Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Im sorry for borrowing your name to act so pretentiously.
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Seiji’s luck was rather poor and had a weak starting hand. Plus, the others noticed this and faintly started targeting him.

Daikawa Rota was the winner of this round.

“I’m going to start asking my three questions. Are you ready?” the male detective asked politely.

“Of course,” Seiji replied casually.

By now, not only were Saitou and the other card game players listening, just about all the tournament participants that could hear their conversation were listening attentively as well. This included the Ishihana assassin duo.

Out of the five people playing cards at this table, “Ironhand” Saitou and “Judge” Yoshihara were recognized by just about everyone as they hadn’t concealed their identities. Some even recognized Mitsuko Kitajima and Daikawa Rota through their magical disguises. However, the black jacket and sunglasses wearing teenager was the only one that not a single person here recognized! They didn’t have a clue who he and his female partner were at all.

The main reason why Rota participated in this card game and came up with the three question half-truth information gamble was to learn more about the mysterious teenaged pair. Still, he didn’t expect that he would get a chance right in the first round.

“Here’s my first question. What’s your name?”

Seiji mulled this over for a moment.

“Shuntou Haruta.” He directly borrowed the name of his relative that he had never met before.

This answer was exactly half true and half false.

Rota’s gaze instantly stopped on Seiji for a moment.

Saitou, Kitajima, and Yoshihara all had visible reactions as well. The other eavesdropping tournament participants also had their expressions freeze over to some extent. It was as if the entire atmosphere in the dining hall had frozen over.

Shuntou Haruta was it that particular “Haruta” Family? Or was this youth simply lying?

This was probably a lie. But, this lie was too overboard if it was a lie! Casually using the name of one of the seven major Yin Yang Master families to act pretentious? This youth was so daring!

But what if he was telling the truth?

Although most felt that this had less than 0.1% chance of being the truth, some still considered the possibilitysuch as Rota.

This detective already knew that the person from the Haruta Family participating in the Bloodwine Ritual tournament was indeed named “Shuntou Haruta”!

And, he knew this because the faction that Rota belonged to had especially given him instructions that he absolutely wasn’t allowed to injure the young master from the Haruta Family at this tournament! Otherwise, he would have to deal with severe consequences.

Rota belonged to a faction that was a subordinate faction to a Yin Yang Master family. And, that Yin Yang Master family was subordinate to the Haruta Family. To use the analogy of a large corporation, Shuntou Haruta was basically like a member of the CEO’s family to him while Rota was just a low-rank employee. There was no way that he could afford to antagonize such a major personage!

It was extreme to the point where it was still barely acceptable if he harmed a young master or lady from any of the other seven major Yin Yang Master families. But if he accidentally harmed the young master of the Haruta Family, his best choice would be to commit suicide somewhere so that the consequences of his actions wouldn’t affect his own faction, family, and friends.

Logically speaking, the young master from the Haruta Family would almost certainly not go to Momozu Island on this free passenger ship provided by the hosts. Rota almost let his shock at hearing the name Shuntou Haruta show on his face, but luckily, he was accustomed to keeping a poker face.

Although Rota felt that this youth was lying, he still couldn’t help but think, ‘What if he’s telling the truth?’

Rota then realized that he had fallen into a psychological trap. And, this psychological trap was precisely one that he had created. He could only smile wryly to himself.

Rota’s thoughts raced at a high speed and he soon calmed himself down, with his expression returning to normal.

“Haruta-san My family name is Rota. Please take good care of me.”

“Hello, Rota-san. Please take good care of me as well.” Seiji smiled.

‘He’s still acting so casually despite having used the name of ‘Haruta’. Either he’s recklessly daring, or he’s really connected to the Haruta Family.’

Rota felt that this youth wasn’t a suicidal idiot who was messing with one of the seven major Yin Yang Master families. It seemed more likely that this youth was connected to the Haruta Family… but only slightly more likely.

