Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 663

Just as Izawa was rushing over to support Kanna, Shika got close to the special ops large man and created a seal…

Destruction curse, “Ice Pierce”!

Ice instantly formed and speedily spread along the ground.

The large man moved to dodge the ice. However, the ice suddenly changed directions and caught up to him. The ice then formed a sharp icicle which viciously stabbed the target man! He was sent flying by the impact.

Shika took this opportunity to speed up even more and gather a frigid chill on her Demon Blade Muramasa. She jumped into midair and sliced at the special ops man with a tremendous icy blade!

*Whoosh* Her attack didn’t land.

The man suddenly released a great amount of black mist as he backflipped and dodged the attack while counterattacking with his twin swords!

He clashed with Shika in midair. They had a fierce exchange of blows for several seconds before they split apart and both landed on the ground. Right after that, they jumped up and clashed in midair yet again.

Shika gradually gained the upper hand in this battle.

She wanted to deal with this enemy as quickly as possible so that she could go back and help Seiji in his battle. For this purpose, she used a highly aggressive fighting style. It seemed as if Shika became the living personification of a blizzard as she destroyed the enemy’s personal protective barrier! However, the price for her own high-powered attack was that her personal barrier was also weakened to the point of almost collapsing.

The fight ended.

Shika used “Snow Freeze” to freeze the large man, and then followed up with “Ice Shatter” to finish him off. However…


The black mist around the man suddenly exploded, breaking the ice around the man and releasing a tremendous shock wave!

Shika was blown away by this unexpected counterattack. Right after that, something tightly bound her and her personal protective barrier was shattered!!

‘Not good’

That was the only thought Shika had time for before she felt a fierce impact and her head started hurting enormously

[Demon Suppression Bell]!

Together with the loud clang of a bell, Seiji’s gigantic golden bell appeared and covered the two jacketed men that he was fighting with. The bell also happened to destroy a nearby house.

“GAHHHHH!!!” Pitiful strange screams came from within the bell.

Although it seemed like Seiji had won, he still didn’t let down his guard.

What happened next proved that he had been correct to be so cautious.

A dense black mist suddenly erupted, breaking his bell and speedily trying to envelop him!

Seiji swiftly dodged by backing up. He blocked the black mist with a barrier spell.

One jacketed man swiftly broke through his barrier but was greeted with an [Evolved Mana Bullet] to the face!

The other jacketed man ambushed him from the side at almost the exact same time. Seiji countered with a [Shadow Cut] and separated the man’s head from his body!!

“You’re going to have to practice for at least another ten years if you think you can successfully counterattack from the brink of defeat against me like that!”

Seiji then followed up with a fast series of sword attacks and finished with another [Shadow Cut] which sliced the second jacketed man in two.

This had used quite a bit of Seiji’s energy and Mana. However, at least he finally won.

Seiji immediately turned around to go check on everyone else.

What he saw was a scene that made him feel like he was about to collapse from a heart attackShika was collapsed on the roadside!

“Shika-chan!!!” Seiji shouted loudly while running over to check his adopted younger sister’s condition. He discovered that she appeared to be uninjured.

Shika woke up after Seiji called out to her.

“Brother Seiji”

“Shika-chan, how are you feeling?”

“My head is a little dizzy” Shika spoke in a weak voice.

“Why would your head feel dizzy? What happened to you just now?”

“Didn’t you save me, Brother?”

“I just finished my own fight and rushed over immediately when I saw you already collapsed on the ground,” Seiji explained.

“Then, did Izawa-san save me?” Shika looked all around her.

But right after she said this, there was the sound of a loud explosion.

“Izawa-kun and Kanna are still fighting more enemies over there.” Seiji looked in the direction of the explosion.

Shika fell silent as something flashed in her eyes.

“I was careless just now, and my barrier was shattered I fell unconscious I think that Yukirai must have protected me, because she’s asleep now.”

Yukirai was the name of Shika’s bonded Snow Girl spirit.

“I see I’m truly grateful to her,” Seiji said happily as he hugged his adopted younger sister tightly.

“I’m sorry, Brother Yukirai is asleep now, and I’m now weaker without her assistance.” Shika was truly regretful.

“No need to apologize. It’s fine as long as you’re alright.”

At this moment, the sounds of fighting finally stopped.

Some time later, Kanna and Izawa appeared again. It would seem that both of them were fine.

