Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 78

The angry shouting from the cell phone seemed to pierce through time and space.

Rion Amami, who was holding on to her cell phone in the classroom, was completely frozen solid in both body and spirit, as was her sister Kotomi, who was seated beside her.

The terror they felt last week from facing this boy instantly resurfaced! It was akin to encountering a ferocious beast!

Seigo Harano.

The person that they couldnt see through, yet he saw through them

After a weeks time, they thought that their fear had already dissipated. In fact, they even believed it to be their hallucination.

That was because they carried out an investigation on him.

Seigo Harano, the legendary transfer student who was confirmed to have defeated the tennis and basketball clubs single-handedly. By accomplishing this feat he received the nickname "destroyer of clubs," causing all the remaining sports clubs to vie with each other vigorously to acquire him.

But exaggerated stories aside, this only meant that he was a boy who had above-average physical ability and talent in sports.

What caught their attention more was the fact that his transfer to Genhana High School was rumored to have something to do with Natsuya Yoruhana, a true scion of an extraordinarily powerful family.

Two weeks after transferring in, he had been seen visiting the student council office twice, both times to have a discussion with Natsuya Yoruhana.

There were no other student council members present either time except possibly Hitaka Shuho, but the vice president was someone who treated everyone coldly and remained solidly faithful to President Yoruhana. She had almost no interaction with other students, so it was impossible to acquire any information from her.

That was why it was impossible for them to establish the nature of Seigo Haranos relationship with Natsuya Yoruhana!

This was the point that the twins were most worried about.

But Seigo Harano only visited President Yoruhana twice in two weeks, and there were no other reports of them being seen together.

Both twins had separately asked many other students and student council members, learning that Seigo Harano and Natsuya Yoruhana didnt seem to have much to do with each other this didnt seem like it was false.

From this they inferred Seigo and Natsuya werent actually that close; perhaps they werent even friends.

Was it that Seigo and Natsuyas parents were friends? Was that their relationship to each other?

If that was the case, then the Harano family must also be at a similar level to the Yoruhana family, to even be able to speak to the Yoruhanas.

Seigo Haranos powerful eyes, which saw through them instantly as well as his grave and dignified bearing could be explained this way. A young master from a great family would definitely be different from ordinary people.

If that was his true identity, then Seigo wasnt someone that the twins could afford to mess with.

However Seigo Harano was someone who currently lived alone and worked in order to make a living.

According to the person himself, he had been exiled from his family due to a past mistake!

Just what kind of an act had he committed to be punished with expulsion?

Seigo refused to say, and only his two close friends might know the truth of the matter. Chiaki Wakaba and Mika Uehara kept their lips firmly closed on this subject but it must have been something big.

Someone who had been exiled from his family.

In the end, thinking that Seigo Harano was from a powerful family was nothing more than the twins hypothesis. The fact of the matter was that he had left home, was living by himself, and had to work to support himself

This was basically a confirmation that he was no longer under the protection of his family!

Out of an abundance of caution, Rion and Kotomi Amami even went to the extent of using the students under their control to follow and spy on Seigo since last Wednesday.

The report they received matched the rumors.

Every time Seigo left school, he would go either back home to the Uehara apartment where he lived, or go to work at Rika Amamis confectionery store.

Apart from that, the only exceptions were on Saturday and Sunday night. He went to Silver Valley together with Mika Uehara and Chiaki Wakaba on Saturday, and met up with only Chiaki in Silver Valley on Sunday.

On Saturday night, the three of them went shopping together at a high-class department store. On Sunday night, Seigo and Chiaki went to a high-class coffee caf and stayed inside for a period of time before exiting and going straight home.

There was no evidence that they were having an indiscreet relationship, but that didnt matter. The pictures taken of them were good enough evidence as weapons for the twins.

Rion and Kotomi Amami were full of confidence in the results of their investigation.

They were certain that theyd be able to defeat him like all the other boys before him. They would defeat Seigo Harano, the boy who seemed so imposing, and completely conquereven controlhim!

Today, they gave their lovely brother the order to begin their attack against Seigo Hoshi had been "trained" by them for an entire week and had completely lost his will to resist; theyd turned him into a little puppy who was even more obedient than before.


The response received was this one!

Hoshis cell phone was actually in Seigo Haranos hands!?

Rion and Kotomi Amami finally discovered the truth.

The fear from before was like a parasite that wormed itself deep into their bones; it never left! The terror they felt back then had been no hallucination!

Theyd spent a considerable amount of time plotting their nefarious scheme against Seigo Harano. The first step they intended was using Hoshi to shake Seigos emotions.

After that, they would expose his inappropriate relationship with Chiaki Wakaba, then add more vicious rumors about Mika Uehara so that his two female friends would be shaken as well and abandon him, isolating and frustrating him

But this seemingly perfect plan of theirs met an obstacle already, at the most critical first step which they absolutely didnt think would fail!


They had spent an entire week using various methods to completely destroy that weak-spirited, weak-willed, good-for-nothing brother of theirs.

How could Hoshi possibly take the initiative to go and find Seigo!?

This shouldnt have been possible!

In their eyes, their younger brother should have become the most obedient puppy of all, with no more will to resist existing!

However, nevertheless

"Answer me, you two!"

The icy voice continued speaking, proving that this was all real.

No matter how much they didnt want to believe it.

Seigo Harano had locked on to and was targeting them!

The things theyd done to Hoshi were exposed now! Their plot would be unable to proceed as planned!

"Youre not going to answer? Then Im going over right now to find you! Maybe its not kind to Hoshi, but I wont hesitate to reveal the truth! Im going to tell your entire class, in the loudest voice I can, everything youve done to your little brother!! Then what do you think will happen? Heh heh, Im sure itll be an interesting scene~"

"Hey, lets go visit hell together. Witches"

The first part of Seigos speech contained anger, but the last half had nothing but ice-cold fury.


The entire school called them witches with various complex meanings attached to the nickname. They were actually quite proud of being addressed by this nickname.

But when Seigo called them that, they felt it was terrifying.

They felt like a frog that was being targeted by a snake.

They felt like a witch who had a paladins sword against her throat.

They felt like witches that were judged to be executed!

Lets go visit hell together. Seigo Harano definitely wasnt joking; hed been absolutely serious!

He was going to come over here and tell everyone about what theyd done!

And they didnt even dare to imagine what would happen afterwards.

Because no matter what, it was certain that theyd be ruined!

Since everything was true!

The things they did to Hoshi The unspeakable, cruel, and abusive way in which theyd treated him would be completely exposed to everyone!

Everything that they carefully constructed up to now would be destroyed and collapse!!

Rion and Kotomi Amami had come to this realization, causing blood to drain from their faces, and turning them as pale as vampires.

They were just like vampires living in the darkness: beautiful, strong, and long-lived. They drank human blood and were proud of being higher up on the food chain than ordinary humans, which lead to arrogance forming over time, making even the abuse of other humans into an elegant art form.

The only thing they couldnt resist was the sun.

The sunlight was coming for them.

If they didnt do anything about it, theyd turn into dust under that blinding sunshine!

"W Wait!!!"

The twin sisters panickedly shouted in unison.

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