Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 73

"Grades, talent, identity, family Perhaps you consider all of this quite vulgar, but such is reality." Tetsuo continued speaking in a tone that indicated he was serious.

"The differences in our schools ranks is just one such actualization of the difference between us. Even if the two of you went to the same school as us, youd discover that the differences between us can be realized through many other places as well. Haruka and Chiaki Wakabas feelings for each other may have been genuine, but theyre also a mistake. Haruka originally made the correct decision, but because shes too soft-hearted, she still made a mistake at this point in time."

Seiji frowned. "What exactly are you trying to say?"

Tetsuo stared directly into Seijis eyes in an arrogant manner.

"What I want to say is, even though Haruka was the one who took the initiative to invite Chiaki Wakaba today, dont think that theyll become what they were before again. Haruka doesnt intend that at all; she took me with her in order to prove that she still cares about Chiaki Wakaba, but she definitely wont make such a mistake again and have that sort of intimate relationship. You guys You and Chiaki Wakaba need to recognize it and have zero expectations!"

Tetsuo warned Seiji in a stern manner.

Glancing at the recipient of his speech, he noticed the boy he knew as Seigo Harano looking at him as if he were an idiot.

Theres an idiot here! Everyone come look! Seiji felt the urge to shout that out loud.

Not even taking into consideration this bastards speech about differences, Chiaki never had that sort of intention in the first place, okay!

Haruka took you here in order to stop Chiaki from having any second thoughts, while Chiaki took me here in order to Do you think that she simply brought me here to give me a chance at seeing a beautiful girl!?

You dont even know the basics of thinking from someone elses viewpoint; is your head filled with nothing but grass!!?

Seijis mental comments were flowing through his mind like an unstoppable rushing torrential flood.

Chiaki only came to meet her ex-girlfriend, and perhaps the situation would develop in some manner after that, but Seiji was 100% certain that she didnt come here in order to make up and become girlfriends again.

Yes, she still missed Haruka Shimizu after their breakup, but would she shamelessly want to be intimate with Haruka again after being invited so suddenly? Impossible!

Chiaki Wakaba definitely wasnt this type of person. At most, she would want to relive a sweet time together again for the sake of nostalgia and only if Haruka didnt resist the idea.

Even if she still wanted to be with Haruka, she would never request it of her own volition; it would have to be Haruka voluntarily saying that out loud.

Just what was wrong with Tetsuo Sasakis brain? Looking down on others to such a degree couldnt even be said to be arrogance anymore; it was pure idiocy.

Tetsuo was confused about the way Seiji looked at him.

If "Seigo" had turned grim, or even angry, he would have understood. But what was with looking at him like he was an idiot?

Did he make another mistake again? Tetsuo reflected on his previous words.

No, he didnt say anything wrong. After confirming that to himself, he firmed his resolution once more and looked directly at Seiji, his eyes filled with pride.

Seiji felt his energy was draining from him as he saw Tetsuos unchanging attitude. Forget it, it was useless talking reason to an idiot. It was best to let Tetsuo believe whatever he wants.

Its just it still felt rather unpleasant.

"Sasaki-san, what club are you in at Koaki High School?" He opened his mouth and asked.

What was with this sudden question? Tetsuo was confused once again.

"Im in the Karate club; although Im not the captain, Ive won prize money in various competitions before," he said with a clear note of pride in his voice.

Oh? Seiji raised his eyebrows as a grin started to form on his face.

If Chiaki or Mika could see him right now, theyd definitely notice that this smile meant he was up to no good!

Since this definitely wasnt Seijis normal smile; there was something fearsome hidden behind it.

"Perfect, Ive studied freestyle martial arts a little bit myself. Why dont we go someplace empty and have a little duel?"

Tetsuo furrowed his brows.

"You want to fight me?"

"Dont make it sound so bad. Id just like to have a little practice with you, ace member of the Karate club, Tetsuo Sasaki-san." There was a dark shadow in Seijis smile. "You said so much just now, so of course you wouldnt back down from such a challenge, would you?"

This was a direct challenge.

Tetsuo Sasaki remained silent for a few moments.

"If this can help you to realize the difference between us, fine. Ill show you just what true strength is!"

After Chiaki and Haruka finished their conversation, they walked out of the coffee cafs room and saw that the two boys werent waiting for them outside the door.

Chiaki called Seiji and found out that the boys were waiting for them on the first floor.

When they went downstairs, they saw the two boys sitting by a window.

