Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Go find Seiji Haruta!


Let’s turn back time slightly.

“What should we do next?” The Bloodwar Alliance faced this question as they reorganized themselves.

Nobuhiko Kurosaki had taken over Natsuki Shuurin’s position of team leader as the latter had already been eliminated from the tournament. On the surface, he was considering this issue, but he actually had no more fighting spirit left in him.

Many people had died in the earlier battle. Even he himself had almost died.

If it wasn’t for Seiji Haruta’s party suddenly entering the battle, it was doubtless that the Bloodwar Alliance would have been completely destroyedto the point where even all the members would have died.

However, Seiji Haruta wasn’t an ally of the Bloodwar Alliance.

All the Bloodwar Alliance members were on the Blue Team in the tournament. Although Seiji Haruta focused primarily on dealing with the Revenge Alliance members when he entered the battle, he still made sure to take out the weakened Red Team Bloodwar Alliance members as well.

Nobody knew why Seiji Haruta possessed a power that countered the black mist Judging from the results, all the survivors in the 7321 faction had lived solely because he saved their lives. If one viewed it with great importance, it would be a life debt owed to him. Even if one viewed it with less importance, it was still a favor that would be difficult to forget about.

At the very least, Nobuhiko Kurosaki was extremely grateful to Seiji Haruta. Right when Nobuhiko was despairing at the brink, the Revenge Alliance enemies were suddenly defeated by a third party which showed up unexpectedly. At that moment, Nobuhiko basically felt like Seiji was an angel.

However, there were also others that felt like Seiji Haruta was no different, perhaps even the same as the people in the Revenge Alliance. Masao Yanagi was one who thought in such a manner.

Seiji’s mysterious power had an unknown origin. Although he didn’t kill anyone, he was foundationally no different from the Revenge Alliance bastards. They were all borrowing abnormal outside powers to win that was what Masao Yanagi believed.

It couldn’t be said that Masao was entirely wrong. Since this was the group stage of the tournament, Seiji Haruta was someone that the Bloodwar Alliance was required to defeat. It might even be more beneficial for the Bloodwar Alliance to adopt such a viewpoint.

But before any of that, they would first have to deal with the threat of the Revenge Alliance.

Seiji Haruta and his power were a direct counter to the Revenge Alliance’s black mist power. However, just Seiji alone would be unable to defeat the entire Revenge Alliance, as people knew how to run away.

If the Bloodwar Alliance wanted to defeat the Revenge Alliance, they would have to borrow Seiji Haruta’s power. However, Seiji wouldn’t be trying his best to defeat the entire Revenge Alliance, but would rather want to see the Bloodwar Alliance and Revenge Alliance injuring and killing each other as much as possible so that he could achieve final victory more easily. That was Masao Yanagi’s analysis.

What should the Bloodwar Alliance do in the current situation? Reach a cooperative agreement with Seiji Haruta and fight against the Revenge Alliance together? Or avoid fighting as much as possible, stalling for time and making Seiji Haruta fight against the Revenge Alliance by himself?

Nobuhiko Kurosaki didn’t want to choose either option. All he wanted right now was to surrender from the tournament and leave this damned place as quickly as possible.

Previously, surrendering equaled certain death. But now, he knew that as long as Seiji Haruta was nearby, any person who surrendered or was defeated wouldn’t end up getting sucked dry by the black mist. So if he wanted to surrender safely, all he had to do was find Seiji.

But, would it really be possible to leave this island safely even after surrendering?

The Bloodwine Spirit forbade tournament participants from communicating with those who lost in the tournament. That was why it was unknown whether or not the people who lost already had made it out safely.

Nobuhiko really just wanted to make it out safe and alive. However, his logic or, more accurately, his traumatizing despair told him that it wouldn’t be possible.

This abnormal black mist, cruel enemies, terrible deaths, and blooming blood-red cluster amaryllis flowers everywhere It wouldn’t be overboard to describe this place as a living hell. Nobuhiko found it difficult to imagine that it would be easy to leave safely.

Everyone in the Bloodwar Alliance was fatigued and fell silent. The few that were still energetic and spirited were arguing amongst themselves about what actions to take next. The atmosphere was terrible.

And then, the black mist thickened.

More cluster amaryllis flowers started blooming, and a blood-red moon appeared in the sky. Scary sounds could be heard and a large number of ghosts suddenly ambushed them!

The Bloodwar Alliance was unable to stop this vicious ambush. The scene soon became chaotic.

Shigure Tendo protected Keimi Umetani with his sword.

Although everyone else had difficulty dealing with these dark-red ghosts, he was capable of slicing through every ghost with just a single slice. He repeated this an endless number of times, no matter how many ghosts came at him. Shigure displayed a supreme level of skill in swordsmanship.

