Omnipotent Sage Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Devouring Food (a)
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Primitive Dragon Chimera!

It was a Fierce Beast that fed on dragons. Previously in the Seven-deity Regions, it could not find any dragon, but now, in the Sea Area, there were plenty of dragons. At least in the Five-dragon Regions, there were five Dragon Kings. However, they were so powerful that Zhou Bao did not have the guts to eat them.

At present, the defensive formation of Rolling Dragon Palace had been destroyed and the strong spirit of the real dragon was oozing out from the palace. Just then, Zhou Bao realized that, in the palace, there were numerous dragons including the Dragon King.

Rolling Dragon King had many children, such as the hapless Fourth Prince, the Third Prince, who was the apple of the eye of the Dragon King, and many more. Zhou Bao could not defeat Rolling Dragon King, but he could win over his children. Moreover, he was tempted by those "delicacies" readily available now, therefore, he could not control himself.

He exercised his Phantom Body Skill and swam in the sea undetected. Within a few seconds, he successfully entered Rolling Dragon Palace.

Rolling Dragon Palace was not only a palace, but more like a city, a huge and luxurious one. But for the events happening, Zhou Bao probably would have been interested in taking a stroll around the palace. However, going by the current situation, Zhou Bao was definitely not in the mood to do so.

He was completely consumed by the "hunger" in his heart. At this time, two Lords of Heaven had already summoned their subordinates and rushed into the palace. Although Rolling Dragon King's coercion frightened some experts at the Venerable Realm, now, when he faced attacks from those two Lords of Heaven, he could not wait to withdraw his Qi Power instead of releasing it like before. To him, it was a total waste of strength.

Those two Lords of Heaven were Six-tribulation True Immortals, but they were not enough to harm the Dragon King. However, once they summoned hundreds of Venerables to rush forward, it was a lot of work that could be quite troublesome. Those who followed the two Lords of Heaven were able to bear the Dragon King's coercion, and they were considered as real experts among those Venerables. Those who could not withstand the coercion had vanished into thin air as the coercion disappeared. However, there were still a great number of people who had already rushed into the palace.

Being the headquarters of the Rolling Dragon King's territory, Rolling Dragon Palace was heavily guarded with many experts. However, no matter how strong these experts were, they were just some Genuine Immortals, among which few had already attained the Venerable Realm. Obviously, in terms of both quantity and strength, they were no match for experts in Dragon Abyss Prison. That was why Rolling Dragon King instantly built a defensive formation after those criminals escaped from the prison. Without doubt, he was powerful. However, when it came to the overall strength, criminals in Dragon Abyss Prison were far superior to his subordinates. Currently, the defensive formation of the palace had already been destroyed and he was under siege from the two Lords of Heaven. His subordinates could not withstand their enemies' attacks anymore. Therefore, in a short period of time, the palace had fallen into total chaos as the defensive systems collapsed one by one.

Zhou Bao transformed into a black shadow and flitted around the palace.

"Ah! There are delicacies to be found!"

Suddenly, he saw several figures fighting with each other, some distance away from him. Five or six experts at the Venerable Realm were attacking a One-tribulation True Immortal, whom Zhou Bao considered to be a tasty morsel.

This Genuine Immortal was really powerful. Although he was supposedly the underdog and totally besieged by those Venerables, he remained utterly composed as he defended and attacked, and in a short period of time, he was out of danger.

After observing for a while, Zhou Bao finally figured out the reason why this Genuine Immortal could withstand attacks from his enemies for such a long time. There was nothing special about his cultivation, instead, it was because he possessed a strong body, which far surpassed that of those Venerables, both in toughness and strength. To put it simply, he was able to put up with the attacks.

What interested Zhou Bao most was the physical appearance of the Genuine Immortal. Generally speaking, as demons became more powerful, their appearances would become very similar to that of human beings. When they reached the Realm of Genuine Immortality, they almost resembled a human and would not have the half human, half beastlike look, unlike most of the demons in the sea. Often, they would possess some features which indicated what their Real Body was. What this Genuine Immortal possessed was a horn on his forehead. Although it was small, people could recognize it straight away.

"It's a dragon!" thought Zhou Bao. There was no need for him to think further, for the flickering Dragon Chimera Fire inside his body had already confirmed the fact and its desire as well.

"Eat him, eat him, eat him...!"

Deep in his heart, the Demonic Fire repeatedly chanted these words to influence his mind and ignite his desire to eat. Zhou Bao suddenly sped up, and all of a sudden, he had entered the "battlefield" where the six people were, appearing like a wisp of black smoke.


The Phantom Body Skill was so speedy and strange that all that six Genuine Immortals, among whom five were at the Venerable Realm, saw was the flash of a black shadow before they could react. Later, they heard a screech which suddenly tailed off.

