Number One Zombie Wife Chapter 32

This Man Was Quite Amusing!

Zhan Beitian: .

Although he couldnt see through his belly, judging from the bouncy movements, the little one inside seemed very happy.

As if influenced by it, Zhan Beitians eyes flashed with a hint of joy.

How is it? Can you feel it? Mu Yifan anxiously asked.

Ever since he had come back from the hospital as of yesterday night, his belly hadnt moved at all. He thought that the sudden movements from before were because of abdominal distension, but now that it was moving so frequently, it couldnt be something as simple as abdominal distension.

So why did the insides of his belly suddenly jump around?

He remembered thatwhen hecharacterized Mu Yifan in his novel, he never wrote anything about the zombie king having abdominal problems.

Mu Yifan recalled every detail from the story line. Suddenly, he thought of the Qingtian Bead which he had swallowed. It was spiritually sensitive and now it was in his stomach.

Could it be that the sudden bouncy movements in his belly were related to it somehow?

Because the movements were so obvious, there was no way that Zhan Beitian could say that he didnt feel anything.

Just when he thought about using abdominal distension as a white lie and wondered whether Mu Yifan would fall for it, he heard him say: I think its just abdominal distension. Itll stop jumping after I pass a gas or two.

If his belly was indeed jumping around because of the Qingtian Bead, then itd be best to not to visit the hospital.

The reason was that male lead wouldnt have chosen to reside in his villa for this long just because he had helped him take a bullet. Also, just because he had cancer didnt mean that the male lead might stay to take care of him.

On that day when he told Li Qingtian to lie to the male lead that he didnt have much longer to live, he was actually betting on whether the male lead would choose to stay with him or not. To his surprise, he voluntarily stayed to take care of him after getting shot.

Now, the only legitimate reason for the male lead to stay by his side was because of the Qingtian Bead. Therefore, he couldnt go to the hospital. He didnt want the male lead to use any excuses to extract the bead from his belly.


Zhan Beitian placed his right hand under his nose and covered his sensual thin lips. He discreetly turned his head the other way where Mu Yifan couldnt see him. The corners of his lips suddenly curved upward. He tried to contain his snicker.

This man was quite amusing!

Just when Zhan Beitian wasnt looking at him, Mu Yifan lowered his head and silently muttered: Stop jumping.

Instantly, his belly calmed down.

Mu Yifans eyes lit up.

So it was the problem of the Qingtian Bead!

Next, he experimented a few times. He asked the Qingtian Bead to jump and it jumped. He asked it to stop and it stopped.

After he had realized that this was all the doing of the Qingtian Bead, he no longer worried.He would allow it to rest inside his belly until he could get rid of the male lead once and for all.

What happened next was that the two of them were no longer interested in watching the movie. They were both deep in their own silly thoughts.

After the movie had finished, they both drove back to the villa.

During the entire trip, Mu Yifan was so sleepy that he couldnt open his eyes. He yawned and spoke while walking towards the villa: Beitian, you go try on the clothes later. If they dont fit or you dont like them, I can get you new ones tomorrow.

Behind him, Zhan Beitian retrieved the bags that Mu Yifan tossed in the backseat.

Suddenly, something fell out from one of the bags. Plop!

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