Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 79

Another rooftop, this time in the high school section.

It was almost time to go to class, so the students were all returning to the classrooms. Seiji passed by these students who were oblivious to the shocking chain of events as he went upstairs.

Seiji had already contacted Chiaki and Mika with his cell phone and informed them about the situation. They were waiting for him by the staircase.

Seiji had one hand in his pocket when he appeared. He was walking with heavy steps, almost rhythmically.

There was a sharp gaze coming from his eyes, and his entire body was giving off a powerful, pressuring aura. Chiaki and Mika felt like they were witnessing a soldier about to head off to the battlefield, equipped to the fullest!

Chiaki felt a sliver of pity for the twin witches. If it was her, she would never want to face off against Seiji in his current state, because the normal open and friendly Seiji had turned into a seemingly demonic existence, who would destroy anything in his path.

No he would only be a demonic existence to his enemies.

For the people he protected, he was still someone who could defeat all the wicked A hero!

"Seiji" Mika softly called out to him as he approached.

Seiji stopped and smiled at her.

"No need to worry; Ill take good care of things. You guys just need to help me take good care of Hoshi Hes currently in the courtyard, sitting where we usually eat lunch at."

Mika nodded as she focused on Seijis face.

Then, Seiji fixed his gaze on Chiaki.

"If there was some background music playing right now, it would definitely be some hot-blooded battle music." Chiaki smiled as well. "Go forth and defeat the witches, hero! Just leave your back and your junior to us!"

Seiji chuckled.

He didnt say anything to Chiaki; all he did was give her a big thumbs-up with his left hand as he walked off.

So cool Chiaki and Mika deeply etched this scene into their minds.

They had no doubts about what the conclusion would be.

All they needed to do was wait.

On the rooftop.

The beautiful twin sisters were waiting.

Time seemed to pass as slow as a snail to them. They were quite uncomfortable with waiting. But time also seemed so short, as they would have preferred to wait for a little longer.

Calm down, calm down.

Rion and Kotomi Amami had told each other that many times over already, but their hearts still beat quickly, ignoring their orders.

Unfortunately, the person they were waiting for wasnt someone they were about to confess their love to; instead, it was the opposite.

They only met him once before, and he left them with such a fearful impression. Just one phone call forced them here todayhe was a true monster!

Seigo Harano.

He was no normal human; he was a demon, a beast in human flesh!

The twins were cursing him in their hearts; they lacked their usual composure.

How could they deal with this monster?

The plot they had been cooking up was useless now. It was to be a direct face-off, which was quite disadvantageous for them.

Seigo had the trump card of what happened to Hoshi.

If he was a normal person, he should have been worried about harming Hoshi, so he wouldnt publicize those things, but he was no ordinary person!

Those threats they heard on the cell phone were no mere bluffs.

"Lets go visit hell together"just thinking back to this sentence, Rion and Kotomi felt chills running down their spines and they felt the urge to shiver.

A heartless demon that was who Seigo Harano truly was!

Nonetheless, they were still fortunate.

Seigo still wanted to maintain his hypocritical faade, and act the part of a hero of justice.

That was why they still had a chance.

The trump card he had in Hoshi was also their trump card.

If he wanted to protect Hoshi thouroughly, he would need them to delete all the embarrassing pictures and videos they took of him in their "training sessions."

That was why it could be said that each had a trump card No, wait! He still had the advantage, since he was willing to publicize everything, but they couldnt, as they wouldnt be able to bear the consequences!

So, they calculated it as a 70% advantage to Seigo with only 30% in their favor.

30% definitely wasnt enough. They needed something else up their sleeves.

Did Seigo Harano have any personal weaknesses?


There definitely werent any! He had a simple life of only school and work; he didnt have any bad habits like smoking, drinking, or fighting. He also didnt seem to be engaged in any inappropriate relationships. In conclusion, there was nothing dark about him at all, or at least the twins couldnt find anything.

The only possibilities were the secret nature of his relationship with President Yoruhana, as well as his intimate relationship with Mika Uehara and Chiaki Wakaba. However, they werent able to make use of either.

Rion and Kotomi Amami had plotted to "create" a weakness in Seigo, but they hadnt been able to carry out their scheme yet!

So they currently had nothing they could use on Seigo Harano whatsoever.

The twin witches began to use their brains for nefarious purposes once more

Step, step, step.

Rhythmic steps approached from the staircase.

Then he appeared.

A tall and handsome boy the twins currently saw his bright appearance as nothing more than an excellent mask for concealing his true self.

The terror in their hearts worked to twist Rions and Kotomis perception of Seigo Harano.

They didnt know the true source of their fear, or perhaps they didnt comprehend it, or maybe it was that they didnt even try to understand it.

Seiji looked at the twins.

"Your current expressions are far more appealing than the first time I met you."

No anger, no insults, only calmness.

The twins were surprised at this, and it showed on their faces.

"Are you surprised that I didnt start right off by insulting you?" Seiji stared intently at them. "If insulting you whenever I see you would take care of this problem, Id do that. But it obviously wont, so I wont do something so meaningless."

He walked closer and closer to them as he spoke.

The twins tensed up, and their beautiful faces were devoid of expression.

He stopped after reaching a certain distance from them.

There was one second of silence.


Seiji squinted slightly at them.

"Now lets begin our discussion."

The atmosphere suddenly became heavier!

Rion and Kotomi instantly felt as if they were being pressured from all sides by the air!

All he did was calmly say something ordinary.

But it made them feel like this rooftop had become a violent battlefield!

It was difficult for them to breathe.

They could hear their each and every laboured breath.

Before they were able to recover, he continued speaking.

"First, you need to delete or destroy every picture, video, or whatever else you have on Hoshi Amami as blackmail! And you can never do anything to harm him again!"

He was speaking in an indescribably strict tone of voice which seemed as inflexible as steel.

Rather than a discussion, it was more like he was giving them an order!

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