Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Shigure Tendo is an unskilled thinker
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Shigure Tendo was unskilled at thinking.

He wasn’t as smart as others in the same age group. To be rather blunt, his intelligence was somewhat low. Ever since he was young, he was considered a bit of an idiot.

It would have been fine if he had only been average at Spiritual Abilities despite being the direct descendant of one of the seven major Yin Yang Master families, the Tendo family. The bad part was that the most basic spells that other children of the same age could learn so quickly would always take him more than ten times the amount of time to barely manage to learn.

It was obvious that such a child like Shigure Tendo wouldn’t be well thought of.

What made things even worse was the fact that Shigure had a genius older brotherRaizen Tendo.

Raizen was amazingly talented, to the point where high expectations were placed upon Shigure from birth. Yet Shigure turned out to be an idiot, making everyone greatly disappointed.

The huge difference between the brothers increased the Tendo Family’s condescension towards Shigure. He was always looked down upon by everyone.

Raizen had an arrogant attitude due to his spoiled upbringing with everyone treasuring his talent. He viewed his idiotic younger brother as burden, and even humilitation. Shigure’s father also felt that he had lost face because of such a stupid son and rarely treated Shigure kindly.

Shigure, who wasn’t too intelligent, wasn’t very sensitive towards others’ condescension and ill will. But, not sensitive didn’t mean that he didn’t sense these emotions at all.

Shigure only remained silent towards all the negative attitudes and words sent his way. He also tolerated his older brother and father’s nasty words for him without any reaction.

Shigure would only cry in front of the only person who treated him kindlyhis mother.

His mother continuously consoled him, encouraged him, and gave him advice. She told him not to hate his older brother, father, and other family members.

Shigure did his best to listen to his mother’s words. He continuously tolerated his treatment and suppressed his hatred. Even if he was called “low ability” to his face, or people spat saliva on his face, he would only silently wipe away the saliva and remain polite.

Not only that, he continued to work hard, work hard, and work even harder at cultivation He felt that even if his growth was far slower than others, as long as he slowly reached the state where he could be considered excellent, he would finally obtain recognition.

Yet his mother left the Tendo Family.

She was finally unable to withstand things in the Tendo Family. She had a heated argument with her husband and left the Tendo Family.

“I’m sorry for leaving you behind by yourself” Before she left, she continuously apologized to Shigure with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Shigure felt really bad about this as well. But, he didn’t want to hear his mother’s apologies. Instead, he felt that it was actually a good thing that she left this place which was so uncomfortable.

Yet, he truly felt so uncomfortable inside. He felt so bad, far worse than the long years of insults and condescension sent his way.

Yet, in front of his crying mother, Shigure forced his emotions down and absolutely didn’t allow himself to cry.

After that, he never cried againnot a single tear.

From then onwards, Shigure completely withdrew into his own shell. He suppressed all his emotions and didn’t show anyone any emotion apart from iciness.

Days and months passed just like this. Many years passed, yet he calmly observed the passing of the seasons in such a cold and emotionless state. Eventually, he faintly began to sense a wondrous realm.

This was a realm that was completely indescribable at least by Shigure’s intelligence level. He could only silently feel it.

One day, he suddenly entered a mystical state, feeling as if he had transformed into the void where everything had stopped yet was still moving He faintly came into contact with a type of mystical power.

Shigure was deeply attracted by this mystical power and attempted to attract it into his own body, yet he had been unable to succeed.

Until, one day, news arrived that his mother was gravely ill. His father gave him permission to go and visit her.

This became the turning point of Shigure Tendo’s life.

His mother’s family name just happened to be Yanagi.

On that day, he entered the doors of one of the three major samurai families, the Yanagi Family home which had given birth to the greatest number of Sword Saints!

“Milord Shigure, it’s almost time.”

Shigure opened his eyes and stopped reminiscing on the past when he heard a gentle voice.

A beautiful girl with dark purple hair and light golden eyes was smiling at him.

She wore a light-colored dress and had slightly curly hair. Her eyes were half-open and there was a small mole next to her pink lips. Her smiling expression was extremely gentle, and she gave off an aura of being an obedient and beautiful girl.

This beautiful girl’s name was Keimi Umetani. She was a Yin Yang Master from the Umetani Family, which was subordinate to the Yanagi samurai family.

Just like how the major Yin Yang Master Tendo Family had subordinate samurai families, the major samurai Yanagi Family also had Yin Yang Master subordinate families. The Umetani Family was one such Yin Yang Master family subordinate to the Yanagis.

