Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 715

Seiji and Shika successfully retreated out of the dream world before it shattered entirely.

Seiji never expected that things would end like this.

He expected that Kamitani wouldn’t allow him to simply leave. There would definitely be something like a fight. Yet, Kamitani was unexpectedly direct and casual.

Kamitani had promised to “play with Seiji” again in the future Seiji definitely didn’t consider it a good thing to catch the attention of a guy like Kamitani, but he figured that things could be even worse, so this was an acceptable result.

The next morning.

Seiji brought the Miyamoto Sisters over to Natsuya’s residence.

On the way there, he told the sisters his real name of Seiji Haruta, and let them know that he was a Yin Yang Master. He explained what would happen next.

Although he had successfully tamed the insect demon, this still wasn’t enough, because it was still possible that it could harm Kaho.

This insect demon, who was now named “Koumei”, and Kaho had become his Spirit-branded Retainer more accurately, Koumei was the spirit, and Kaho was the host. Using the Spirit-branded Retainer contract to create a master-subordinate relationship was the best way to lower the risk of any danger!

Additionally, Kaho would have to become stronger in order to completely eliminate all danger. That was because her soul was now connected to Koumei’s soul. Just the contract alone wouldn’t be a guarantee for her safety.

This was just like if two people were bound together, and one of them was shackled, it still wouldn’t be impossible to guarantee that the shackled person wouldn’t harm the other. Only by the other being sufficiently strong enough for self-protection would there be a guarantee of safety.

Although this was all possible, it was just a possibility.

Even animals that had tasted pain would understand to avoid the source of it. Koumei the insect demon would obviously be much smarter, and wouldn’t stir up trouble for no reason. The demon was quite knowledgeable, and knew that resisting against the contract would require it to pay a heavy price, or perhaps even would result in death. So, logically speaking, there wasn’t much to worry about anymore as long as the Spirit-branded Retainer contract was signed.

Kaho was still rather tired even after sleeping for an entire night.

If possible, Seiji would have liked to allow her to rest some more. Still, it was better to perform the contract as soon as possible.

He finished the preparations, and entered Natsuya’s spellcasting room.

Karen, Shika, and Natsuya were in the room as observers.

Seiji asked Kaho to stand in the center of the Yin-Yang diagram in the room, close her eyes, relax her body, and calm her mind

“Now, please answer me. What is your name?”

“Kaho Miyamoto.”

“Are you willing to accept, with the Spirits of Heaven, the Souls of the Earth, the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Yellow Dragon of the Center as your witnesses, and sign a contract with me?”

“I am,” Kaho replied in a solemn tone.

“Then with my soul as the witness, and my seal as the catalyst, I shall summon Koumei upon your body, to become your strength and fight for my cause” Seiji uttered the incantation, and used his Mana to create the contract.

He was instantly able to sense the insect demon’s will. He confirmed that it was no longer trying to resist. However, it was also evidently unhappy about the contract.

Well, Seiji didn’t care if it was happy or not as long as it obeyed him.

“Demon, heed my command! I summon you as a Spirit-branded Retainer!! I decree it so!!!” Seiji shouted out loud.

The master-subordinate relationship was confirmed, and the Spirit-branded Retainer contract was completed!

Kaho instantly felt a great power descend upon her, which helped to energize her.

“Gaah” There was a sound of grudging acceptance.

This was the demon no, the Spirit-branded Retainer Koumei’s voice.

Now, Kaho could borrow the insect demon’s power whenever she willed it!

Kaho felt that this was truly something compared to how she had almost combined completely with it before.

She knew that she would no longer be alive as the same Kaho anymore if it hadn’t been for her sister Karen and Seiji.

Saying thanks would be unnecessary. She could only remember this in her heart, and hope that she could make it up to them somehow in the future.

“Kaho, how are you feeling?” Seiji inquired.

“Very good” Kaho opened her eyes, and smiled movingly. “Thank you, Seigo No, Seiji.”

