Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 92

All the karate club members remained silent, but their eyes flashed with an indescribable light.

"What will all of you do after receiving freedom? I believe that everyone here is a good student, so you guys wont bully the twins as revenge. But none of you will listen to their orders anymore, and youll distance yourselves from them, in addition to letting everyone know the witches no longer possess their blackmail material. Eventually, everyone will learn that the famous twin witches are finished!

"Just how many students were under their control or being threatened by them? I dont know, but Im sure that some among them harbor hatred and will seek revenge!" Seiji let out a burst of mocking laughter. "Just like how your parents are going to educate you, there will also be those who seek to exact their vengeance at school!

"Before, you used to be queens, and you enjoyed the feeling of controlling others with your excellent appearances and behavior. But did you ever pause to consider the repercussions if you happened to lose your position!? You probably didnt, because your brains have already turned to mush and lack the capability to plan ahead! Nor do you dare consider the consequences!!

"But no matter; the fate of a tyrant who loses their power is well known! Newspapers, magazines, television, the internet, even history booksthe examples are everywhere!!

"You must have seen similar examples as well! You can probably recall them, right!? Just imagine yourselves in their situations! Since youre going to need to prepare yourselves!! Hahahaha-"

His cold yet pragmatic taunts and chilling laughter echoed in the air.

This was the laugh of a demon.

Currently, Rion and Kotomi were incapable of doing anything except wallowing in despair.

They didnt even have the energy to cry anymore. It was as if they were only empty husks.

Seijis laughter finally died down.

"Your school life will be over. What else do you still have oh, right, I almost forgot. Even though I had the black material in your room destroyed, you still have these."

Seiji bent over and picked up the twin sisters cell phones, which they had previously thrown on the floor in a fit of rage.

This action of his instantly helped Rion and Kotomi to regain their senses as their eyes flickered to life in their ashen-white faces!

"Cell phones such a powerful tool. Theres probably some important content hidden in these phones, right? Actually, my true goal in playing with you for so long was simply to watch you, and prevent you from using your cell phones.

"I agreed to this so-called duel with you on the condition of you two relinquishing your phones, but you two actually gave them up!! Even I didnt expect to meet with such success! I felt relieved after changing your cell phones passwords, because no matter what your cell phones were capable of, you wouldnt be able to use them during this time, and that was enough for me."

Seiji continued his taunting laughter as he manipulated a cell phone in each hand.

"Now, Im going to delete all the information stored on your cell phones, so that"


Although the twin sisters had remained silent, they made a sudden attack while Seiji was speaking!

The twins mustered every bit of energy they had remaining and put every drop of strength into their fists, as they threw two vicious punches targeted at their opponents waist!

They had been waiting for the best timing.

Seigo should have been preoccupied with their cell phones with both his hands.

As long as they knocked him over and recovered their cell phones, theyd be able to make use of them!

However, Seiji had anticipated this from the very start.

In the same moment the sisters began their attack, his foot was raised off the ground.

*Pound! Smack!*

With a single sweep of his leg, he viciously kicked both girls in their faces!!

Rion and Kotomi instantly collapsed backwards as their faces slumped down onto the soft mats. Their full-force punches didnt even reach their intended target.

"I said it already; Im not someone who relaxes their guard against you."

Seiji made a comical face at them. "Even though I even informed you of this, you still forgot. What idiots!"

Everyone could only watch on in stunned silence.

The twin sisters suddenly tried ambushing him, but they were defeated instantly. It all happened so quickly.

By the time everyone finished blinking, all they saw were the two sisters collapsed on the mats, with both their faces beginning to swell up; their beautiful faces were ruined!

This was so vicious

Did he bait them into attacking him

Another chill ran down everyones spines as they contemplated this possibility.

"Return the cell phones to factory settings, confirm yes or no, of course yes Okay, finished." Seiji showed both cell phones screens to the twins after he had finished resetting the phones. "Now these cell phones have nothing in them anymore!

"Oops, I didnt get permission for such an action But its not important; I believe that your father Amami-san wont think badly of me, after all. Maybe hell even thank me for it, since I got rid of the final problem!

"You can feel free to report me for doing so, but how will you report me? Tell the school morals committee? Im guessing that youve long been blacklisted by them! And youve probably been blacklisted by the teachers too Its impossible for you to report this to your parents, so would you go to the police?

"Disregarding whether or not the police will care about something as trivial as deleting your cell phones information, what will you tell them if they did care? Are you going to say that you had tons of blackmail files on other students, but they were deleted by me, so I did something illegal!? Hahahaha!"

Seiji let another round of laughter loose as he casually tossed the two cell phones in front of the twins. "Wonderful! Fighting against evil feels so marvelous!! Nobody will help you! Nobody will protect you! Everyone hates you! Any action taken against you counts as justice!!"

"I! Am a hero of justice!!" Seiji pridefully pointed at himself with his thumb.

Everyone was dead silent.

Their gazes were all unfocused.

Was he right?

It sounded like he was but something felt wrong

Before anyone had figured it out, Seiji moved once more, as he approached the twins and began stomping on them.

"Hey, react a little! This is supposed to be a show where the hero of justice faces off against the evil witches! It wont be a good show if the witches are so pathetic!!"

He continued to kick the twin sisters repeatedly.

"Honestly, I thought youd at least be able to put up a token struggle; you getting defeated like this is so boring! I dont even have a sense of accomplishment! Hey, werent you incredible? Werent you so arrogant!? If youre witches, then act like witches for me!!

"Theres still some things I havent told you yet! Such as how I had my partner secretly copy your personal pictures and videos, to put on the internet! This way youll be ruined in society as well! Youll be totally ruined! The only things youll have left are your bodies!

"If you use your beauty, at least youll still be able to please some men! Then you can depend on that for your survival!! By going to some sort of secret sex shop, and using your bodies and your low cunning, perhaps youll even become the most popular girls"

"ENOUGH!!!" a thunderous roar interrupted Seiji mid-speech.

Seiji stopped kicking the twins as he slowly turned his head.

He saw Hoshi Amami standing there, glaring at him with a tear-streaked face.

"Stop hitting them dont say any more why why do things to such an extent Senpai!?"

Seijis arrogant expression slowly disappeared from his face; it had all been just an act.

"Why? Wasnt it obvious, junior? Its because theyre evil! Theyre rotten scum, who fail to comprehend the meaning of regret! This is what they deserve!"

"No Not at all!!!" Hoshi shouted with all his energy.

Everyone glanced at him.

Even Rion and Kotomi who seemed like they had lost their very wills, slowly turned to look at him.

"My sisters my sisters were kind before they were just like other girls theyre not scum" Hoshis tears flowed down his face like a waterfall. "They just made a mistake if they change themselves, they can become good people Just like Senpai! Senpai didnt you say before that you used to be so similar to my sisters!?" Hoshi shouted while crying.

Everyone heard him clearly.

They all fixed their gazes on Seigo Harano again.

They saw that his expression was surprisingly calm.

It was as if he had been waiting for Hoshi to say this.

"Ah, indeed. Youre absolutely right, junior."

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