Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 89


Pure bone-chilling ice filled Rion and Kotomi.

They involuntarily recalled last weeks memory.

This person in front of them saw through their essence in the first meeting and spat such condescending words at them back then!

Just like this time.

No he was far more terrifying than last time!!

The twin sisters faintly perceived that they had made a huge mistake.

Why were they afraid of Seigo Harano?

Why did they constantly feel pressured by his imposing manner!?

Why did they continue to underestimate him, despite reminding themselves how strong he was!!?

That was because they still hadnt seen him for who he truly was.

They thought that he was a monster, a demonbut that was the limit of their understanding!

Seigo Harano just who on earth was he? What type of person was he!? They had no idea whatsoever!!

But he knew so much about them.

At this moment, a cell phone began ringing.

It sounded out of place given the current atmosphere.

"Ha, perfect timing." Seiji smiled without turning around as he spoke, "Junior, take out your cell phone."

"Oh Oh!" Hoshi finally regained his senses and took out his cell phoneit was his phone which was ringing.

An unfamiliar number was displayed on the screen.

"Give that to me And you might as well stand next to me to witness the spectacle of your sisters." Seiji waved his hand.

"Oh" Hoshi dazedly obeyed as he stood next to Seiji and handed Seiji his cell phone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, heres a question for you all." Seiji acted like he was about to begin a performance as he took the cell phone. "Who is calling at this time? And why? No need to be anxiousI shall reveal the answer shortly.

"But what you should pay attention to isnt this cell phone or me, but those two in front of me instead."

Seiji looked down on the and let out a burst of taunting laughter again. "As long as you watch their faces, youll be able to enjoy their unseemly appearances as their minds are broken and they fall into absolute despair~

"This will be one of the best memories of your lives, as youve all been under their control through various methods and threats for so long.

"Please dont miss this entertainment!"

His words were clearly inflammatory and abnormal in tone.

They had the effect Seiji intended, as most of the karate club members turned and looked directly at the twin sisters.

Due to the angle, there werent actually all that many who could clearly see their faces.

However, Rion and Kotomi still felt a huge sense of humiliation.

Simultaneously, an unprecedented fear was slowly building up within them.

They were just like convicted felons who were about to be publicly executed with everyone watching!

The executioner was about to swing his blade.

Seiji took the call and put it on speakerphone.

"Hey, hey, is this Harano-kun?" a male voice spoke up from the other side.

If the delinquents Takashi Kobayashi and Kahei Watari had been present, they would have recognized the voice. But none of the current people here knew who this was.

"Its me. Howre things on your end?"

"Everything went smoothly. Amami-san didnt really cooperate at the start, but after our sincere persuasion, he accepted our assistance. After all, this was something that hes always dreamed ofto break free from his daughters control and regain his self-dignity as a father"

Seiji made sure to look down at the twin sisters faces as he said, "He must have been overjoyed."

Currently, the wicked arc of his smile seemed like nothing more than the devils grin to Rion and Kotomi!


Regain his self-dignity as a father?

The twins suddenly thought of what that meant and instantly began trembling as color drained from their faces once more!

Their father!!

Their father who had remained under their control for so long the man whod even been forced out of his home to live at his company for an entire week!!!

"Yeah, at first he suspected our motives, but after he believed that we truly wished to assist him, he cooperated with us." The voice in the cell phone continued speaking. "He took us to his home and gave us permission to enter, as well as pointing out his daughters room and allowing us to attempt at unlocking the door."

These words chilled Rion and Kotomis very hearts!!

Their room

"How was the experience of trying to unlock the room of two high school beautiful twin girls?" Seiji continued acting like the talk show host of a variety program.

"It sounds more exciting than it actually is Hey! Is this really a high school girls room!?" The voice on the phone cooperated with Seiji by also mimicking a talk show hosts attitude. "Steel anti-theft doors equipped with artificial intelligence! Electronic and fingerprint locks together, and if you enter the wrong password three times or have the wrong fingerprint, or if you accidentally set off some other strange alarms, it will automatically send out a preset message to the original owners cell phone as an alarm!

"Besides, there was even a mechanical lock as the final barrier. I give it perfect points as an anti-theft system! I find it so difficult to believe that the owners of this room were actually two high school girls!!"

"Eharent you exaggerating a little? Im getting scared~" Seiji clutched his forehead with mock fear.

"We were the ones who were scared, okay! I almost wanted to kneel in defeat in front of this door! Heavens are all high school girls as paranoid as them!?" the voice on the cell phone energetically commented.

"Well this should be a special exception, since the owners of this room hid so many things which cant see the light of day in it." Seiji squinted while grinning at the twins in front of him. "The fact that theyre using such an outlandish door shows just how much theyre afraid of someone invading their privacy."

Rion and Kotomi no longer knew what expressions they had.

They felt as if everything around them was beginning to teeter, becoming distant and hazy, as if they were dreaming.

No they shouted inside their hearts.

But the nightmare was just beginning.

"I feel almost bad about invading such a room, but I received a request from you, and I also have the homeowners permission, but the most important part was I was so excited!" the voice on the phone shouted. "Ive never been in a fragrant high school girls room before! This is a dream come true for me!!"

"Dont get so excited Hey, how did you guys break through that door?"

"We werent able to!" the voice directly stated the truth.

"What? How could that be!?" Seiji acted as if he were shocked.

"Well just joking~ Its not that were unable to break through it, it was just too much of a hassle! So after obtaining Amami-sans permission, we used another method!"

"Stop scaring me, damn it! What method did you end up using?"

"We removed the iron bars from the window and broke through from there! It was much easier than breaking in directly through that ridiculous door with such a high defense value! Even though there were some traps and sensors here as well, it was a simple task to disable them with electronic scramblers!"

"What a marvelous method not! You actually stooped to breaking in through the window barstheres no beauty to that!!"

"Who cares about beauty when entering a room!? Were not noble thieves!! Its fine as long as we get in!!!"

Seiji and the voice on the phone clearly derived enjoyment from their exchange of comments.

Everyone listened to them in a daze.

This was almost exactly like a variety show program apart from the contents of their conversation.

Seigo Harano actually went and requested a group of people to go talk to Rion and Kotomis father in order to obtain his permission and invade the twins room!?

This this method was just like

Everyone had no words they could use to describe their feelings! It was impossible to describe!

But they all realized the same thing.

The twin witches perhaps they were truly done for!!

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