Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 83

Kyosuke Akanishi, the karate club captain of Genhana High School, received a message no, an order from his club members Rion and Kotomi Amami.

Yes, order.

Any of the twins "requests" were akin to orders for Kyosuke and the other members of the karate club!

Nobody would resist, because nobody could resist.

They were the true leaders of the karate club. Kyosuke was nothing more than their puppet, even though he was the captain.

Of course, this was an abnormal situation, but this was how things were.


In Kyosuke Akanishis case, it was because the twins held blackmail material on him. A few of the other karate club members were in a similar situation. Some others were forced to go along with the crowd, while the rest were seduced by the twins appearance and unknowingly became their servants

The entire school called them the twin witches. This was more than just a nickname.

No, perhaps that was a bit overboard.

Those twins might be slightly on the bad side, but they werent anywhere near the level of criminalsat least that was what Kyosuke Akanishi believed.

The twins had previously made "requests" of him several times already, and nothing he did seemed overboard to him. He even got a "present" in return, which was the twins assistance in helping him get together with his current girlfriend who hed admired secretly for a long time.

That was why Kyosuke didnt resent Rion and Kotomi for manipulating him. He only felt slightly dissatisfied; after all, it was a little strange for club members to control the club captain.

This times "request" was for him to go to the karate club during lunch break and take care of a challenger.

Year 1 Class 5s Seigo Harano.

The legendary transfer student known as the "destroyer of clubs!"

Of course, Kyosuke had heard about this famous student.

Every single sports club captain in school knew his name. This student had single-handedly wiped out the tennis and basketball clubs, and he possessed amazing stamina and reactions plus he was ridiculously handsome!

If such a person to join any sports club, as long as he trained for a period of time and understood the techniques of that sport, he would quickly become the ace, or even the main attraction!

An ace would help the club to achieve great victories, but an attraction was more than that; an attraction could raise the clubs popularity to the point where it would remain strong for the next few years to come.

Both competing in nationals and increasing the popularity of their club was a desirable outcome for the club captains, so it was only natural that they would focus on vigorously inviting him. According to the rumors, last Monday so many captains tried competing with each other to invite him that the scene was ridiculous.

Kyosuke wasnt one of the captains which went to invite him. Honestly, he wanted to go as well, but when he asked for Rion and Kotomis permission, they refused his request.

He didnt know why, but since they were the true leaders of the club, he could only comply.

But now, it seemed that it wasnt that the twin witches werent interested in the transfer student, it was the opposite: they were personally taking part!

Lunch break.

Kyosuke Akanishi and several karate club members arrived at the club room, which had been converted into a dojo.

As one of the biggest clubs in Genhana High School, the karate club was allocated a very large room which acted as its dojo. Exercise mats were placed over the floor, and an entire wall was filled with mirrors. Another wall was decorated with the clubs goals and achievements over the years. There werent any other decorations apart from that.

Many people were already sitting down, waiting inside.

On the left side of the room were Rion and Kotomi clad in their karate uniforms, as well as the other club members whom Kyosuke was already acquainted with. Seated on the right side were some students Kyosuke had never met before.

One of the boys stood out from his peers. He had a tall figure with a handsome face. He sat casually with his legs crossed and arms folded; even seated he emitted a sharp and imposing aura.

Facing off against Rion, Kotomi, and all the other karate club manners, his imposing manner didnt seem even slightly ruffled!

While the three students accompanying him were all handsome or beautiful in their own way, they were nothing compared to hm?

Kyosuke observed the three students closely, and noticed that one person who he thought was a boy at first glance was actually a girl wearing the boys uniform, while the person he thought was a girl actually happened to be a boy wearing a middle school boys uniform?

Kyosuke was rendered speechless.

What exactly was going on here!?

The karate club captain wondered to himself if there was something wrong with his perception of gender.

It was easier to judge the tomboys true gender even though she was wearing a male uniform, but as for the middle school "boy..." it was so difficult to tell his real gender!!

Wait a moment, this "boys" appearance Kyosuke recalled something and glanced over at Rion and Kotomi, before comparing their appearances to the "boys."

They looked similar Hed heard of the twins having a younger brother; could this person be the one?

And if he is, why was the twins younger brother here, and why was he seated opposite them?

Kyosuke was plunged into a state of confusion.

But Rion and Kotomi looked over at him at this time, and he understood what they meant.

I should get changed. Kyosuke headed for the changing room.

Although he didnt know the identity of the other three students, the boy who had his arms folded was surely the legendary transfer student.

Seigo Harano he definitely had an imposing manner to match his nickname. That was the first impression that the karate club captain received.

It took a few minutes for all the remaining karate club members to gather.

Seiji admitted to himself that he was quite impressed with Rion and Kotomis ability to summonor perhaps he should call it controlthe entire karate club.

Right after they sent out the text messages, the entire karate club gathered here at lunch break, without a single member missing!

These twins are basically the true leaders of the karate club Seiji felt a sliver of pity for the karate club captain.

According to Chiaki, the boy with the squarish face, thick eyebrows, and smallish eyes was the karate club captain named Kyosuke Akanishi. His facial features made him look like a main hero of an old-fashioned television drama.

Kyosuke Akanishi was also the strongest member of the karate club. In his previous year as a high school first-year student, he managed to reach all the way to the top 32 of nationals by himself!

"But since you can even knock out Tetsuo Sasaki, he should be a cinch for you to defeat."

Chiaki held little regard for even the president of the karate club.

"The problem is youre actually going to take on seven people at the same time!? Youre going one against seven in the karate clubs dojo This isnt a joke!! Seigo, just what are you thinking!?"

Chiakis doubts were also shared by Mika and Hoshi. All three of them were worriedly looking towards Seiji.

One against seven; this was more like suicide than a joke.

Nevertheless, Seiji smiled back towards them.

"Its not a problem. Ill win."

"How could it possibly be not a problem!?" Chiaki seemed rather frustrated.

She really wanted to believe in Seiji, but one against seven seemed impossible!

The moment Seijis opponents began their attack, Seiji would definitely be unable to block them all, so hed be hit somewhere and get injured!!

Even if Seiji managed to grit his teeth and take a few blows while defeating seven people, the opponents had a total of forty-seven people. They could send six waves of seven people plus a few extra left over!!!

If it wasnt for the fact that this was Seiji, Chiaki would definitely have believed that whoever agreed to this proposal was an idiot!

But this was Seiji.

Seiji definitely was not an idiot; he must have a plan of his own.

But Chiaki had no idea what he was thinking.

At this moment, Chiaki felt like she empathized with Mikas feeling of "being unable to follow Seijis thought process."

Chiaki wanted to believe in him, and she did, but it was impossible to understand!

Seiji, just what are you thinking? Could it be you want to sacrifice yourself for this bet?

Chiaki suddenly considered a frightening possibility.

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