However, humans would always eventually become fatigued. Meanwhile, these ghosts seemed endless.

At this moment, the minimap senses were activated.

“Let’s go, Umetani-san,” Shigure spoke up.

“Go where, Milord Shigure?” Keimi asked him.

“To find Seiji Haruta.”

“To fight with him?”

“No, to cooperate with him.”

Keimi obediently complied with Shigure’s wishes.

Shigure had saved her life and protected her. No matter what he chose, she would follow.

The two of them then left the other 7321 faction members and entered the dense black mist.

“Where are you going, Tendo-san!?” Nobuhiko Kurosaki sent a magical message after them.

Shigure told him that they were going to look for Seiji Haruta, which caused Nobuhiko to fall silent for a moment as he pondered.

It was unknown what else might happen with the situation already like this. Hurrying to locate Seiji Haruta and cooperate with him as quickly as possible seemed like the wisest decision to Nobuhiko!

“Please wait for me, I’m coming as well!” Nobuhiko arrived at this conclusion very quickly and was determined to go together under Shigure’s protection.

At this moment, someone was invaded by the ghosts and possessed. The scene became even more chaotic.

The “team leader” Nobuhiko abandoned all thoughts of calming the situation. It was obviously impossible to calm regardless, and if he waited any longer, he would place himself in more danger.

“Everyone, go look for Seiji Haruta!” Nobuhiko sent everyone this magical message and then stopped caring about them. Together with his Spirit-branded Retainer, he chased after Shigure Tendo.

Nobuhiko saw on his mental minimap that Seiji Haruta wasn’t far from them. In fact, Seiji was even approaching.

What had he come here to do? Did he want to fight or to cooperate?

Nobuhiko truly hoped that Seiji was here for the latter purpose.

Shigure Tendo silently proceeded forward. His longsword glowed white in the darkness. Every time a ghost attacked him, he instantly sliced it to pieces, giving him an imposing aura.

Shigure’s father had ordered him to kill Seiji Haruta.

However, Shigure didn’t really care about this order at all. He would carry it out if he could, but abandon it instantly if he couldn’t.

To be honest, he didn’t really feel anything at all regarding the fact that his older brother was killed by Seiji’s older sister. Shigure felt that people would always die regardless, and that his brother simply died slightly earlier than everyone expected. That was all there was to it.

He would need to cooperate with Seiji Haruta in order to protect Keimi Umetani to the greatest of his abilities. Shigure had no personal grudge against Seiji at all.

Shigure had promised to protect Keimi to the fullest of his abilities. All he was doing was carrying out his promise.

He gradually approached Seiji Haruta’s location.

Shigure then saw a faint silver-white barrier in front of him. Seiji and his three companions were within this barrier.

Shigure and Nobuhiko witnessed a ghost instantly vanish upon touching Seiji’s barrier!

It was safe within that barrier Nobuhiko became absolutely determined to cooperate with Seiji.

The problem was how to discuss that with him.

Just as Nobuhiko Kurosaki was considering how to talk to Seiji, Shigure spoke up first.

“Seiji Haruta. Please protect us.”

Such a direct request!

“What benefits will that bring me, Shigure Tendo?” Seiji responded.

“We shall fight for you. We shall assist you in obtaining victory if you protect our lives,” Shigure stated.

Shigure’s tone was calm and light as if he wasn’t negotiating at all. It sounded as if he was talking about something insignificant.

“I can’t guarantee your survival. I can only promise to try my best.”

“That’s fine.”

“Deal, then.”

After reaching an agreement, Shigure then unhesitatingly took Keimi with him and entered the silver-white barrier.

That was a successful negotiation!?

Nobuhiko was unable to even say anything out loud after witnessing this scene. He wanted to comment, but didn’t know how.

“I shall fight for you as well and promise to help you achieve victory in the tournament!” After he regained his senses, he made the same promise to Seiji as Shigure.

Seiji also allowed the Kurosaki Family son and his Spirit-branded Retainer to enter his silvery white barrier. Seiji then announced to all the other 7321 faction members that had made their way here that he would protect anyone willing to make such a promise. He would make no guarantees to those who weren’t willing to promise.

Very few doubted Seiji’s offer of protection.

The endless number of ghosts attacking from the mist and the insane possessed individuals were highly difficult to deal with! It would be impossible to defend against them for much longer! The most important thing right now was simply to survive. Winning the tournament was truly insignificant compared to that.

And so, Seiji successfully obtained a group of “underlings.” He was quite grateful to Shigure Tendo for setting an example for the others.

No matter if the 7321 faction members were being sincere with their promises or not, Seiji would next take them with him to fight the demon king

The blood-red moon glowed brilliantly in the sky.

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