Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 675

Chapter 675: You wouldn’t understand


After spending some time on defeating all the possessed individuals, who then withered and dried up afterwards, Seiji led his new “team” onwards.

Seiji gave a very summarized explanation of the situation to his new teammatesthat perhaps this black mist realm would be dispelled if they were able to defeat Kanzaki, or his host, Yuuma Saitou.

“This fight isn’t only for my sake. It’s for all of your sakes as well. If we don’t defeat that person, it’s highly likely that there’s only death for all of us.”

“Is it even possible?” Nobuhiko Kurosaki muttered.

“No matter if it’s possible or not, we still have to try.”

“Hmph. Can anything prove what you say is true?” Masao Yanagi spoke with a sneer.

“I don’t have any evidence. If you don’t believe me, then feel free to get out from my barrier.”


Seiji only had cold words for someone like Masao Yanagi who wanted protection but still doubted him. Seiji didn’t have the time nor mood to give a detailed explanation right now.

“I’ll say this for only one last time. If you don’t want to fight for me, please leave this team,” Seiji spoke in a severe tone. “Perhaps if you defend for a little longer, this black mist will dissipate by itself and the tournament hosts will mount a rescue operation and cancel the tournament, allowing everyone to safely return home. However, I don’t believe in such a good ending at all. If we don’t do anything, the only fate that awaits us is death.

“I hope to obtain assistance from all of you. But even if you don’t help us, I and my companions will still do the same thingfight for our own lives rather than waiting to be slaughtered like livestock.”

Seiji didn’t speak these words in a fierce tone at all. Still, everyone present felt an authoritative aura which almost seemed physical from him.

Masao Yanagi didn’t dare to say anything else. Everyone else also fell silent.

‘The so-called ‘garbage’ of the Haruta Family just like the ‘low ability’ of the Tendo Family, he doesn’t live up to his reputation at all.’ Nobuhiko sighed in his mind.

Seiji’s team pressed onward.

Suddenly, Seiji noticed with his maphack that Saitou had started moving in their direction!

“He’s coming! Everyone, on guard!”

Demon kings would only obediently stay within their castle in games.

The atmosphere suddenly tensed up. Some people activated their personal defensive barriers, while others arranged themselves into defensive formations. Seiji increased the amount of Mana he injected into his right hand’s rune, creating an even stronger defensive barrier.

Not long after, an incredibly dense black mist enveloped all of them!

This was basically the exact same ability that Kanzaki had used on Seiji in the previous timeline.

But this time, Seiji possessed the power given to him by Risa Kobayakawa. He also had many more companions and helpers! With so many personal barriers, and the power in his right hand, Seiji was able to resist this torrential torrent of black mist!!

“Urk” Seiji immediately felt a great amount of pressure.

This wasn’t limited to only him. Everyone felt a tremendous amount of pressure. Although they collectively managed to block out this frightening black mist, invisible power kept pressuring their barriers. Everyone felt as if they were slowly being crushed to death within a giant’s palm.

“Everyone, do your best” Seiji barely managed to shout with all the pressure he was under. “Never give up!”

There would only be hope if they managed to withstand this attack.

Yet before long, someone made a sound of pain as if their bones were being crushed. That person was suddenly devoured by the black mist and instantly vanished.

This was followed by the second, the third, the fourth person People kept being devoured by the black mist as if a dam had ruptured, leading to an unstoppable flood. They were all dragged into the darkness.

“No I don’t want to die”

“Save me”

“Mom Dad”

“Let me go I’m begging you”

“Damn Sh*t F*ck!!!”


Begging, screaming, anger, crying various pitiful ways to face death were shown here.

Seiji tightly grit his teeth.

All he could do was continue maintaining his barrier. He was unable to save those who couldn’t maintain their barriers anymore.

Fortunately, Shika who was next to him, Kanna, and Izawa were all able to withstand the pressure. None of them seemed shaken.

Shigure Tendo was also unshaken.

