Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 647

Seiji had finally gathered the seven shards, so he could summon the dragonball whoops, the character reward card.

He had performed so many random draws and spent so many points, all for the sake of obtaining the final shard. If the character reward card that he obtained in the end had a weak effect, then he would definitely load! What then, system?

Seiji kept muttering complaints to himself but still had great expectations as he combined the seven shards in his system.

There was a silver flash as a gold-edged card appeared in front of him with a white glow. Shinji Kamizaki, the handsome male lead of “Brother Monogatari”, was drawn upon this card, looking in Seiji’s direction.

[“Brother Monogatari” character reward card, Shinji Kamizaki. “I have a younger sister who’s not my blood-related younger sister.”]

[This card can be repeatedly obtained. However, you can only use one card at a time.]

[This is a one-time use card. Use to summon Shinji Kamizaki upon your own body. The effective duration will be 5 minutes. Afterwards, this card will disappear.]

[You can merge this card with another card of the same name, forming a stronger version of this card.]

[Physical ability, charisma, and spiritual power stats all increased by 1.]

[You now deal an additional 5% damage to demon type creatures.]

[You now have an additional 10% improved defense against demon type creatures.]

[Additional ability one: Adrenaline Rush.]

[After activating Adrenaline Rush, your physical abilities will be explosively raised to the maximum. All sense of fatigue will be eliminated and all pain will be dulled. The effective duration will be seven minutes. Limited to one use per day. “I have a demon’s body.”]

[Additional ability two: Wind Slash.]

[Spiritual weapon technique. Requires a sword-type weapon to cast. Send out a high-speed slash attack that also has the effect of burning the opponent through friction. This ability will consume physical energy and Mana. “Take this!”]

[Additional ability three: Don’t Touch my Younger Sister.]

[This ability can only be activated if you have someone that you recognize as an adopted younger sister, if she is currently within your field of vision, and if there is another male individual within five meters of her. Activate this ability to instantly restore a portion of your physical energy and Mana. For a short time being, your speed and attack power will be greatly increased. Limited to three uses per day. “Get away from my little sister!”]

Seiji was rendered speechless.

He really wanted to comment on that final ability! It was basically the personification of the power of being a sis-con.

But upon calm analysis, this was a unique and powerful abilityespecially the part where he could instantly recover some Mana!

Seiji already had plenty of abilities and items that could recover his physical energy or improve his speed or attack power. Yet, he had never possessed a single ability or item which could “restore his Mana” until he obtained this character reward card!

Right, not a single one.

There wasn’t even a single Mana restoration item amongst all the items that he received on Valentine’s Day from his system!

Judging from this fact, “Mana restoration” had to be a rather valuable ability. It was truly excellent that he had now obtained such an ability.

The activation conditions were a bit strange. Still, it likely wouldn’t be a problem as he would soon be participating in the Bloodwine Ritual tournament together with Shika Simply speaking, he could activate it any time that Shika was in a melee combat situation with a male opponent.

Seiji tried to imagine the following scenario: while Shika was fighting against a male opponent, Seiji would activate [Don’t Touch my Younger Sister] to instantly recover some physical energy and mana, and speedily rush over to slash at the enemy wait a moment!

Seiji’s cheeks twitched as he looked over the second ability, [Wind Slash].

This [Wind Slash] ability was a perfect complement to the [Don’t Touch my Younger Sister] ability his system must have done this on purpose!

“Heh heh, are you satisfied now, my dear? How about giving me a five-star review?”Seiji imagined his system making such a comment.

Of course he would give this a five-star review.

Using the second ability, [Wind Slash], by itself seemed quite good as well. There was no need to comment on the first ability, as improving one’s physical abilities was quite a common type of main character ability. Although seven minutes was only enough to cook and eat some instant noodles, that was still good enough for him. The only pity was that [Adrenaline Rush] could only be used once per day.

There was one more ability no, he should call it the card’s effect. This was the most obvious difference between the character reward cards for real people vs. fictional: this card itself was usable!

The last effect was to summon “Shinji Kamizaki” upon himself for five minutes.

There was no description at all of this ability. But, just from the fact that this character reward card would disappear after using it meant that it would definitely be a powerful effect!

Character reward cards were quite precious already. The power obtained for using up this card as a consumable would definitely be incredible.

‘Well, if not, I’ll definitely be cursing my system and then load.’ Seiji made up his mind.

