Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 676

Shika shot out sharp ice blades, while Izawa released a green fireball.

Kanzaki lifted his hand and drew a circle in order to deal with this attack of ice and fire…

Counter curse, “Reverse Cycle of Life”!

A silver circular spell formation suddenly appeared and released a glow which absorbed the ice blades and fireball. The ice blades and fireball then reversed direction and shot right back at Shika and Izawa! The two were forced to block or dodge their own spells.

The other 7321 faction members also attacked Kanzaki with their spells or spiritual guns. However, he dodged, blocked, or countered every single attack. Not a single attack was effective against him.

[Wind Slash]!

Yanagi Family sword technique, New Moon style, “Heartseeker Sword”!

Seiji and Shigure attacked Kanzaki simultaneously. They had excellent tacit cooperation as Seiji used a burning slash together with Shigure’s piercing stab.

Kanzaki blocked these attacks with his left and right armlets.

The three of them once again fought at a high speed to the point where nobody else was able to see them clearly! They only saw flashing swords, armlets, and figures exchanging places so quickly as if they were dancing a ridiculously fast and furious dance.

Masao Yanagi was someone who was able to see clearer than others as he was from the Yanagi samurai family.

He knew that Shigure Tendo was amazing already, but that was ithe only knew but never truly admitted it in his heart.

Masao had also believed that Seiji Haruta had only been acting high and mighty due to the strange power he possessed. Masao felt that Seiji wouldn’t be anything at all without the special power to counter the black mist.

Yet, the current scene forced him to face the undisputable reality…

Shigure Tendo was incredibly strong.

Seiji Haruta was also incredibly strong.

They were both far stronger than himself, Masao Yanagi!

The facts were right before his eyes. No matter how much he didn’t want to accept, he could only accept them.

Seiji didn’t see a single opening in Kanzaki’s defenses.

Although this battle seemed even, Seiji couldn’t find a single opening in Kanzaki’s defenses after all this time! In fact, Kanzaki seemed to be controlling the flow of battle

Shigure sensed this as well. He wanted to take a risk by using a high-powered martial arts technique to break the stalemate.

However, Kanzaki saw through this. He took advantage of this opportunity to land a critical blow against Shigure while Seiji did his best to prevent Kanzaki…


Seiji was unable to completely prevent Kanzaki’s attack. Shigure was still hit and his personal barrier collapsed as he was sent flying backwards from the impact.

Seiji was also sent flying backwards due to being off balance. Luckily, he didn’t take a direct hit.

Killing curse, “Tornado Rush”!

Kanna took this chance to cast a powerful spell that she had been preparing for a while. Three spell formations appeared and started spewing fierce winds that gathered into a powerful whirlwind that charged towards Kanzaki. The small tornado gathered dust, dirt, sand, and rocks as it charged, making it seem almost like a roaring dragon.

Kanzaki lifted his hand and drew two circles.

Under the illuminating light from these two silver spell formations, the tornado was absorbed.

Killing curse, “Five Thunder Strikes”!

Nobuhiko Kurosaki also released a major attack spell. A gigantic hexagonal spell formation appeared in the air and released powerful thunderbolts at Kanzaki!

Kanzaki drew another two circles which also absorbed them.

Everyone also started using their strongest attack spells. Yet, these spells were all absorbed by Kanzaki’s silver spell formations!

And then, Kanzaki waved his hands in the air, combining all the silver circles that he had drawn so far. They expanded into a tremendous silver circle.

‘High energy alert, everyone prepare for impact’ Seiji couldn’t help but recall such a classical line from EVA.

There was no need for him to shout anything or warn everyone, because everyone could sense that this was dangerous.

*Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble*

A tremendous sound resembling a volcanic explosion shook the skies and earth!

The giant silver spell formation shot out all the spells that were absorbed, forming a mega-powerful chaotic swirl that headed towards everyone!!

“Get behind me!!!”

