Number One Zombie Wife Chapter 31

Not Meant For You to Watch

Mu Yifans gazed followed Zhan Beitians finger to where he was pointing at. The movie cover was an animation. In great disbelief, he replied: Seriously? You want to watch an animated movie?

Zhan Beitian withdrew his hand, picked up the glass of lemon water that the server had previously poured him, and sipped it.

No matter what, Mu Yifan didnt believe that the male lead actually liked animation: Our combined ages is 60 yet you want to watch animation? Are you really sure that you want us to watch this?


But, I dont want to watch animation. Mu Yifan pointed at the comedy: I prefer this one.

Zhan Beitian spoke with profoundness:Its not meant for you to watch. All you have to do is just sit there.

Mu Yifan was stunned: Not meant for me to watch? Then whos watching it?

Zhan Beitian took a good look at his belly and kept silent.

Mu Yifan gave in: Fine. Ill order the tickets now.

Since the male lead was willing to watch a movie with him, he couldnt be too picky. If he wanted animation, then animation it would be.

Right after Mu Yifan had booked the tickets, the server walked in with two orders of the steak and then placed them on the table. He lightly smiled: Sirs, please enjoy. The other three black pepper steaks will take a bit longer.

There was still one and a half hour left before the movie started. Mu Yifan quickly picked up his fork and knife and devoured his meal. Good thing that the the movie theater was nearby; otherwise, hed probably have to swallow the entire steak in one bite.

An hour later, after Mu Yifan had finished, Zhan Beitian asked for the bill.

Sirs, a miss with the surname Rong has already paid for you. The server continued: She said that she wishes to befriend both of you.

He took out a gold-colored business card and handed it to them: This is Miss Rongs card. If you have any matter, you can give her a call. Of course, if its possible, she hopes that both of you will leave your numbers.

Zhan Beitians gaze suddenly grew icy.

The rooms temperature once again dropped.

Zhan Beitian didnt speak for a long while. Mu Yifan could only quietly remind him: The movies about to start.

Zhan Beitian looked at him and then narrowed his eyes. He took the servers pen and wrote Zhan Beitian on a blank sheet. The characters were written forcefully. Following his name was a phone number.

The more Mu Yifan looked at those digits, the more he felt that they looked familiar. Afterwards, his eyes widened. Wasnt that his number?!

Why did you write my.

Before he could finish, Zhan Beitian swept a cold glance over him. Mu Yifan quickly held back his words.

He remembered that in his story, the male lead didnt even bother replying back to the female character at all. However, this time, he left his name and a phone number. Did this mean that his existence in the novel had skewed the progression of events and caused major deviations in the plot?

Once he got the number, the server happily left the room.

Zhan Beitian got up and said: Lets go.

Mu Yifan swiftly picked up his bags and followed him out.

It was perfect timing when they arrived at the theater. One of them was in charge of putting personal items in the locker and the other was in charge of retrieving the tickets.

As they were about to enter the auditorium, there were many adults who had brought their children along with them. Only Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan were by themselves. The usher who was checking the tickets couldnt help but eye them a few times.

Inside the auditorium, they sat in the last row next to the exit corridor.

After movie had started, Mu Yifan, who originally thought that the movie would be extremely boring, ended up being the one who laughed the most. Even Zhan Beitian occasionally glanced at him.

That was too funny! Hahahaha! Mu Yifan laughed and spoke while rubbing his big round belly: I laughed so hard that even my belly kept jumping up and down.

Zhan Beitian: .

Mu Yifan suddenly stopped. He nervously grabbed Zhan Beitians hand and placed it on his belly: Really. It kept moving. What was that about?

Zhan Beitian: .

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