Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 90

While fighting against the witches, he had his companions perform a sneak attack on the witchs castle.

It sounded simple, but what person in real life could think of such an idea and actually carry it out?

At the very least, none of the karate club members would be able to think of it or pull it off!

Since they were all just normal high school students, all of them would unconsciously view breaking in and entering as illegal!

Not even considering the fact of what to do after entering, just entering would give them a mental roadblock.

But Seigo Harano gave them the answer: go find the homeowner, the twins father! He obtained their fathers permission to enter and break the locks.

Why would their father acquiesce to this type of request? The answer was unexpected but understandable, since even the twins father was one of their blackmail victims!

Even their blood-related father was one of their victims, proving just how frightening the twin witches were. But precisely for the same reason, they had a critical weakness!

Just as Seigo said, Amami-san would be more than happy to cooperate with him as long as Amami-san received his freedom and was able to regain his self-dignity as a father!

And thus, Seigos companions assaulted the castle.

What next?

"Okay, even though it wasnt beautiful, at least you succeeded in entering," Seigo continued speaking. "Then did you find what you were supposed to look for?"

"Of course we did; were professionals!" The voice on the phone was filled with pride.

"USBs, hard drives, notebooks, pictures Although they cleverly hid the information, everything might as well been transparent to us professionals! But they have such a scary amount! Are you certain this is really the room of two high school girls!? I feel its more like the room of a professional spy!?" the voice on the phone energetically commented on what he found. "Even though the room appears so cute on the surface, it had such things hidden beneath It completely ruined my fantasy!!"

"My apologies; I made you witness something that destroyed your dream," Seigo apologized sincerely.

"Ill accept your apology Sigh, it was a huge shock for me. But there were interesting things as well, such as panties No waitI meant their computer!"

"I feel like I just heard your true inner voice speaking."

"You misheard! I was talking about their computer! My, my, their computer was the most impressive of allit was loaded with so many defenses! The first barrier was breaking through the password filled with puzzle-like mysteries, but in front of my professional computer skills"

"Stop! Please skip the professional vocabulary and pretentious acting; our audience is filled with normal people!"

Seigo made a "stop" gesture even though the person on the phone obviously couldnt see him.

"Eh? But then Ill have nothing to brag about."

"Of course theres stuff to say! What was hidden on their computer!? Did you find their online accounts, passwords, and stored information!?" Seigo forcefully retorted.

"Oh, those, of course I got them all! Im"

"Professional! I got itcut to the chase!"

"Youre so mean, Harano-kun Fine, I found and figured out every piece of hidden information on their computer, as well as all their accounts and passwords," the voice on the phone stated in a relaxed manner.

The casual tone indicated the voice was supremely confident in his own skills.

Confident to the point that nobody would doubt the veracity of his statement!

The karate club members all wanted to start trembling.

This person on the phone call, Seigo Haranos companion just who exactly was he!?

A hacker The karate club members which possessed some computer knowledge figured this much out.

He was definitely a hackera supremely skilled hacker!

He had the ability to break through the twin witches computers defense and find out all their internet accounts and passwords! This definitely wasnt something an ordinary hacker could accomplish!!

For Seigo Harano to actually know someone like this, and for him to be capable of making a request of him

Everyone felt a new sense of fear and respect for the tall figure in front of them.

"Just who exactly is that on the phone with Seigo?" Mika muttered to herself.

She always believed that Seijis only friends were her and Chiaki. Apart from them, he was only acquainted with his other co-workers, the store owner/manager, and some repeat customers and so on

Waitperhaps the hacker was a co-worker or repeat customer!

Was this person really one of Seijis co-workers or repeat customers? But someone who could accept such a request and carry it out

Mika didnt understand.

She only felt that Seiji currently seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

Chiaki was also just as curious.

She only knew as much as Mika, but now she discovered Seiji had more connections than he appeared to have on the surface.

No, she didnt discover it just now! Shed learned it last night!

Chiaki thought back to last night and the huge secret that Seiji mentioned, which involved both the student council president and her ex-girlfriend Haruka

Was this formidable hacker who listened to Seijis request one of the select few who knew this "secret?" Could he also have some connection to President Yoruhana?

Thinking about Natsuya Yoruhana, who was the scion of an amazingly powerful family, then considering the fact that Seiji was actually a young master from a similarly powerful family, Chiaki suddenly felt that Seiji being able to find such a person to carry out such a request wasnt a strange thing at all.

Rather, this could be said to be Seiji Harutas true power!

In comparison, the twin witches, who merely ruled over a single grade at Genhana High School, werent even close to being on the same level!!

Seiji gave them so many chances, but the witches still didnt know what was good for them, so they ended up being looked down upon, being the target of condescension, and being crushed! Truly they received their just desserts.

Chiaki felt this scenario bore resemblance to an adult defeating two children.

And in a way, this was how it was.

Hoshi, who stood closest to Seijis side, was plunged into shock as he listened to the conversation between Seiji and the mysterious hacker.

He was unable to think of anything right now, since Rion and Kotomis expressions filled his field of vision.

Just what kind of expressions were those

Ashen, gray-white

The immeasurable despair which clouded his sisters faces made them seem like they were going to turn into dust

This was the expression his twin sisters bore as they were truly forced to the brink after refusing to accept their loss and change for the better!

Hoshi had no joy in seeing their expressions like this; he merely felt like his mind was going blank.

But no matter what, he would never forget this scene until he died.

"You found everything! Nice! As expected of professionals!!" Seiji gave a big thumbs-up to the cell phone.

"No, we werent certain that it was everything, Harano-kun! Since we felt that this rooms owners were truly scary, we searched the entire house one more time out of an abundance of caution, including even the yard!" The voice on the phone began chuckling. "But in the end, we didnt find anything else! It seems like the high school girls felt like their defense was sufficient"

"What excellent service!" Seiji wagged his thumbs-up back and forth.

"Finally, as you requested, and as Amami-san strongly requested, we took the information we discovered and destroyed everything!"

As the voice said, Rion and Kotomi acted as though they were truly being executed; they collapsed onto the floor with a sudden jerk of their bodies.

Nightmare this must all be a nightmare

Their senses had gone entirely hazy.

Everything seemed to go dark around them, as they were filled with bone-chilling cold, and light seemed to be leaving the world; it was as if they were falling down a bottomless abyss falling dropping

The nightmare continued with no end in sight.

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