Keimi Umetani next to him showed signs of succumbing to the pressure. However, Shigure then held onto her hand and whispered something to her, causing her to stabilize.

“Believe in yourself Believe in your partner We can make it through this!” Seiji shouted again as he also held on to Shika’s hand.

Seiji figured that the best method to fight against fear and despair would of course be to rely on trust and connectivity.

How long passed like this?

Ten minutes? Half an hour? Or even longer?

Under the severe pressure, everyone lost the sensation of time. Their consciousnesses became hazy and their bodies became numb.

“I gave you a well-intentioned warning that you should withdraw from this tournament.”

Seiji suddenly heard a voice speaking to him.


“Just why did you join this tournament?” Yoshihara asked him.

“In order to be together with a certain someone,” Seiji answered.

“Is that worth gambling your and your partner’s lives for?”

“I know for myself whether it’s worth it or not. I doubt that you actually want to hear my answer.” Seiji paused for a moment. “Rather, I’d like to ask you, Yoshihara-san. You’re paying with your own life and taking so many lives with you. Are you satisfied?”

Seiji didn’t ask if it was worth it. He asked if Yoshihara was satisfied.

Yoshihara fell silent.

“I know that you work as an assassin,” Seiji continued. “You don’t even care about your own life anymore. I realize that of course you wouldn’t care about others’ lives. But are you truly such an insane maniac? Is the Yuuzou Yoshihara that Risa-san treasured such a scumbag!?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”


Seiji was now roaring at the top of his lungs.

“All I want is to win this tournament so that I can be together with the person I love! I don’t have a clue nor do I want to know what a suicidal assassin is thinking about!! By the way, I really wanted to beat you up back on the ship, did you know that!!?”

Yoshihara was rendered speechless.

“Once upon a time, I met a little girl who created a great deal of trouble all because she wanted to see her deceased mother. I ended up giving her a severe scolding,” Seiji continued. “You’re an adult. Yet, you’re acting just like a little child and causing even worse consequences for everybody. Aren’t you embarrassed in the least? Does someone have to console you like you’re a young child in order to satisfy you? Wake up from your dream, Yoshihara-san! Just what are you doing? Just why are you doing this? Are you really valuing the person that’s most important to you? Could you please see and think that for yourself!?”

Dead silence.

It was as if the entire world had stopped with how silent it was.

And then, the black mist retreated and the sensation of pressure vanished. Seiji’s consciousness became perfectly clear.

His vision was restored. Seiji saw a person who wore a spiritual combat outfit standing in front of him.

Saitou no, Kanzaki!

Kanzaki was simply standing there quietly. Yet, he emanated a domineering aura of strength.

The black mist had receded because of Yoshihara’s assistance.

The assassin had given Seiji a chance to directly challenge the demon king. As for whether Seiji could defeat the demon king and survive, that would depend on this upcoming battle.

Seiji’s breathing quickened as he tightly gripped onto his sword.

Kanzaki was emptyhanded. However, black-and-silver armlets were on his arms.

Just as Seiji was considering whether he should rush forward or use a ranged spell, the figure before him instantly vanished.


There was a sound that resembled an explosion.

One of the 7321 faction members was sent flying. His body distorted in midair as a giant spurt of red blood gushed out.

Right after that, there was another successive series of hitting sounds. This was followed by a loud crack. Someone else had their neck broken.

Yanagi Family sword technique, New Moon style, “Water Cut”!

[Adrenaline Rush]!

Shigure used a martial arts technique at almost the exact same time that Seiji used one of his system’s given abilities. Only then did they manage to force Kanzaki to stop killing members of the Bloodwar Alliance.

Swords flashed in midair as Kanzaki swung his arms and blocked with his armlets. The three of them battled at high speed.

*Pound! Smack!!*

Shigure and Seiji were simultaneously knocked away. Kanzaki rushed forward once again and killed a third person with another powerful round of attacks.

“Everyone, split up! Don’t let him anywhere near you!!” Seiji warned everyone.

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