Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 93

Seigo Harano was once similar to the twin witches!?

The karate club members had already lost track of how many times theyd been shocked today; they were beginning to feel numb about it all.

Seiji paid no attention to them as he looked over towards Rion and Kotomi again.

The twins seemed incredibly pitiful as they laid there on the mats, their faces swollen after receiving a beating from him.

"Did you see that? Did you hear that? When you lost everything and became ruined, as you fell into the deepest depths of despair. The only people who will help you, and can help you, are those who truly care about you; nobody else."

He no longer showed condescension or contempt; his words were spoken with utter calmness.

He stared at the twins faces, and he seemed to peer into their very souls. "You relied on blackmail material to threaten and control others and forcefully formed twisted relationships with those around you. You were lost, so you failed to notice how fragile this type of relationship truly was.

"The moment you lose your blackmail material, everything you constructed will have been for naught, and everyone will become your enemy!

"Youll be labeled as evil and attacked by justice! Youll receive a brutal punishment!" Seijis words rang clearly throughout the dojo, and each and every sentence carried the force of a weighty hammer.

"Actually, you could have had something even better. Im talking about true connections with other people. Ive told you before that youre actually very fortunate girls: you have parents who love you, a kind and caring brother, youre beautiful and talented, and everyone wants to be friends with you.

"You were born with silver spoons in your mouths. You were gifted with conditions hundreds, even thousands of times better than those twisted ones you created! But you chose to create such fragile, utterly twisted relationships with those around you, bound to collapse and even turn on you in a moments notice!

"This is akin to abandoning wealth right at your fingertips, and instead choosing to hug a piece of garbage which seems beautiful on the outside!!

"Its foolish to the extreme!!!"

Seiji looked deeply at the duo, his gaze piercing right into the twins cores.

Within their hearts, Rion and Kotomi were trembling violently.

"And even though you did such a foolish thing, you took pride in yourselves. You became addicted to adhering to the supposed truth of this world, and unknowingly constructing a kingdom made of trash. Even so, you were still lucky."

"Thats because there was still something incredibly valuable by your side: your little brother. Even though you enjoyed teasing, humiliating, and doing other extreme things to him, he still believed in you two, and treated and loved you like his close sisters!"

"Even though you exposed your true selves to him and did even worse things to him, he still treated you as family!!"

"After you were swallowed up by your own twisted web, hated by your parents, and abandoned by everyone, who will remain distant from you and regard you as an enemy, he stood by your side. When you fell into endless despair with an incomparably cruel situation facing you, and you were being beaten by me, only he stepped forth and defended the two of you!!!"

"If you still dont understand even up to now, then your brains must have become absolutely rotten!!!" Seiji roared in a stern voice.

The twin sisters expressions became even more pained.

At this moment, they had no way to deny his words.

Since they personally experienced just how easily everything they were once proud of was destroyed!

And their younger brother that they always ignored and hurt Hoshi was the only person who still stood up for them after they had lost everything and looked so miserable!!

Everything Seigo Harano said was indisputable, irrefutable and it was the truth!!!

The so-called "truth of the world" they believed in before was nothing more than an immature viewpoint that they possessed; only part of the bigger truth that they had refused to see.

The world didnt work that way all the time.

"Imagine it: if you werent trash that made such a foolish decision, if you werent scum that harmed someone who you should have treasured, just how strong and beautiful you would be today!" Seiji continued his lecture. "Its something quite easy to imagine; I can see it quite clearly"

"Your parents would have protected you, your brother would have respected you, all the club members would have trusted in you, and the entire grade would idolize you People would rely on you, believe in you, and theyd be willing to become your power!"

"If you ever met with any difficulties or threats, without even needing to ask, countless people would stand up, help you, and protect you! Youd be beautiful, beloved by everyone, youd be strong to the point where nobody can hurt you."

"And not like this! Your faces have become swollen, your complexions are ashen-white, and youre lying on the mats in such an unsightly manner. Youre getting beaten up and insulted and youre despairing, while everyone watches on with distant looks on their faces!"

"Many people are even feeling happy about it, and you cant request assistance from anyone. Not even your parents will come help you; theyre the ones who loathe you more than anyone!!"

Seiji took a long, good look at the twins. "How pathetic"

*Wahh* Tears gushed out of Rion and Kotomis eyes once more.

Yep, were pitiful, just too awful.

We were foolish to the point of reaching this ending

Just what were we doing!!??

They were unable to stop their tears.

Rion and Kotomi looked at each other and saw only stark ugliness as well as bone-deep regret!

"This is too pathetic, too ugly; I dont want to see this anymore," Seiji stated calmly as he turned around and began walking off. "Goodbye, scum."

"Senpai" Hoshi dazedly watched his senpais tall figure walk past him.

Just as he thought Seiji was about to leave, Seiji suddenly halted.

"As for my juniors question I might as well answer it." Seiji didnt look back as he calmly spoke, his back turned towards everyone. "I used to be scum as well scummier than even those two currently collapsed on the mats.

"But at the very least, they still have a relative that stood up for them, but as for me Ive already been abandoned by all my relatives. I deserved no less, but in my foolishness I still didnt realize my misdeeds as I hid alone in a dark corner and stubbornly believed myself to be in the right while hating the entire world and everyone in it."

"Until I met with an accident and almost died in a hilariously unbecoming method. While facing death, in the deepest depths of despair, I finally saw how rotten I was. Finally, I was awakened. Perhaps it wasnt too late, or maybe it was already too late but I tried my best to become a true human being."

"And now Im the person who stands before you. I tried my best, junior."

After hearing these words, Hoshis brain, still in a state of disarray, suddenly made the connection and came to a sudden realization.

Just now, all of Senpais terrible behavior, outlandish words, and awful actions were all for the sake of

And all of Senpais actions actually dug up his old scars!

He forcefully endured his own pain to do all this!!

"Senpai Senpai Im sorry Im sorry!!!" Hoshi couldnt help but cry out loudly after coming to this realization.

Everyone in the karate club was also moved by this.

This person Seigo Harano

They couldnt find any words to express their feelings as they looked towards his figure.

But, deep within their hearts, all of them were moved.

Rion and Kotomi also heard those words while lying on the mats, and they were unable to stop the shaking deep within their souls.

"Seiji" Mika muttered, tears glistening in her eyes as she covered her face.

Chiakis eyes also sparkled wetly.

Youve worked hard, Seiji, she thought to herself as she silently watched that tall figure slowly walk to the changing room.

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