Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 677

Chapter 677: You think youre cool just because you have a transformation?


“Ryuuno!” Kanna chased after Izawa to support him.

Shika rushed to attack Kanzaki as well.

Seiji glanced at everyone, then followed up.

Although he logically knew that Izawa’s advice was correct, Seiji wasn’t the type who could simply sit back while his companions were fighting.

Although Kanzaki was injured, he was still incredibly powerful. He managed to kick Izawa away in just a few exchanges of blows.

Kanzaki then speedily retreated and aimed his right hand at Seiji no, at the people still behind Seiji!


Thick black mist suddenly erupted, engulfing Masao Yanagi, Nobuhiko Kurosaki, and the others!!

The black mist had reappeared! Had Yoshihara’s assistance in suppressing the black mist finally ended!?

There were sounds of pitiful screams Seiji wasn’t able to save these people in time. Besides, rather than these 7321 faction members that he didn’t know, he cared more about Shika and his friends’ safety.

“Get close to me!”

Kanna and Izawa hurriedly got over next to him. Shika stopped her charge and returned to his side. Keimi also carried Shigure on her back and ran over to Seiji.

The black mist attacked explosively yet again!

Seiji output more Mana through his right hand, creating a silvery white barrier to block the black mist.

Although he felt some pressure, the pressure wasn’t particularly heavy.

This meant that Kanzaki’s black mist ability hadn’t fully recovered. Perhaps Yoshihara’s assistance was still effective! But, it was likely that the black mist would continue to strengthen again as time went on.

Just as Seiji was thinking about what to do, the black mist suddenly vanished.

Seiji saw Kanzaki suddenly becoming pitch-black with gray runes appearing all over his body. Two dark-red spirals appeared in Kanzaki’s eyes, and he was emitting a powerful demonic aura this was really similar to how Shigure Tendo had entered a berserk state in the previous timeline!

So, this was the demon king’s transformation? What was with Shigure Tendo possessing this same transformation in the previous timeline?

Seiji didn’t have the time to think about this, because the transformed Kanzaki already started charging over at high speed!

‘You think you’re cool just because you have a transformation? I’m sorry, I have an ace that can counter you!’ Seiji activated his abilities

Double [Overload] followed by [White Calamity]!

A pure white spiritual figure was formed.

Izawa and the others were awed by this sight.

Kanzaki also slowed down somewhat.

Seiji stepped forward, absorbing the white spirit into himself. He then rushed towards Kanzaki and sliced with his sword!!


Seiji’s attack landed a direct hit, causing a spurt of black mist to erupt from Kanzaki’s body.

“You Why”

‘I don’t care about what you think!’

No matter what Kanzaki wanted to say, Seiji simply swung his sword in a flurry of attacks!!

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!* Each time that Kanzaki blocked a sword blow, more black mist erupted from his body. Kanzaki’s movements were becoming obviously stiffer as this went on.

Kanzaki tried to retreat but Seiji followed him closely, slicing him as they ran past several hundred meters!

Kanzaki released a large amount of black mist which Seiji blocked with the power in his right hand. Seiji then continued his vicious flurry of blows!!

Kanzaki counterattacked with a powerful spell. However, Seiji dodged this attack with [Bullet Time] and [Emergency Flash] while continuing the vicious flurry of blows!!!

No matter what he did, Seiji chased him endlessly, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking

Kanzaki never expected that he would be forced into such a situation.

Although Yuuma Saitou was a relatively low-quality host, Saitou’s body should have been more than sufficient to deal with the equally low-level tournament participants. Saitou’s body should have been more than enough to defeat and kill everyone else in the tournament even without having to rely on the black mist domain Kanzaki had believed that at the beginning.

Yet, reality had exceeded his expectations.

Shigure Tendo Seiji Haruta the famous “low ability” and “garbage” of their families

What a joke.

Kanzaki started laughing loudly, feeling that things were truly amusing. The two individuals judged to be of the lowest ability in the seven major Yin Yang Master families were the ones who had forced him to such a brink!

‘What would have happened if these two people fought if the tournament had happened normally?’ Kanzaki suddenly became curious about this.

Well, he figured that he would have future opportunities to see these two fighting each other, especially with the well-known grudge between their families.

If Kanzaki fought here seriously, it would probably be possible to kill these little brats here. But, there was no need for that.

‘Let’s just leave things at this, then. I’ve already completed everything I need to. The rest is only some small things’

Anti-demon slash, [Doujigiri]!!!

Seiji took advantage of Kanzaki’s distraction to use his strongest martial arts technique.