However, Tetsuo Sasaki was collapsed strangely on the table for some reason and wasnt moving.

"Whats with him?" Chiaki asked suspiciously.

"Actually while waiting for the two of you, we had a friendly little chat." Seiji scratched his face. "After learning that Sasaki-san here was the ace member of the Karate club, I got a little curious and asked him to teach me, and he kindly agreed to show me the ropes, so we went out to the alleyway behind this caf and had a little duel, but"

"I didnt control my strength very well and accidentally knocked Sasaki-san out."

Chiaki and Haruka were rendered speechless.

"You two went out and had a fight?" Chiaki squinted and berated Seiji in a righteous manner: "How could you do this, Seigo!? Even though youre not in any sports clubs, you possess physical abilities that every sports club at our school is drooling over! How could you not go easy on an ordinary person like Sasaki-san!?"

Even though it seemed like she was criticizing Seiji on the surface, her tone made it clear that she was praising him instead.

Good job, Seiji! I knew you wouldnt disappoint me!

Chiaki had nothing but praise inside her heart.

Haruka Shimizu looked stunned as she studied the unconscious brown-haired boy in front of her.

Tetsuo, an ordinary person?

Tetsuo Sasaki was one of the ten strongest members of the Karate club, which had an abundance of talented members as was natural of Koaki High School!

Tetsuos family ran a dojo, so he had been practicing karate ever since he was born. Even though he wasnt necessarily the winner of every competition, he always ranked highly in each one; these were feats to be proud of! He definitely had real skill in karate.

As his older cousin, Haruka had witnessed Tetsuos martial arts competitions many times before, and the solid foundation of his training regimen and his slow growth into becoming stronger gave her a deep impression.


Right now, in front of her.

Her incredibly strong cousin of hers Tetsuo Sasaki was actually defeated and knocked unconscious by someone from an ordinary school who wasnt even in any sports clubs!?

"Sorry, I thought he would be really strong, so I used more of my strength than usual, but I didnt expect that" Seiji shrugged.

"Even though hes unconscious, he shouldnt be seriously injured. Should we take him to the hospital for an inspection?" Chiaki looked towards Haruka.

Haruka stood motionless, overcome by a mixture of amazement and shock, so it took her a dozen seconds to regain her senses.

She looked back at Chiaki.

Chiakis expression was calm, but her eyes showed she was delighted with this outcome.

Haruka slowly turned her gaze towards Seigo Harano.

Seiji had an innocent expression on his face.

You just who exactly are you!?

Haruka really wanted to ask him this question as she stared at his handsome face.

But right now, Tetsuos condition was more important.

Let them take her cousin to the hospital?

Haruka was already imagining how much of an impact Tetsuo would receive after finding out what had happened to him!

And if he experienced Chiakis merciless teasing on top of that it would be too pitiful!

Chiaki definitely wouldnt feel any sympathy for Tetsuo, nor would Seigo Harano, who was on her side.

Tetsuo couldnt withstand their taunting to begin with, so if they added oil to the fire Haruka felt a shiver run down her spine just imagining it.

That left her with only one choice.

"Ill take Tetsuo to the hospital. Its fine, you guys can just return now." Haruka sighed.

"Thats no good, is it? My Seigo knocked him unconscious after all, so he should be there to apologize when Tetsuo wakes up." Chiaki seemed like she was apologizing, but in reality, she was inwardly holding her sides with laughter.

You dare to look down on others, you bastard? Ace member of the Karate club at a well-known school? How does it feel to be knocked unconscious by someone at an ordinary school who isnt even in any sports clubs!?

Yep, I really want to see what kind of expression this Tetsuo Sasaki has when he wakes up! Oh yeah~

Chiaki, youre getting a little evil, Seiji thought as he noticed the silver-haired girls gleeful expression.

Although, honestly speaking, Seiji felt a slight urge to see what expression this brown-haired brat would have when he woke up as well, but he decided to be merciful. After all, it would be good to leave him with a little shred of pride.

"Oh, I think that Sasaki-san probably wont want to see me when he wakes up, since I was so impolite to him, so lets just listen to Shimizu-san instead," Seiji said.

Eh, are we letting him go? Man~ Chiaki mentally pouted. But since Seiji has spoken already, lets just stop here.

"What do you think then, Haruka? Is it really fine for us to just leave?"

"Please, go ahead!" The blue-haired girl could only helplessly request this from the bottom of her heart.

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