Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 648

It took a while for Seiji to finally calm down.

He then carefully looked over the effects of all the new rooms that appeared.

They all had their own uses. The bathroom was actually the most useless room if you only looked at special effects.

That was because all outside objects that weren’t stored in the warehouse would automatically disappear once the user exited the Spirit House without taking the object. So, theoretically speaking, even if there wasn’t a bathroom, going to the bathroom in some other room meant that what was left behind would eventually disappear without any need to take care of it.

However, Seiji felt that it was an issue of being a cultured person.

Although it was technically fine notto build a bathroom, going to the bathroom just wherever felt horribly uncultured to him. Plus, it would be even more awkward if he invited his companions to his Spirit House. So although the bathroom was the most useless room in that it had no special effects, it was still the most necessary room of all.

The bathroom cost 299 points to build. Although it was slightly cheaper than all the other rooms which cost 369, the bathroom was still more expensive than the living room. It was still a pitfall of points!

Seiji categorized the shower and bedroom that both had restorative properties as the same type of room. Although they had nice abilities, these rooms weren’t super-attractive.

The kitchen and dining room that could add extra effects to the food were nice as well. These were both the same category of food buffs, but unfortunately there was only a “certain percentage”, without even an exact percentage being given. This was yet another pitfall.

The warehouse that could be entered by itself was just like a personal dimensional storage. This was quite excellent, yet it was also a pitfall because it required a payment of 8 points every time that it was opened up.

Out of six rooms, the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and warehouse were all pitfalls His system was such an evil real estate agent.

System: “Just admit it if you can’t afford it. Obediently save up your points. I don’t give out any loans, and I won’t accept payments in installments~”

Seiji imagined his system as a fairy that he could practice punching practice on!

After an imagined sandbag workout, Seiji felt hollow inside as he checked out the [Furniture] option.

After checking this portion out, Seiji imagined himself beating up the system fairy yet again!

Forget about normal furniture choices like tables, chairs, and cupboards, the system even sold items like flooring, walls, and the ceiling! This meant that the basic state of the [Living Room] was actually a completely empty space Why wasn’t there anything given along with the living room at all!

System: “If you want your living room to come with something, then it’ll be a higher price. Is that alright, dear?”

Seiji: “I knew you would say that!”

He really wanted to beat up his system, but that was something impossible. Even the conversations were all completely imagined by himself. The more he thought, the more hollow he felt inside

His real system was just as quiet as it had always been. No matter if Seiji hated or loved his system, his system always remained there, emotionless, with no sadness or happiness.

“Although it’s nice that you’re so quiet, sometimes I do want to chat a little with you, System.” Seiji poked at the system’s interface.

System: “Hmph.”

The system in Seiji’s imagination was becoming so lifelike and devilish.

Seiji felt impressed by his own imagination. He then finished checking all the furniture options.

There were two types of furniture: those with special abilities and those without.

The furniture without special abilities were all ordinary items that would cost 100 points at the very most. Yet, the furniture with special abilities such as helping to recover physical energy or mental spirit, cast buffs, store outside objects, and so on, started from 255 points at the very cheapest!

Looking at things now, the [Living Room] which cost 233 points seemed almost cheap in comparison!

System: “You’ve finally realized”

Seiji: “Shut up!”

At any rate, the furniture with special effects was just like luxury items with its price range. Seiji decided to focus first on the cheap and practical furniture.

With his realization that the [Living Room] in his [Spirit House] was completely empty, Seiji lost all motivation to go inside and take a look. There was no use going inside now, after all. Besides, even visiting his [Spirit House] would require a points payment, so he might as well save more points instead.

There was now only one day until the Bloodwine Ritual tournament would begin.

Seiji and Shika both stopped practicing cultivation and took the day off to idly rest.

On this evening, Seiji’s harem was busy cooking in the kitchen.

Not only were Mika and Chiaki cooking, even Natsuya had arrived to help cook up a major feast together!

When Seiji saw his three beautiful girlfriends all wearing aprons and cooking together in the kitchen, he felt that he had achieved great visual and mental satisfaction. Perhaps it could even be said that he was overly fortunate.

His harem was cooking a meal together did this count as a death flag?

Even if this was a death flag, he would still eat their meal!

“When Milady requested my advice about how to give Young Master Haruta more encouragement for the tournament, my first recommendation was for us to go visit the swimming pool,” Mai, who was sitting across from Seiji, suddenly spoke up. “As long as Young Master Haruta witnesses Milady’s beauty in her swimsuit, he would definitely have a strong urge to reproduce, thus acquiring a stronger desire to survive, which will be an effective motivator in increasing his chances of survival. That’s what I told Milady.”

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Mai’s words sounded problematic, yet Seiji found himself unable to counter them!

Natsuya in her swimsuit just imagining this was about to get Seiji excited! If he truly witnessed such a scene, it would likely be just as the maid saidhe would have the urge to reproduce.

All of this indeed sounded quite logical then. But, could you please not state it so explicitly? Seiji tried to express such a meaning with his eyes.

Mai smiled. “Yet Milady rejected this proposal of mine because she felt that this would greatly displease Kagura-san. And so, cooking is what we settled on Do you think that it’s such a pity, Young Master Haruta?”

Seiji was unable to deny this. He could only nod his head.

As a man, of course he really wanted to see his girlfriend in a swimsuit!

“Then do your best to survive. Only by surviving will you have the chance to see Milady in a swimsuit.” Mai looked directly at him.

Seiji blinked at this.

“Thank you for your concern, Senpai.” He then smiled.

“However, if all you manage to do is survive, your chances of seeing her in a swimsuit will be miniscule. So, you should still fight to your utmost to win the entire tournament.” Mai suddenly changed her tone.

Seiji was once again rendered speechless.

These seeming words of encouragement sounded rather strange.

“I shall do my very best to obtain victory, since I have no desire to split up from Natsuya.” Seiji also sipped on some tea. “Also, Senpai if the Yoruhana Family forces Natsuya to leave me, then Senpai probably also won’t have much interaction with me anymore.”

Mai paused in her movements for a brief moment upon hearing this.

“That would definitely be true.” Something flashed in her eyes. “As I’m a maid, the only reason I’m currently sitting here together with Young Master Haruta is because of Milady. If Milady leaves your side, we won’t be able to be like this anymore.”

“So, I may be fighting for Natsuya, but I’m not only fighting for Natsuya.” Seiji smiled. “I’m also fighting to be able to continue interacting with you, Senpai.”

“I’m only a maid. There’s no benefits in continuing to interact with me.”

“How can you say that there are no benefits? Senpai has helped me so much already. You’ve also taken so much care of Shika-chan and the others. Even just chatting normally like this makes me so happy,” Seiji stated sincerely. “I’m truly grateful to Senpai, and hope to continue being able to interact with you like this.”

Mai couldn’t help but avert her gaze from the handsome boy’s sincere smile.

“Nothing but flattery” she muttered in a tiny voice.

“Eh? What did you say, Senpai?” Seiji didn’t hear her clearly.

“I didn’t help you with much at all although we have indeed known each other for some time now. Yet you still haven’t made any progress in that area at all.” Mai lowered her head and sipped on some tea.

“Progress? In what area?” Seiji was rather confused.

“Figure it out for yourself, Young Master Haruta.”

Mai recalled the time when she first met him and compared it to now. She deeply felt that he truly hadn’t changed in that area at all.

Even though Seiji was much stronger now, he was still an idiot.

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