Everyone was safe. That was the best result that Seiji could possibly hope for.

Daikawa Rota was currently greatly enjoying himself.

The seven major Yin Yang Master families, the three major samurai families, the two major ninja factions, and the Himiki judging clan the tournament participants from these top-level factions and their subordinate families had all been defeated!

The 7321 faction members had all been defeated by Daikawa Rota and his Revenge Alliance members.

The 7321 faction members were all as strong as expected due to their family backgrounds. No ordinary Spiritual Ability users could possibly compare to their level. If the Revenge Alliance members had fought with only their original power levels, then there was zero doubt that the Revenge Alliance would have been totally annihilated.

However, the Revenge Alliance possessed the power of the new generation!

This power was just as strong as Rota had expected. It was strong enough to defeat the old order and develop a new futurethis battle was only the beginning, as well as the first proof!

‘We are creating history!

‘After establishing a new order, this battle will be recorded in history, while I and all my companions will be renowned in history!

‘No it doesn’t matter even if none of us are recorded in history.

‘None of us are fighting for the sake of fame.

‘We’re fighting to correct the wrongs of the world! We’re fighting for justice, for the new generation!!

‘This is the worthiest achievement of my entire life. It has nothing to do with personal fame or benefits.’

“Rota-san, everything is now ready.”

Just as Rota felt as if he was about to achieve nirvana, one of his underlings gave him a report.

“Then let’s begin.”

More than ten people from the Bloodwar Alliance of the 7321 faction were currently tied up tightly and forced to kneel in a large clearing.

The Bloodwar Alliance members all knew what was likely to happen next to them. Some of them had grim expressions, some of them had expressions of despair, some cursed the Revenge Alliance loudly and angrily, some were snot-nosed and crying rivers, and some begged for their lives

Natsuki Shuurin was the type that was in utter despair.

Her Spirit-branded Retainer partner had died while trying to protect her and give her an opportunity to escape. Yet, she had still been unable to escape and was captured alive.

When she was captured alive, she still hoped that the Revenge Alliance wouldn’t dare to actually kill her due to her status of being from the Shuurin Family, one of the seven major Yin Yang Master families. But now, she understood what was about to happen to her upon seeing this scene.

‘These maniacs They’re actually performing public executions

‘They’re all insane, completely insane’ Natsuki could only think this numbly to herself as she saw how all the men and women of the Revenge Alliance had such delighted and fanatical expressions.

On her left, Masao Yanagi of the Yanagi samurai family was cursing out loudly to the point where his throat had gotten hoarse.

To her right, Shuntou Haruta was crying endlessly and hysterically.

‘So noisy’ Natsuki really wanted some quiet right now.

She was incredibly annoyed by the maniacs’ fanatical expressions and the unbecoming behavior of the people next to her. She was annoyed to the point where she even slightly forgot about her despair.

The person who seemed to be in charge of these insane maniacs was currently giving a speech, something about revolution, old order, new generation, creating history, blah blah blah. The maniacs all reveled and cheered in joy at his speech they seemed like nothing more than a bunch of monkeys to Natsuki.

Natsuki watched all of this coldly and calmly, as if she was simply a spectator watching a boring TV show from behind a screen.

However, this was no TV show at all.

Natsuki was cruelly pulled back to reality when Shuntou Haruta next to her was suddenly kicked into the middle of the clearing. He could only wretchedly roll around on the ground due to his restraints.

Rota looked down from above at this Haruta Family member and spoke in a cold and calm voice, “Haruta-san. Do you have any last words to say?”

Rota couldn’t help but recall the time when he was playing cards against someone else who also claimed to be “Shuntou Haruta” Rota deeply felt that he was now far different from himself at that time!

“Wahhh. Don’t kill me I’m begging you, please don’t kill me Wahhhh I don’t want to die I don’t want to die!!!”

Shuntou Haruta had completely mentally collapsed. He was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Countless, endless numbers of people have cried and begged your family in the same way for their lives. Yet your family has never spared a single person, so you won’t be spared, either.” Rota made a judgement.

And then, a shiny sharp blade was lifted and then swung down.

Shuntou Haruta’s loud sobs suddenly stopped.

At this moment when Shuntou Haruta’s head was cut off, the cluster amaryllis flowers blooming everywhere suddenly appeared to become even brighter in color.

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