Keimi was one of the most highly skilled Yin Yang Masters of her age in the Umetani Family. Ryuugou Yanagi, the family leader of the Yanagi Family, personally arranged to have her become Shigure’s partner in the Bloodwine Ritual tournament.

Logically speaking, Shigure’s partner should have been from the Tendo Family or one of the Tendo Family’s subordinate families. Yet, his partner was a female Yin Yang Master subordinate to the Yanagi Family something must have happened that other people didn’t know about.

Shigure himself didn’t care who his partner was at all as long as she didn’t drag him down.

The car he was riding in reached the destination. Shigure and Keimi got off the car and walked to a dock, where they boarded a luxurious cruise ship.

Some people were already sitting down in the dining hall of this opulent cruise ship.

“Pleased to meet you for the first time, Shigure-san and Umetani-san. Welcome aboard.”

“Pleased to meet you for the first time, Kurosaki-san,” Shigure responded in a low voice.

Nobuhiko Kurosaki he was the tournament participant from the Kurosaki Family, as well as the host for this gathering on the cruise ship.

After exchanging greetings, Shigure and Keimi sat down at a table. A maid immediately brought them high-class tea and confectioneries.

Nobuhiko told them to treat the ship as if this was their own home.

Shigure responded lightly, sipped some tea, and then closed his eyes and simply sat there.

He had no intention of chatting with others. He wasn’t skilled at chatting to begin with.

He was in an unfamiliar location together with unfamiliar people. Behaving politely as a Tendo Family member should would be quite difficult for him. And since the host told him to act as if this was his own home, then he would.

While his behavior couldn’t be counted as friendly, it wasn’t to the point of being rude. Everyone present on this luxury cruise ship already knew the “rumors” about Shigure Tendo. They had various opinions of his behavior of not wanting to waste any time speaking to others and directly entering a state of meditation.

Were those “rumors” real?

Someone asked this question at the venue.

“Yes, they’re real,” Nobuhiko Kurosaki replied. “Umetani-san who’s next to Tendo-san is the best evidence. She’s a loyal member of the Yanagi Family.”

Everyone couldn’t help but glance at Keimi Umetani.

Keimi responded with a smile.

The way she currently looked as she silently sat next to Shigure didn’t make her seem like one of the more powerful youngsters in her family at all. She looked more like a maid who was accustomed to serving Shigure.

Some were curious about Shigure’s specific experiences, while others disdained the “low ability” Shigure who appeared to be acting cool.

Yet Shigure was only sitting there quietly with his eyes closed, remaining as calm as if he was a statue.

More and more people arrived on the luxury cruise ship.

Nobuhiko indicated to the ship’s captain that it was time to start the ship. He then looked at everyone gathered in the dining hall.

The seven major Yin Yang Master families, the three major samurai families, the two major ninja factions, and the Himiki judging clan The tournament participants from all the top-level factions had gathered on this luxury ship!

“How about we all introduce ourselves first? It’ll be easier to discuss things after we get acquainted with each other,” Nobuhiko Kurosaki offered.

He then introduced himself and his tournament partner.

“I’m Shuntou Haruta. This is my Spirit-branded Retainer, Koyuri Moriya.” A handsome youth wearing jackets and long pants introduced himself after Nobuhiko.

“I’m Natsuki Shuurin. This is my Spirit-branded Retainer, Yuuki Sekine.” A beautiful girl with heavy makeup, a black lace dress, and short dark-red hair introduced herself.

“I’m Masashi Tokukawa”

“I’m Masao Yanagi”

“I’m Shinichirou Himiki”

“I’m Uemon Yuzawa”

Various people introduced themselves on this ship. Any one of these names would have caused a huge commotion on the ship that Seiji had been riding on.

“I’m Shigure Tendo” When Shigure calmly introduced himself, something obviously changed in the atmosphere.

He was the famous “low ability” individual who successfully received teaching from the strongest member of the current strongest samurai family even though he was from a Yin Yang Master family this type of event was considered a legendary miracle in the mystical society’s highest circles!

Masao Yanagi of the Yanagi Family felt more than anyone that this was truly ridiculous. That was because he knew better than anyone else present what it meant to receive personal martial arts teaching from Ryuugou Yanagi, the head of the Yanagi Family, at such a young age.

Was Shigure Tendo a genius? No, he was more like a demonic talent!!

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