Seiji activated his [Turtle Armor] and then [Heroic Guard], [Light’s Protection], and began using his system’s consumable items he raised his defense to the max as he stood in front of everyone!

The chaotic swirl which seemed like it possessed boundless destruction rushed over towards him. Its speed was such that it was impossible to dodge or escape from.

However, the tall figure in front stood resolute and firm, forcefully blocking this chaotic swirl all by himself! He was able to form a small safe area behind him.




All words were drowned out by the thunderous explosion as the chaotic swirl enveloped Seiji.

After the chaotic swirl disappeared, the entire environment in the nearby area was destroyed.

“Not bad, Haruta-san,” Kanzaki spoke up after seeing how Seiji had heroically protected everyone. “Out of respect for your courage, I can allow you to leave. As long as you surrender right here and now, you and your partner shall be allowed to leave safely.”

“Why thank you, Kanzaki-san,” Seiji replied. “But I’m sorry. I refuse.”


“Because my goal is victory!”

Seiji’s words contained an ironclad will.

Kanzaki fell silent for a moment.

“My patience has its limits You’re certain that you want me to kill you?” His tone became much icier.

Just as Seiji was about to respond, a powerful aura suddenlyerupted from behind him!

Before he could turn around and look, he saw a figure charging towards Kanzaki! This person left golden-red sparks in his trail.

This was Shigure Tendo.

Golden-red flames were whirling around him now. His sword was also glowing in the same color. It was as if he had transformed into a demon as he was emanating an abnormally powerful aura.

Shigure had transformed had he gone berserk again!?

*Boom!* Shigure slashed and released a patch of flames!

Kanzaki blocked this attack. However, it seemed that his reaction this time was somewhat rigid.

Seiji’s eyes lit up at seeing this.

Although it was only a small sign, this type of reaction from Kanzaki meant that he wasn’t having such an easy time anymore!

Could it be that Kanzaki’s counterattack magic just now had a significant price to it? Or was Shigure in his strongest form an actual threat to him?

No matter what the case was, the demon king was now showing signs of weakness.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!* Every sword attack Shigure used was wreathed in flames. This made his attacks seem extravagantly beautiful.

Soon, flames started burning up all around him, enveloping Kanzaki in flames!

Seiji was unable to provide support or use any spells in such a situation. He could only watch from the sidelines.

The flames continued burning fiercely. It was only possible to see two faint figures vigorously fighting within.


A wave of fire suddenly shot out, causing Seiji and the others to hurriedly dodge.

And then another wave of fire shot out again. Apparently, these were all shot out from Shigure’s sword.

The flames started burning a larger and larger radius with ever more power, astonishing everyone.

“Just what exactly is he?” Masao Yanagi muttered to himself.

Earthshattering sounds were suddenly heard. These sounds repeated for a second, third, and then fourth time These sounds were constantly heard and then started overlapping, deafening everyone’s ears and shaking the ground!


There was an earthquake-like explosion as the flames suddenly erupted, releasing a heat wave that formed into brilliant flames that rose upward. This scene appeared as if a nuclear explosion had gone off.

Was everything over?

After the light subsided, Seiji and the others saw tiny cracks everywhere on the ground with everything reduced to rubble. There were also two figures.

One figure was standing and one figure had collapsed.

Shigure Tendo had collapsed.

Although Kanzaki was still standing, he appeared in wretched condition. His combat uniform was severely damaged and there were severe injuries all over his body. His left hand was burned and half of his right armlet had been destroyed.

However, he was still standing.

“Milord Shigure” Keimi rushed over towards Shigure.

Seiji wanted to rush at Kanzaki. However, Izawa stopped him.

“Your objective is to win the overall tournament, so you should stay behind and conserve your strength,” Izawa told Seiji. Izawa then looked at everyone else. “Haruta-kun kept his promise to protect all of us. It’s time for us to keep our promise and fight for him!”

Right after saying this, Izawa rushed forward and attacked Kanzaki with all his power!

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