“Let me introduce myself as well. My family name is Saitou, although you’ve probably all heard that just now,” Saitou interrupted.

His interruption had perfect timing. He was polite to the “Haruta” present, but not in a sycophantic fasion.

“My family name is Kitajima. Please take good care of me.” Something flashed in Mitsuko Kitajima’s eyes as she introduced herself.

“My family name is Yoshihara.” Yuuzou Yoshihara also introduced himself.

That was just how authoritative the name of “Haruta” was in the mystical society. The entire table of card game participants introduced their real names on their own volition.

Although Seiji already recognized all these card game players, he still mentally exclaimed at hearing their confirmations of their identities.

‘I’m sorry for borrowing your name to act so pretentiously,’ Seiji mentally apologized to his relative that he had never met before.

It was time for the second question. Rota wanted to ease the atmosphere, so he asked a simple question…

“My second question is, I’d like to ask what you usually like to do in your free time, Haruta-san?”

‘Is this a marriage interview meeting?’ Seiji couldn’t help but mentally comment when he heard such a question.

Saitou, Kitajima, and some of the other tournament participants all revealed rather subtle expressions upon hearing this question.

“I usually enjoy reading manga and watching anime, as well as read novels.”

“Oh I like these activities as well, especially everything in the mystery genre. For example, I’m currently following the manga ‘Famous Detective South Cloud’.” Rota showed off a friendly expression.

‘Hey, your entire style is changing! What happened to the cold and calculating man from earlier?’

Saitou and Mitsuko’s expressions became even subtler. Even Yoshihara, who had maintained a kind and friendly expression, had his expression falter.

“What do you think of the newest plot in ‘South Cloud’, Rota-san?”

“I think that it’s excellent. They’ve finally moved back to the main storyline. I was quite surprised that Officer Komura was killed off.”

“Do you think that it’s a real or fake death?”

“80% chance that it’s a fake death, 20% chance that it’s a real death.”

“I disagree”

Seiji and Rota chatted about the manga “Famous Detective South Cloud” for quite a while. Seiji learned that Rota was indeed a true enthusiast of this story!

Saitou interrupted once again, indicating that he read mangas as well. Although he only read manga occasionaly, there were also some stories that he liked.

Even Yoshihara joined in the conversation, mentioning some hard-boiled mangas that were from a previous generation This assassin had been young once as well.

Mitsuko was the only one who was unable to participate in this conversation as she had zero interest in anime and manga. It was evident that she was feeling rather awkward.

The other eavesdropping tournament participants all revealed subtle expressions of varying degrees. They wanted to comment, but didn’t even know how.

Seiji and the card game players chatted for quite a while. Their friendly atmosphere made it seem like they had forgotten what they were all here for.

But, that was only on the surface.

Not a single one of them had truly forgotten that they were all tournament participants. They were all competitors, and only one team of two could win in the end.

This was a tournament where even the magical contract itself required the participants to have the will and resolution to win in order to be allowed to participate. No matter the reason for participation, signing the contract and joining meant that one wanted to win!

Rota and the others were afraid and respectful of the “Haruta” family name, which was why they all went with a friendly approach.

“My third question. I’d like to ask, why did Haruta-san ride this boat instead of taking a personal boat to the island?”

“Because it’s livelier over here.”

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable in this type of environment?” Rota looked directly at Seiji.

“That’s your fourth question.” Seiji chuckled.

“Alright I’ll leave things at that, then.”

Rota felt that it was highly improbable that this person was really Shuntou Haruta. However, this person knew the name of the Haruta Family’s participant in the tournament, and even dared to assume the Haruta Family name and act so casual about it. It was highly likely that this person was connected in some way to the Haruta Family. Perhaps he was even personally acquainted with Shuntou Haruta. That was Rota’s analysis.

Other people had similar analyses.

A “Haruta” was sitting at the card table the tournament participants had many different thoughts about this.

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