Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 72

Inside the room, the two girls finally calmed down a little and were drinking coffee in silence.

"As I expectedI still love this coffees flavor the most." Chiaki smiled gently at Haruka. "The taste of coffee that you personally brewed for me."

"Is that so" Haruka averted her gaze as her cheeks flushed slightly red.

Honestly, wasnt this exactly just like before?

But there was no helping it; even though she knew that she shouldnt, these were her real feelings.

Although shed tried her utmost to restrain herself and to forget she couldnt.

That alluringly sweet, dazzling, mesmerizing time she spent together with Chiaki.

It had been like a dream she couldnt wake up from.

Haruka thought that she had gotten over Chiaki after breaking up with her for so long. For the first time, she discovered that she was still hung up on her.

She told herself she brought a male companion in order to prevent Chiaki from getting close to her again. But on closer inspection that was probably her fear of facing her true inner self.

How terrible am I...

Like her classmate outside, Haruka Shimizu also fell into a state of self-loathing.

At this moment, Chiaki took her hand.

Chiaki gently caressed her hand before bringing it to her soft lips and licking gently. As her cute red tongue darted out, she eyed Haruka with a seductive expression.

Harukas face instantly turned bright red.

That gaze, these feelings theyre so distressing Her body trembled slightly, half in fear and half in anticipation.

Chiaki used well-practiced motions as she licked every inch of Harukas fingers, fingertips, back of her hand, and palm of her hand Without missing a single spot, Chiaki licked her softly and gently, taking her time as if she was tasting an exquisitely fine meal.

As the blue-haired girls trembling became more and more obvious and her cheeks flamed crimson red, Chiaki gently pulled Haruka into her arms.

Haruka suddenly regained her senses.

"N No"

Weve already broken up, we cant

However, her resistance was so soft and helpless that it didnt seem like she was resisting at all.

To Chiaki, Haruka seemed like shed regained her feelings for Chiaki as her eyes were watery, her face flushed completely red, and her tiny mouth was slightly puckered open.

Chiaki brought her face close to Harukas, then leaned in and kissed her.

"Mmm Ah"

After their lips came into contact, they stuck together as they mashed lips.

Haruka felt like all her energy had been drained; she could only allow Chiaki to tightly hold on to her body and let Chiaki do whatever she wanted.

We cant She was shouting this in her heart, but her body had zero strength as she was enjoying this, unable to resist.

Time became a blur to them.

After losing track of time, Haruka finally felt herself being released.

Chiaki licked her lips in an alluring expression that seemed like she was saying "thanks for the meal."

"Wahh Honestly!" Haruka summoned a sliver of energy and lightly hit Chiaki. "We cant be like this Your your boyfriend, isnt he waiting outside for you!?"

"Oh, do you care a lot about him?" Chiaki chuckled.

"This this isnt about whether or not I care about him! Youre the one who should be caring!" Afraid of having her true feelings found out, Haruka raised her voice in an attempt to cover them.

Chiaki wore a light smile as she gazed at Harukas face.

As long as she was able to open the door to Harukas heart, Haruka would become unexpectedly soft and express a rich variety of emotions. This was one of the traits which caused Chiaki to fall in love with her.

"Seigo isnt my boyfriend." She told her the truth. "I actually havent known him for all that long, so we havent moved on to being boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Oh That means, as long as time passes, youll become" Haruka furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

"I dont know~" Chiaki shrugged. "If you ask me whether or not hes suitable to become my boyfriend, Ill say yes, and add a definitely in front of yes. Even though weve known each other for only a short time, hes really an amazing as well as handsome guy. Hes basically like the main male idol lead in a television drama No, even an idol actor wouldnt move me as much as he does.

"If it wasnt for your existence, I would definitely fall in love with him Actually, Ive already fallen for him a little, but one of my best friends fell in love with him first, and I dont want to ruin our relationship. But human emotions are very difficult to control So I dont know what will happen in the future."

"Wah" Haruka puffed out her cheeks.

Chiaki really wanted to poke her cheeks like she would in the past, but she managed to restrain herself.

"Thats my story. How about you, Haruka?"

Harukas face stiffened slightly before she ended up sighing.

"Okay, I admit it as well, Tetsuo is not my boyfriend; hes actually my younger cousin."

"I knew it; you would never fall in love with his type." Chiaki smiled knowingly.

Harukas expression flickered.

"Tetsuo is a good guy. Its just maybe hes a little too arrogant"

"A little? Hah, fine, I teased him plenty anyways, so Ill let it go with that," Chiaki said casually.

If that guy still keeps acting up, Seiji will definitely give him a good lesson. She was certain of this.

Seiji Haruta can be quite fearsome if he truly gets angry, after all~

At any rate, the two of them went outside quite a while ago, and who knows what theyd been up to. Chiaki suddenly wanted to see the arrogant Tetsuo Sasaki learning a well-deserved lesson from Seiji.

Thats right; she still bore a grudge towards him!

Even if she knew now that he was only a fake boyfriend, she still felt unhappy inside and wanted to see him suffer!

Seiji would surely comment about how illogical her grudge was, but this was just a part of her nature.

Actually, her taunts just earlier were already unreasonable, but Seiji resolutely stood by her side and helped her out in order to make her feel better.

Chiaki was inwardly delighted about this.

Just as Seiji said, he wasnt exactly a "good person," nor did he believe in right and wrong. He simply helped those he wanted to help, protecting and taking care of his friends.

This made Chiaki extremely happy and instilled her with a feeling of safety.

Of course, if she went overboard Seiji would surely stop her. This would be a method of protecting her as well, otherwise the situation would get out of control, and shed be the party whod bear the brunt of the consequence.

At any rate, Seiji Haruta was simply a trustworthy and reliable person.

Honestly, you seem so cool; what will happen if I really fall in love with you? Chiaki mentally asked the person who was outside the door.

Seiji sneezed.

Why am I feeling a sudden chill? He rubbed his nose.

He didnt know what was going on inside.

But Chiaki would surely be able to take care of things. He had confidence in her.

He was a bit bored just standing outside like a door guard, though.

With nothing to do, he glanced at the boy beside him, and just happened to notice Tetsuo looking towards him as well.

They looked at each other wordlessly for a few seconds before Tetsuo finally piped up.

"Seigo Harano right?"

Seiji raised his eyebrow at the unexpected question.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Just earlier Perhaps I was a bit rude." An indescribable light flashed through Tetsuos eyes. "However, you and me, were different."

Sigh Arrogant people like him are so difficult to deal with.

"Yeah yeah, youre an excellent student from Kaoki High School, youre a genius, youre an elite, youll definitely be successful in life, youre at a completely different level from a commoner like me, youre so great." Seiji praised Tetsuo in a sarcastic tone that made it obvious it wasnt praise at all.

Tetsuo furrowed his eyebrows.

Hed already calmed down, so it was easy for him to tell that Seiji didnt mean his praise, but It was difficult for him to say anything back.

If he did anything rude, it would hurt Haruka.

But there were some things he still needed to say.

"Its good that you understand," he said lightly. "We Compared with you guys, Haruka and I are vastly different, not only in the school we go to."

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