“No need for thanks.” Seiji smiled in response to this alluring smile. “It’s good that you’re alright Let me know immediately if you feel that anything’s off again in the future.”

Kaho nodded, and then turned to look at Karen.

“Sister I’m sorry and thank you.”


Tears welled up in Karen’s eyes as she covered her mouth.

Kaho’s eyes also started tearing over as she walked over and hugged her sister.

Kaho wanted to say something, but was unable to say anything. She could only transmit her feelings with a hug.

Karen hugged Kaho back while tears continued to streak down her cheeks.

Everything was finally over.

Her younger sister had returned.

This was truly wonderful!

Seiji was rather moved by this sisterly hug that transmitted such deep emotions. Shika and Natsuya were somewhat moved as well.

But at this moment…


A sudden moan interrupted this moving atmosphere.

Seiji, Shika, and Natsuya: “”

Karen: “?”

Kaho: “~~~~~~~”

A thick sensation of warm numbness welled up within Kaho. She felt indescribably comfortable, to the point where she couldn’t even control her voice!


Also, her body couldn’t help but begin to tremble!

Seiji instantly decided to leave this location. He practically flew out of the room.

“Kaho, what’s the matter?” Karen asked out of concern.

“She’s fine. It’s just a side effect.” Natsuya sighed.

“Side effect!?”

“Yeah a side effect from signing a contract with him”


Seiji finished a cup of tea in the living room before the girls finally arrived.

Kaho’s face was still rather red. Karen’s expression seemed somewhat subtle.

Seiji made his best effort to show off an expression of “I’m a normal person, not a pervert.” Yet, he still felt insecure about this inside.

Not only was it about this time, there was also the matter of transferring the demon energy, and the first inspection It all made him seem like a criminal sexual harasser!

He felt thankful that the girls hadn’t called the cops on him.

“About what happened just now I’m sorry,” Seiji apologized to Kaho.

“It’s fine that was actually a good thing, wasn’t it?” Kaho’s face became even redder.

Natsuya interrupted with a cough.

“Miyamoto-san, could you tell us a little more about Itsuki Kamitani?”

Natsuya had already learned about the events of this incident from Seiji, especially about this high-ranked member of the Messengers.

Kaho mulled things over. “I can recall the first time I met him, and I think I met him once again in the dream. However, I can’t remember what happened.”

Natsuya and Seiji exchanged glances upon hearing this.

“Just tell us what you can remember.”

Kaho nodded, and then began telling what she remembered.

Itsuki Kamitani had suddenly appeared before her; he talked to her, and gave her a game card

Natsuya asked more detailed questions, guiding Kaho to tell everything she remembered.

But in the end, not a single bit of information was useful Still, they’d expected this.

“You were probably contacted by him because of me,” Seiji told Kaho. “He intentionally used you to make me enter that dream world he created.”

“According to what you told me of Kamitani’s personality, it might also be possible that he simply happened across it,” Natsuya told Seiji.

“No matter if he did it intentionally or because he happened across it, Kaho was dragged into this because of me.” Seiji sighed. “I’m so sorry, Kaho.”

“No in the end, it’s still my own fault,” Kaho spoke in a low voice. “I was the one who gave you trouble I’m sorry, Seiji.”


*Cough!* Natsuya interrupted with yet another cough. “It’s good that the two of you understand each other. The critical element here is still Itsuki Kamitani. Miyamoto-san, try remembering as much as you can about when you met him in the dream. It would be best if you can remember more. If not, don’t force yourself. And if you ever see Kamitani again, you absolutely must be on guard and vigilant against him. Protect yourself.”

“Also, contact me as soon as you can if you see him,” Seiji added. He then looked at Karen. “Same for you, Miyamoto-san.”

Kaho and Karen exchanged glances, and nodded in unison.

Everyone fell silent for several seconds.

“I have another question, Miyamoto-san…” Natsuya spoke seriously as she looked directly at Kaho. “Are you intending on continuing to be an ‘ordinary person’ in the future, or are you intending on becoming Seiji’s Spirit-branded Retainer for real?”

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