As Seiji’s sword flashed, there was a cutting sound that was as imperceptible as falling snow. The pitch-black figure’s body was cut apart!

The black mist suddenly exploded, covering such a wide area of effect that Shika and all the others who had backed far away were still forced to retreat.

Was the battle over?

Shika nervously watched until the black mist dissipated. Once again, there were two figures, with one figure standing and one collapsed.

The collapsed figure was the now headless Kanzaki.

Seiji was still standing.

“Brother” Shika was the first to run over.

Izawa and Kanna also started running towards Seiji. Keimi who was still carrying Shigure on her back also obediently ran after them.

Seiji’s hands were currently trembling.

Although he gained the advantage in the battle against Kanzaki, he was still injured.

Kanzaki was still incredibly powerful despite Seiji’s right hand’s power countering his black mist! Although Seiji succeeded in dodging every fatal attack with [Bullet Time] and [Emergency Flash], his personal barrier had been shattered a total of five times! This caused Seiji to receive some unavoidable damage.

Right now, his arm was rather numb and in pain. His body wasn’t doing too great, either.

“Wagh” Seiji couldn’t restrain himself anymore as his legs felt soft. He kneeled on the ground and spat out some blood.

“Brother!” Shika rushed over and supported him.

“Master” Izawa looked towards Kanna. She immediately cast a healing magic spell on Seiji.

Seiji heaved a sigh of relief as he received this healing magic. It indeed made him feel a lot better.

Shika gently wiped away the blood at his mouth. She felt pained and blamed herself for not being stronger, strong enough to protect her adopted older brother.

Seiji smiled and took her hand.

Kanna was rendered speechless.

Izawa cautiously inspected Kanzaki’s condition and confirmed that he was now one hundred percent dead.

“Yuuma Saitou is the one who died. Kanzaki is probably no, he’s definitely still alive,” Seiji told him.

Only the host and not the spellcaster himself had died. Kanzaki’s real body was definitely somewhere else.

After all this effort, all that Kanzaki lost was an “incarnation”.

Just an “incarnation” was so powerful already. Just how powerful would Kanzaki be if he fought using his real body?

Seiji had antagonized such a powerful individual who might take revenge on him in the future. How should he deal with this?

He could only talk it over with Yui.

‘Well, let’s think about future things later.’ Seiji looked around him.

The black mist in the environment hadn’t receded just because of Kanzaki’s host Saitou dying. The cluster amaryllis flowers were still blooming brilliantly. The red moon in the sky was still shining.

This black mist realm still hadn’t been canceled. Seiji supposed that he could only try and go looking for Yoshihara again.

Wait a moment, was that red moon growing larger?

Seiji looked carefully and determined that the red moon was indeed growing larger. The moon was also becoming brighter and a fast and visible pace.

*Whoosh wah ahh hah*

The mist suddenly started making indescribably strange sounds as it rapidly expanded. Large amounts of dark-red ghosts popped out from the mist!

The Kurosaki Family’s personal combat squadron started firing their weapons that were magically buffed by the Spiritual Ability users. This was able to easily destroy the ghosts.

Yet, the ghosts rapidly started multiplying. Soon, they reached an uncountable number of thousands. This far surpassed the ability of what just one combat squadron could handle!!

Anyone who was invaded by the ghosts would go insane and begin to attack or even kill their teammates and friends! They would even “infect” their former teammates! The Spiritual Ability users present were unable to suppress this from happening. Soon, the entire combat squadron reached nearly total collapse.

Everyone in the spectators’ section for the tournament hurriedly retreated. The flying UFO-like object swiftly rose into the air in an effort to leave. However, it wouldn’t be that easy to leave with a torrential flood of ghosts chasing after it.

The warship on the sea started firing its cannons at the central portion of the mist on the island!

Cannon shots enchanted with large-scale AOE spells continuously landed among the ghost hordes, creating brilliant explosions that were majestic to behold.

However, this still wasn’t enough.

Although each cannon shot successfully destroyed large numbers of ghosts, many ghosts still remained. Not only that, the ghosts were constantly increasing in number!

The warship’s captain sent out an emergency request for reinforcements! The situation was now far beyond the scale of what just one naval ship could handle.

Ghosts covered the skies as they flew over the sea and surrounded the warship. It was as if countless ants had surrounded an elephant. The ship was forced into retreating as it fired more cannon shots. This made it seem rather wretched.

The mist’s strange sounds became even higher-pitched. Then, a tremendous black shadow slowly rose up from within the mist. The top of this figure then split up to form into something that resembled a hand.

No that was indeed a hand!

An incomparably large hand had just reached out from the mist!!

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