Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 96

Yes, the beautiful blue-haired "girl" was Hoshi Amami wearing female clothing and a wig.

"Hehe, you saw through me as expected..." Hoshi rubbed his head where Seiji had struck him as he laughed and stuck out his tongue.

"Of course I saw through you, idiot!" Seiji struck him lightly on the head one more time.


"Then dont do such a thing!! Do you realize that right now I really want to fucking beat you up!!?"

"But Senpai, yesterday you said that you were really looking forward to the classical scene of being confessed to on a rooftop... I just wanted to do something for you." Hoshi was now cradling his head with both hands as he knelt on the floor. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

"Do something for me!? What the hell!? A boy confessing to me like this will leave me with nothing but a bad memory!!! Also, stop acting cute, you bastard!!"

Seijis roaring rang throughout the entire rooftop, and it seemed to pierce through the heavens.

Okay, take a minute to calm down.


After a one minute cooling-off period.

Seiji was finally able to calmly face Hoshi, who had now taken off his wig.

"Where did you get these clothes and the wig from?"

"I borrowed them from a classmate in drama club. I later learned that she was an acquaintance of Wakaba-san, so I asked my classmate to contact her, and Wakaba-san helped me..."

"I see."

Seijis face twitched slightly as he recalled Chiakis unnatural expression. He felt like he really wanted to beat someone up right now.

It was definitely a plot, damn it!

"Honestly, making me see such a thing in the early morning... I feel like all the energys been drained from my body."

"But... Wakaba-san said that Senpai would be happy to see such a scene?" Hoshi nervously poked his index fingers and thumbs together, forming a diamond with his hands.


Theres a witness statement providing concrete evidence. She is hereby judged guilty, and a beating will be administered to Chiaki the next time I see her!

Seiji clenched his fists tightly. "I wouldnt be happy at all! Even though a trap character can be cute, to me, theyre only cute when theyre in 2-D!!"

"Oh... How regrettable; I had confidence in myself..."

"What the hells with saying its regrettable!? Dont have confidence in yourself in such a strange way!!"

"But this is just how I am."

"It doesnt matter even if its true! Anyway, didnt you want to become manlier!?"

"Yeah, even though thats the case..." Hoshi smiled. "Im beginning to feel like being a girl wouldnt be all that bad either."

"Stop! If you dare to continue this, be careful as Ill really beat you up!!!" Seiji forcefully commented.

I knew Senpai would react like this, Hoshi thought to himself as he smiled wryly.

But this is how I really feel, Senpai. Theres no way I can finish expressing all my gratitude and adulation towards you. If theres another life, Id want to turn into a girl... But, right now, in this life, Im a boy. Thats why...

"Just joking, Im a boy after all, so... Ill become stronger in the future." Hoshi looked directly into Seijis eyes. "Ill work hard to improve myself and get stronger, in order to become... someone worthy of being Senpais junior!"

Seiji was stunned.

He could feel Hoshis determination.

A momentary silence fell between the pair.

"Whats this about being worthy? Youre my junior regardless of whether youre worthy or not." Seiji chuckled as he averted his gaze and looked towards the sky.

"But its great that you have the determination to become stronger. Just maintain your spirit, and dont forget your goal as you continue taking steps forward."

"Yeah..." Hoshi turned around and also looked up at the sky.

The two of them gazed off into the distance and remained silent for a few seconds.

"How... is the situation?" Seiji broke the silence first.

"My sisters... theyre going to leave home and temporarily live with my grandparents," Hoshi said in a soft voice. "And me... Im also going to leave home and live together with Aunt Rika."

Seiji raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"What about your parents, then?"

"Grandfather wants them to truly self-reflect on their own actions and decide if they will get a divorce or continue living together... something like that."

Another brief silence fell.

"It seems like you must have had quite the imposing family meeting."

"Yeah, as Senpai instructed me, we talked to Aunt Rika and told her everything. Then... Aunt Rika went and brought along my grandfather and grandmother, as well as my uncle."

"My grandparents... theyre really strict. Father... hes afraid of them." Hoshi smiled wistfully. "If only I could have seen the truth much earlier and asked for help... from Aunt Rika, my grandparents, and my uncle... Things wouldnt have become the way they are today."

Seiji had no words to say in response.

"I regret it so much... But I also feel that its wonderful how things didnt turn out even worse. My sisters truly wish to change themselves now, so they... will definitely become better than before under my grandparents guardianship.

"My parents... are being watched over by my uncle, and I think theyll reflect on themselves as well. Ill continue to work in my aunts confectionery store to train myself and become stronger."

Hoshis smile kept increasing in brilliance as he looked once more at the tall figure besides him. "And I feel like the best part of it all was meeting you, Senpai. Even though I suffered a lot recently, if I think of it as something I needed to go through in order to meet Senpai, I feel like I can accept it all."

Thank you for saving me. Thank you for saving my sisters. Thank you for preventing my entire family from sinking into a bottomless abyss. Thank you for everything... Im grateful to this world for allowing me to meet you.

Seiji smiled and turned around to look at the person beside him.

"Dont say it like Im someone incredible, silly. Im simply your Senpai, as well as your friend; thats all there is to it."

Thats all there is to it.

This was simply another case of "thats all there is to it."

Hoshi kept smiling. His current smile was the most joyous smile of his entire lifetime!

He couldnt restrain his tears any longer, and they began rolling down his cheeks.

Ahhhe hadnt wanted to cry; he didnt want to seem unsightly in front of this person anymore.

But he couldnt stop himself.

"Thank you... Senpai..."

"Youve finally stopped apologizing; at least thats progress."

Seiji looked deeply at Hoshis brilliantly smiling yet tear-stained face.

Then, he averted his gaze, turned around, and began walking off.

"Ive received your gratitude. No need to be courteous with me, junior."

He casually waved his hand as he walked off.

Hoshi etched the handsome figures back into his memory and slowly bowed deeply towards Seiji.


*Ding!* A notification came from Seijis system.

A notification appeared in front of him.

[A male friend of yours now has a friendship rating towards you of over 100. The [friendship] option is now available. You can now see your male friends friendship ratings towards you, and if a male friend with 60 friendship points or higher gives you any gifts containing their emotions, youll also receive rewards through the [gifts] option.]

[A person now has a favorability or friendship rating towards you of over 100 for the first time. You have now acquired this persons character reward card.]

Seiji was speechless at the situation.

What the hell, favorability... whoops, friendship rating over 100!?

This... could only be Hoshi.

If 1 friendship point equaled 1 favorability rating point, then this value... was even higher than Mikas favorability rating towards him!!

Seiji received yet another shock from his system.

Boys actually had a friendship rating, and it could even surpass 100...

When Mika passed 90 points, his system had informed him that she would readily agree to become his intimate girlfriend. Now Hoshis friendship rating was over 100, what would he do?

Heavens, stop imagining such a thing!

Hoshi Amami! Your friendship is too much for me, hey!!

Seiji clutched at his face in frustration.

It was a good thing that a new option appeared, but his current feelings... were indescribable!

System... this is your idea of a joke, isnt it!?

Youre just a freaking dating sim system, but you have an option like [friendship]!? How can this be seen as anything other than a joke!!!

If Seijis anguished mental shouting had been physical in nature, surely his shouting would have pierced the heavens!

He needed three minutes to calm down.

No wait, after three minutes, Hoshi will probably come downstairs as well...

Seiji could only sigh to himself as he continued walking.

He should have been happy about unlocking a new option, but right now he didnt feel like inspecting it more closely at all.

When he reached the bottom of the staircase, he suddenly caught sight of two identical beauties standing there.

It was Rion and Kotomi Amami.

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