm feeling flowing within her body.

Kaho grit her teeth in an effort not to allow herself to start shouting or moaning as well.

“I’m going to begin transferring the demon energy Prepare yourself, Kaho.”

‘I’ve long since been prepared! Hurry and finish already!!’

Kaho really wanted to shout that out loud. This current situation was just far too embarrassing!

“Ahh Wah Yah”

Karen’s body shook as she moaned rather sexily. She had a blank expression on her completely flushed face, her eyes were tearing up, she was drooling, and even her tongue was sticking out slightly.

She had an expression almost as if she was the female lead of an adult doujinshi.

Kaho really didn’t want to see her older sister looking like this so she closed her eyes.

However, Kaho then instantly felt herself sinking into an icy darkness!

An abnormally cold chill invaded her body, making her feel as if she had just fallen into cold water naked. She was enveloped by an endless pitch-black darkness.

Kaho was frightened to the point of wanting to scream. However, she was unable to move her body or make a single sound.

The cold gradually invaded her body and caused the warmth to dissipate. The coldness was replacing the warmness.

This process wasn’t painful, yet she was terrified. It felt as if her very soul was slowly sinking.

Kaho’s consciousness became hazy. Colors were beginning to flash around her. She could sense that some sort of terrifying existence was approaching closer.

‘This is the monster that Sister mentioned’

A pair of blood-red eyes suddenly appeared! These eyes were dark red and had strange runes inside them. Just being stared at by these eyes made Kaho feel like her own sense of self was slowly being deleted, as if this presence was devouring her very soul.

‘So scary so frightening yet

‘So beautiful.’

Kaho was attracted by this pair of eyes.

These eyes were something extraordinary, something inhuman. They were a demon’s eyes that wouldn’t be found anywhere in nature.

These eyes had an ominous and frightening aura about them. Yet, this was how these eyes were supposed to be!

Kaho saw how beautiful the eyes were and couldn’t help but praise their beauty in her heart.

Her sister felt that this monster was frightening. Indeed, it was frightening, but it was also

Just as she was thinking this, her soul seemed to sink even deeper. All the colors vanished as the blood-red eyes hid away in the darkness. All sorts of insects suddenly appeared!

Kaho’s heart was filled with nothing but fear when faced with the teeming horde of insects.

‘Don’t come over’

She was unable to call out for help. But even if she had been able to, that wouldn’t have helped one bit with what happened next.

The insects crawled towards her, crawled all over her body, and began entering her body through her skin.

‘So itchy so itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy!!!!!’

She was unable to move and unable to resist. Kaho was disgusted to the extreme

This was what her sister had constantly been enduring

Kaho wanted to scream out pitifully. She wanted to shout out for someone to save her. She wanted to be freed of all this, yet that was impossible.

‘This is what you willed upon yourself, to replace your sister,’ a tiny voice whispered that in her mind.

‘Yes, I willingly did this to myself It’s my own fault’ Tears started pouring out of Kaho’s eyes.

In her fear, shakiness, and confusion, she then saw those blood-red eyes again.

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