This card was a consumable, but he could also repeatedly obtain the [Shinji Kamizaki character reward card]. Plus, he could even merge the cards together to strengthen the effects he felt that this was just like a mobile game.

Even if he obtained multiple of the same card, only one would take effect at once. Basically, he would be unable to use the limited-use abilities more times per day even if he had more cards. Nor would the passive buffs against demons stack with each other.

If he wanted these abilities to become stronger, he would have to merge more cards. He could either summon Shinji Kamizaki as an ace card up his sleeve, or keep the card’s passive effects and abilities that type of choice.

Seiji really wanted to try summoning the male lead of the story that he wrote. What type of existence would Shinji be like, and how powerful would he become with Shinji descending upon his body?

Shinji was a fictional character that Seiji and Shika created together. Would Shinji be similar to Idelia, an NPC-like spirit that Mayuzumi Amami summoned from “Honey Candy Girl”? Or would he be like the ghost Ya-chan that Miyabi Ishihara summonedwho was able to move about independently? Or would he be like a heroic spirit, an existence with his own will? Or even a being from another dimension entirely, like Prince Adnan?

And if the last was the case, just what exactly would happen when author and created character made contact?

Seiji thought about it for a moment, but then decided to stop thinking about it for now.

This was the only character reward card he had for a fictional character so far. He definitely wouldn’t use it up unless he was pushed to the brink.

All in all, it was worth it to have spent so many points on finally obtaining this character reward card.

As for the remaining [Random draw shards] Seiji supposed that he would leave them be.

Although it really made him suffer with how many [Random draw shards] he drew with the random draw itself, the random draw was still the only method by which he could obtain character reward card shards. Once he was richer in points, he would come back and perform a large amount of random draws in one go again.

Was it actually because it was really fun to pull random draws?

Not at all! Seiji adamantly rejected this notion.

His remaining amount of points was enough for him to build the [Guest Room] in his [Spirit House]. Still, he didn’t have enough remaining to build the [Dojo].

In the future, he would need to save enough points to build the [Dojo] so that his companions could have a safe place to practice cultivation Should he build the [Guest Room] now and check it out?

Seiji thought about it and decided to check things out.

He immediately clicked on [Spirit House] in his system and then chose [Guest Room], paying 233 points to build it.

To his surprise, Seiji now saw a progress bar of [The Guest Room is currently under construction. Progress, 0%…]

He actually had to wait for its completion? Seiji glanced at the speed that the bar was going up by. He decided to go to the bathroom and then pour himself some more tea.

After that, he browsed the internet for a while. When the completion rate finally reached 100%, [Guest Room] immediately lit up in his system. Right after that, new options appeared…

[Bathroom], [Shower], [Bedroom], [Kitchen], [Dining Room], [Warehouse], and [Furniture].

Seiji was rendered speechless.

He was literally building a complete house here!

[Bathroom] required a payment of 299 points to build. Of course, there was no need to describe its effects. This room would obviously be required if anyone wanted to stay in the [Spirit House] for a long period of time.

[Shower] required a payment of 369 points to build. Apart from washing one’s body here, this shower would also have the effects of helping to recover part of one’s physical energy and mental spirit.

[Bedroom] also required a payment of 369 points to build. Here, sleeping for 3 hours would be the equivalent of getting enough rest for a full day.

[Kitchen] also required a payment of 369 points to build. You could bring food from the outside world here to cook. There would be a percentage chance to cook food with special effects.

[Dining Room] was still 369 points to build. Eating food here also had a percentage chance of obtaining various effects.

[Warehouse] was 369 points yet again. A certain number of objects could be stored within it. The [Warehouse] could be opened up without needing to enter the [Spirit House], but opening up the [Warehouse] would require a payment of 8 points. All outside world objects brought into the [Spirit House] had to be stored within the [Warehouse]. Otherwise, outside objects left behind in the [Spirit House] would automatically disappear if left behind after the user left.

[Furniture] would obviously add all sorts of furniture to the [Spirit House]. The furniture obtained in this method couldn’t be brought outside into the real world, but the furniture also wouldn’t disappear from the [Spirit House].

This was truly a gigantic points sink.

Seiji had already expected this and wasn’t shaken at all Of course that wasn’t the case!!

At this moment, Seiji recalled how terrified he had been of housing prices in his previous life, and the humiliation of being unable to afford even the first down payment

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