Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 91

"All their data has been completely wiped, any physical information in their notebooks and pictures has been burned, and all their internet files have also been deleted. I took the liberty of changing all their passwords as well. I dont remember what they are, since I just entered new passwords randomly," the voice on the phone continued in a jovial manner.

"So, are you satisfied with our service, Harano-kun?"

"Im satisfied! Im satisfied to the max! I give your service and attitude a five-star rating!!" Seiji praised him exaggeratedly.

"Thank you so much for your excellent review! Were pleased to be of service!! If you need us again, please call at any timethe Cream Bunny Family Service Company welcomes you!!!" the voice on the phone exclaimed in excitement.

The Cream Bunny Family Service Company!?

Just about everyone present noticed the familiar name.

Cream Bunny that was the mascot of the massively popular anime "Honey Candy Girl." It was also the costume Seiji had to wear when he first started working for the confectionery store. Just about every young person and teenager on Sakura Island knew about this character!

Did this company really exist? The club members were doubtful, but they still made note of the name.

"Oh, thats right, Harano-kunafter we destroyed all the information, we noticed Amami-sans expression seemed rather scary, so we asked him if he was dissatisfied with our service. He replied to us by saying he was thinking about the best way to teach his unfilial daughters a good lesson after they returned home!

"His expression was truly frightening at that time! It made me want to go hide in a hole. But its understandable, since his daughters were involved in something so scary. They had so much blackmail material just how many people were these girls threatening!?

"Besides, even their father Amami-san wasnt spared! These high school girls are just too scary!! Even though they seem beautiful and cute in their pictures, forget about whats on the outside! If it was me, I wouldnt date them even if they paid me!! How will they ever find a boyfriend!!!?"

The voice on the phone kept up his energetic commentary.

"Yeah, I agree But you shouldnt have said all that out loud, since theyre right in front of me, and youre on speakerphone."

Seiji looked down at the two girls while smiling relaxedly.

"What!? Really! Why didnt you tell me earlier!? Youre pushing me off a cliff here, Harano-kun!!"

"They heard everything? From the very beginning!? Damn it! How will you compensate for my losses if such scary girls start paying attention to me!!?"

The voice on the phone sounded pitiful on the surface, but it was clear that he was being sarcastic.

"Ha 3-D girls are so dangerous! Im going back to my 2-D life as youre too much, Harano-kun! Im going to have to really take advantage of you the next time we meet!!"

"Yep, Ill treat you to a really good meal. I deeply appreciate your assistance." Seiji smiled.

"You dont need to thank me so formally; were good friends after all." The voice on the phone laughed. "Well then, talk to you later."

The conversation ended on that note.

Seiji smirked in satisfaction as he looked down once more on the twin sisters.

"Your expressions are simply wonderful."

He used his cell phone to take a picture of the twin sisters.

"Yep, not bad at all. Its an interesting expression thats worthy of my album. Ill treasure this picture forever, heh heh Hahahahaha!"

His raucous laughter resounded throughout the dojo again.

This time, his laughter, filled with condescension and contempt, caused everyone to shiver!

Monster no, he was a demon!

And as for the witches that were being taunted by the demon Some people couldnt help but glance at them with pity-filled eyes.

Even though they knew that the witches deserved it, this still seemed

"Hey, hey, at least react a little! Its quite boring if you just stand there wallowing in despair!" Seiji continued to taunt them laughingly. "Tell me what emotions are currently coursing through your veins! Let me interview youhow do you feel about all the blackmail files youve painstakingly collected being destroyed in one go!?

"Your father is waiting at home for you right now, and when you return, hell really give you a good lesson~ Just what exactly will he do to you? Im really curious~ Why dont you take a guess?"

Rion and Kotomi didnt respond at all.

Seiji continued his tirade. "Youll definitely be shouted at and beaten, and its pretty likely that youll be locked up no, even shackled! Heh, youll be locked up like disgusting animals! Youll be forbidden from leaving, barred from using computers or cell phones, and confined to a small room. Your father will only give you food and water, and even this he will do grudgingly; hell inwardly hate the notion of feeding you

"Hahaha, merely picturing it is entertaining to say the least! Dont you agree? While you were having so much fun manipulating your father, did you ever consider how frightening he would be if he ever broke free from your control one day?

"Oh wait, theres your mother as well! Since youve even been threatening your father, perhaps youve done the same thing to your mother? When she finds out shes been liberated, how frightening will her anger and rage be? Ive heard that women are often scarier than men when their rage is heated to boiling point!

"Hahahaha! I truly wish I could bear witness to your parents giving you a good lesson! Just imagining it is amusing enough!! I cant stop myself from laughing!!!"

Seijis loud laughter echoed continuously throughout the dojo.

Apart from him, nobody dared to make a single sound.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

Seigo Haranos words were all true.

Just how would the twins parents punish them after all the blackmail material was finally destroyed and they regained freedom Just imagining it chilled everyone down to their bones!

Even the karate club members who resented Rion and Kotomi felt a sliver of pity for the twins mixed in with the enjoyment they derived from the witches downfall.

This situation was simply too pitiful.

Seiji finally calmed down after his fit of laughter. "With this, your final hiding place has been destroyed. And from now on, the school" He swept his gaze over everyone in the dojo. "everyone here from the karate club is probably either being threatened by you or under your control. This is the only explanation for every single member heeding your summons during lunch break.

"Your control over them is quite something to behold! Honestly, I was astounded when I saw that the entire karate club gathered here for your sakes without a single person missing! You wield such control over them!!"

Seiji extended his hands, gesturing at the club members. "This club is basically your army! Youre in control, and you command them!

"This club captain or whatever is only your puppet, a marionette! No, hes better than a puppet! As you dont need to do anything yourselves; hell obediently do whatever you say!!"

Seiji glanced at the karate club captain whom his words concentered.

Kyosuke Akanishi felt a chill followed by a hot flush wash over him. The chill was from his heart, while his face was burning up like fire.

He was indeed the twin witches puppet. The entire karate club knew about it, but nobody mentioned it verbally. Having the truth of the matter declared so bluntly made him feel a deep sense of shame.

"And now, the basis of your threats which you used to control everyone is gone." Seiji retracted his gaze from the captain as he chuckled hoarsely.

"Everyone here, you heard everything just now. These two no longer have a method to command you anymore; youre all free!"

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