Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 95

Seiji detailed the entire story to Hisashi, who remained silent a few moments, digesting his words.

"As you say, its about a stupid younger brother and a pair of idiotic twin sisters"

Seiji smiled slightly. "I originally only wanted those sisters to be punished, but the person who they harmed the most still cared for them. As that idiots senpai and friend, I could only do my best to help."

Hisashi looked deeply at Seiji, smiled, and raised his glass again. "It seems just like what you would do, Harano-kun."

"Is that a compliment, or something else?" Seiji also smiled and raised his glass.

They made a final toast, their glasses coming together with a clink.

Then there was silence.

"This time, I owe you you guys a favor, and Ill return it," Seiji promised. "If you ever require my assistance, let me know."

Hisashi adjusted his glasses. "It wasnt much; just think of it as helping me find something less boring than usual to do Besides, just as I mentioned earlier, breaking and entering into a high school girls room is an exciting experience Ive always dreamed about!"

The first half of the sentence was spoken like a mafia member, but the second half carried the tone of an otaku.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"So dont mind it. Theres no need to talk about favors." Hisashi shrugged, before he seemed to suddenly recall something.

"But there is one thing Id like to invite Harano-kun to participate in."

"What is it?"

"Id like to create a game." Hisashi smiled.

"A game?" Seiji blinked in surprise. "If you wanted to make a game shouldnt it be easy for you?"

"If I pay money to hire someone, sure, but I dont want to do that!" Hisashi adjusted his glasses as his lens flashed.

"I want to work together with someone who is my equal, someone who shares the same interests as me, but has a different opinion. We can each add our specialized touches to create an excellent game together, filled with our passion and will!"

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata several animes about this type of topic from his previous life flashed through Seijis mind.

"You can understand this pure idea of mine, right, Harano-kun!?" Hisashi gesticulated with his hands excitedly.

"Of course!" Seijis glasses also whoops, his eyes flashed! "Of course I understand your way of thinking, Juumonji-kun, because thats my wish as well!"

"Ohhyou truly know me!" Hisashi was incredibly moved as he reached out his hand.

"Yep! Then let us work on it together! Ill accept your invitation gladly!" Seiji reached out his own hand in response.

The two otakus shook each others hands.

After that, they heatedly discussed their plans for their game together for a rather long time

The next day.

During school time, Seiji seemed to be brooding over something. He had remained silent for the whole day.

Mika thought he was still thinking about yesterdays incident, and although she knew it was slightly inappropriate to ask, she couldnt restrain her curiosity and ended up asking anyway.

As a result

"Make make a game?" The pigtailed beauty was stunned.

"Yep, together with a friendthe same person you heard on the phone yesterday. Ive decided to make a dating sim together with him!" Seiji told her honestly.

Seeing Mikas blank expression, Seiji thought for a while before he decided to give her an explanation.

"A dating simulation game is also known as a gal game, and its mostly focused on capturing whoops, its a romance video game focused on interacting with various beautiful girls, each of whom have different backgrounds and personalities!"

"Oh oh." Mika nodded dazedly.

Truthfully, she still hadnt understood what this was about, as she was still in a daze.

"Making an excellent dating sim is a dream that many otakus will have!" Seiji clenched his fist as his excitement peaked. "I already discussed it with him; Ill create the scenario, and hell take care of the coding, but were still missing an artist for the graphics and someone to take care of the background music.

"We definitely wont make it in time for the holy battle of winter, so our target is the holy battle of summer next year! Were not tight on time, but nor can we relax. Im going to start working on the scenario right away, and hes going to scout for more people. At the minimum we need an artist before we can begin for real!"

Mika had no words to say in response.

She could barely manage to understand what he said about the scenario, artist, and coding but what the hell was a "holy battle!?"

Plus, a "holy battle of winter" and a "holy battle of summer!?"

What type of battle was this? Twice a year!?

A barrage of comments flew past her mind. "Seiji arent you worried about what happened yesterday?" she couldnt help ask.

Seiji blinked. "Worried, yeah, but worrying wont help," he responded calmly. "I already did everything I could. The rest its up to us to believe."

Mika was slightly moved.

"Yeah, believing" She nodded as a smile slowly broke out on her face. "Theyll definitely be fine! After all, you worked so hard!"

"What type of logic is that?" Seiji chuckled.

"The Uehara familys logic!" Mika laughed.

They went together side by side to school, just as normal.

At the school, they met Chiaki in front of the shoe lockers.

She was smiling rather strangely.

"Seigo, heres a special delivery just for you!" She handed Seiji a light blue envelope.

Seiji and Mika were filled with questions.

"This is a love letter? From you?" Seiji felt that something was abnormal as he took the letter and examined it.

"Its a love letter, but I told you it was a delivery. Im just giving it to you for someone elses sake~"

Chiaki kept covering her mouth strangely.

A plot of some sort Something definitely smelled fishy about this.

Seiji was one hundred percent certain that this was a ploy.

"Who is it from? Is this really a love letter? Will it explode when I open it?"

"Youll find out soon enough, so hurry up and read it!" Chiaki kept chuckling.

Chiaki then hopped over, grasped Mika by the arm, and dragged her away.

"C Chiaki? Whats going on!?"

"Ill tell you, but just come with me first!" Chiaki dragged her friend towards the classrooms, then turned her head and shouted one more time, "You absolutely must hurry up and read this!"

Seiji had a blank expression on his face.

He stood there motionless, holding the mysterious envelope in his hands. He had no clue what was going on.

This definitely smelled fishy! What the hell was this!?

Forget it; he might as well take a look. It probably wouldnt explode for real this wasnt Full Metal Panic, after all.

Seiji prepared himself mentally as he opened the envelope.

"I wish to confess my feelings for you. I cant hold them back anymore, so please come as soon as possible to the rooftop. Im waiting for you~"

There was only a few unsigned sentences written on the paper.

Seiji raised his eyebrows; something was clearly abnormal.

He changed into his school shoes and walked upstairs.

At this time, the rooftop was usually empty.

After Seiji arrived, he noticed a blue-haired girl wearing a pure white one-piece dress standing in the corner. She had her back faced towards him and was looking up at the sky. The scene seemed dream-like.

He walked towards the girl.

She detected that someone was approaching and turned around daintily.

Her fine blue hair reached her shoulders, and her eyes were a beautiful shade of sky blue. Her delicate light red lips were pursed together, and her pale face was tinged with a hint of red She appeared to be a pure yet seductively alluring beauty.

The blue-haired girl showed off a dazzling smile as she saw the tall and handsome boy approaching here. As she squinted, her eyes shone with a brilliant light.

"Harano-senpai! I have always liked you!! Please go out with me!!!" She held a hand over her chest as she worked up her courage to make a soul-felt confession.

Faced with the beautiful girls confession, Seijis expression was cold and steely!

He continued walking straight towards the beautiful "girl" and raised his hand.

"Go out with you!? What the hell, bastard!!!?"

A hard palm-strike to the top of the "girls" head accompanied his forceful retort!

"What are you doing to me so early in the morning!? Did you finally awaken to something you shouldnt have, Hoshi Amami!!!?"

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