Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 84

Perhaps Seiji means to sacrifice himself in this fight.

Chiaki didnt want to consider this idea after she thought of it.

But she had to.

If this was really the case, then rather than truly trying to win this ridiculous duel, he might be attempting to sacrifice himself in order to move Rion and Kotomi Amamis hearts!

The twin witches shed never heard of them doing anything terrible before, so perhaps they still possessed some empathy deep within them?

If the twin sisters witnessed a boy trying to change them for the better by getting beaten up and struggling pitifully perhaps they would be shaken and change their ways?

This was so stupid!!!

Chiaki vehemently denied the possibility of it happening.

Not even considering whether or not the twins would even be moved, even the idea of letting oneself be injured in order to convince others of their misdeeds was so stupid!!

Chiaki didnt want to believe that Seiji would stoop to using such a foolish idea.

But Seiji he said before the twins resembled the old him, so perhaps he thought saving them would be just like saving himself, explaining his willingness to sacrifice himself.

If that was really the case Idiot! Stupid! Silly! You have lower intelligence than a monkey!!

Chiaki ground her teeth as she threw a glance at the boy beside her. Perhaps thats what you intend, but I wont let you do as you please.

Both Mika and Hoshi Amami wont allow you to do so either!

If you get injured, Im definitely going to stop you! Theyll stop you together with me!! No matter what!!!

Chiaki Wakaba firmed her resolution.

She didnt care about the twin sisters at all! She only cared about Seiji Haruta, who was now one of her best friends, as well as

Seiji was oblivious to Chiakis thought process.

If was aware of it, hed probably be shocked and left with his mouth wide agape, unsure how to respond!

He didnt have that kind of idea to begin with. After all, he wasnt a saint who was prepared to sacrifice himself!

Seiji was actually feeling rather relaxed.

Hed already finished his preparations. The rest was merely giving those sisters a chance for Hoshis sake.

Every karate club member had finished changing into their uniforms and sat by Rion and Kotomis side.

The room fell silent.

Seiji finally uncrossed his arms. "Alright, lets begin."

He rose from his seated position, his back as straight as a spear. "Im ready whenever. Who will you send first?" He looked towards the twins.

Kyosuke Akanishi also looked at Rion and Kotomi, waiting for their orders.

After all, the message he received only said that he needed to deal with Seigo Haranos challenge. He had no idea about any of the details.

Rion and Kotomi stood up slowly.

They saw all the karate club members looking at them questioningly and knew an explanation was expected.

"Seigo Harano has challenged our entire karate club. He intends to face every member of our club by himself!"

After the karate club members took a moment to digest the twins claim, the room was thrown into a state of uproar.

"Face all of us on his own!?"

"Is he joking!? Is he looking down on us!?"

"Hes definitely looking down on us! Even if he is the destroyer of clubs, this is outlandish!!"

"All he has is a comical nickname! He dares to act so arrogantly!?"

Voices of protest filled the room.

"Silence!!" Kyosuke Akanishis loud shout quelled the commotion.

It seems that this karate club captain still has some authority. Seiji inwardly nodded in approval.

Kyosuke slowly stood up and fixed his eyes on the twins questioningly.

"This is a promise between Seigo Harano and us. If he wins this duel, we need to listen to his request. And if he loses" the sisters paused, "hes going to join the karate club."

Kyosuke came to a realization after hearing the twins explanation.

He wondered what happened between Seigo and the twins. For Seigo to request something of them, it must not be a simple matter. And if Seigo joined the karate club, it actually meant that he would fall under the twins control.

The entire karate club, including him as the captain, were just tools being used by both sides.

No, that made it sound really bad.

If Seigo Harano won, the karate club wouldnt lose anything no, that was wrong! Their renown would be left in tatters!

If the entire karate club was defeated by a single person, the clubs reputation would be ruined!

It would help Seigos "destroyer of clubs" nickname become a reality rather than just an exaggeration!

So they definitely couldnt lose! Not to mention Rion and Kotomi wouldnt allow them to lose, so all the members had to fight at full strength Besides, this match-up wasnt possible to lose, was it?

Kyosuke Akanishi studied Seigo Haranos face.

Seigo Harano the legendary transfer student wore a serious expression!

Did this guy truly believe that he could defeat the entire karate club by himself!?

Kyosuke felt that the notion itself was ridiculous.

Even though hed just suppressed his club members commotion, he actually wanted to join in with them and shout out: "Just who the hell do you think you are!?"

While Kyosuke may have been calmer than the other club membersor perhaps denser was a more fitting word to describe himhe was still a hot-blooded youth. After he realized what was happening, the ridiculousness of the situation caused his anger to boil!

His club members were right. This transfer student merely received a little nickname and got popular with the club presidents, causing his self-confidence to spiral out of control!

It didnt matter what he wanted the twin sisters to docoming to the karate club with such an attitude was a blatant insult!!

He absolutely must be taught a lesson!

I must teach him that karate isnt a sport like tennis or basketball! Nor was the karate club a weak club like the tennis and basketball clubs!!

In his heart, Kyosuke had already decided to give that bastard a good lesson. And after Seigo joined the karate club, he would give Seigo a vicious sparring session to teach him the meaning of the word "respect!"

This was probably Rion and Kotomis goal.

He didnt know how they got Seigo to fall for their bait, but their plot was wonderful! Seigo Harano would pay the price for his arrogance and join the ranks of their servants!

Kyosuke was impressed by the twin witches; this elaborate scheme was befitting of the karate clubs true leaders.

They were easily able to discern the weak spot of this excellent athlete the other clubs had failed to recruit and brought him here!

The karate club would definitely flourish under the secret control of these twins. As their puppet whoops, representative, even if he was a little dissatisfied, he had to admit that they were better at the role than he was.

Kyosuke wanted to enjoy the benefits of a strong and flourishing club as the club captain! All he needed to do was tolerate some slight displeasure at being secretly controlled. It seemed like quite a good deal to him.

"I understand whats going on." Kyosuke believed that he had enough information now, so he spoke up.

He looked at the boy seated across from him.

"Seigo Harano Harano-san, I dont know what request you have for the twin flowers in our karate club, but its an insult to us if youre arrogant enough to challenge our entire club.

"I admit youre an excellent athlete that all the clubs are trying to recruit, but no matter how excellent an athlete you are, arrogance is a critical weakness! Its more than enough to surpass all your strengths."

Kyosuke looked directly into Seigos eyes as he took a strict tone. "So, from now on, I shall allow you to witness the full strength of the karate club! I shall make you recognize the faults of your own arrogance!! And after you lose and join our karate club, well train you to our utmost and wipe away your faults, making you into a truly outstanding individual!!!"

His loud voice echoed clearly in the dojo.

Every karate club members spirit shot up to the maximum level due to his speech!

Everyone glared daggers at the first-year high schooler they perceived as an arrogant bastard.

Allow me to witness your strength I heard something similar last night; do all karate club members like to use words like this? Seiji wondered inwardly.

Then he might as well use the same reply as last time.

"Please take good care of me."

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