The Genuine Immortal of the Dragon tribe died before he was done screeching.

Not only did he die on the spot, but his essence disappeared as well, leaving behind only a desiccated dragon-shaped corpse.

"Hiss...! What's this?"

Those five Genuine Immortals at the Venerable Realm could not help gasping in shock after the incident.

What was this? What had just happened?

Everything was going well for the Genuine Immortal of the Dragon tribe. However, in a blink of an eye, as the enemy of those five Venerables, he died in a most horrible manner, and all they had seen was only the flash of the black light.

After that, the Genuine Immortal fell to the ground and his original body appeared. However, it was just an extremely withered corpse. If the Dragon tribe at the Realm of Genuine Immortality showed their original body, they were at least 1,000 feet long. What about the corpse on the ground?

It was less than 10 feet long and was hundreds of times smaller than the actual body of a Genuine Immortal.

"Damn it. I meant to capture him alive. I didn't expect that...!"

"Shut up! We'd better go somewhere else and have a look!"

Just as one of those five Venerables was going to speak, another one with a somber look, stopped him and signaled to him to stop talking.

Those who were at the Venerable Realm were by no means simple people. They were able to read each other's body language. Therefore, that Venerable immediately stopped talking and his eyes flickered. He lifted up the corpse, and then, the Venerables moved off and began a new search. It was as if nothing had happened.

On the other side, Zhou Bao never thought he would receive such a result. He had confidence in his strength and knew that he would clearly be the victor when facing a One-tribulation True Immortal, but he still needed to work at it. Never did he think he could pull it off so easily. Perhaps it was because at that moment the True Immortal was solely focused on battling those Venerables, and thus neglected to be on the lookout for any sneak attack. Anyhow, it was a totally smooth and weird affair.

Zhou Bao had only crept close to the Genuine Immortal's side and launched the Demonic Fire of Dragon Chimera, but before he could do anything else, the Demonic Fire suddenly engulfed that immortal, much like what dried firewood would be in the face of a Raging Fire. Soon afterward, it absorbed all the essence of that immortal, and it almost caused Zhou Bao to choke.

However, Zhou Bao was not to be blamed. Although he had acquired the Demonic Fire for many years, this was his first time using it to absorb a real dragon. He lacked the experience, but everything would improve in the future.

After it had absorbed all the essence of that Genuine Immortal, the Demonic Fire immediately began to purify it into the purest pneuma, which later was infused into the Demonic Fire. Suddenly, Zhou Bao felt the Demonic Fire building up in him, and he himself felt very comfortable, as if he was Zhu Bajie in the novel Journey to the West, who had eaten ginseng fruit. His every pore was relaxed, and his Demonic Qi was greatly nourished and became thicker.

"If I eat more dragons, my strength will increase by leaps and bounds! It's just my incarnation, and once it's refined successfully, it will give me the power that is the equivalent of an Individual Immortal. Once added with the gifted powers of Primitive Dragon Chimera and my former accumulation, it will reach the peak of the Individual Immortal Realm. If I absorb more Genuine Immortals of the Dragon tribe and use their power to nourish my body, although I cannot reach the Realm of Genuine Immortality without experiencing Thunder Tribulation, my Demonic Qi will become more immense. Oh my God! It's just like Star-sucking skill. Oh no, it's more like Divine Power of the North, which has no side effects. The Demonic Fire can turn all the essence of Dragon tribe into the purest pneuma to replenish my Demonic Qi. Great! I wonder whether any other creatures have this type of function as well." thought Zhou Bao.

All of a sudden, Zhou Bao started having numerous thoughts and decided to start experimenting with them. He set out to find other demons, but his purpose did not go well. The first demon he found was also a One-tribulation True Immortal, whose Real Body could not be deciphered by him. However, this demon seemed to be a shellfish in the sea, and a lot of hard work was required before he could kill it. But it was a pity that it did not react to his Demonic Fire. His Demonic Fire even showed signs of impatience because it sensed the spirit of the Dragon tribe again.

"Damned! Dragon Chimera, you really live up to your reputation, for your preference of eating dragons only!" Zhou Bao swore in his heart and gave up the idea of trying again. He dashed in the direction that the Demonic Fire had sensed because he could not wait to kill another dragon.

Rolling Dragon Palace was in a total mess. The fighting had evolved into a unilateral massacre, in which criminals from Dragon Abyss Prison now had the upper hand. They had eliminated most of the experts in the palace, while the remaining demons had not reached the Metaphysic Realm. They were obviously no match for those ferocious and enraged experts at the Venerable Realm. Their corpses were piled up high, and the smell of blood permeated the air. The entire Sea Area was a sea of red.

In the red sea, following the telepathic connection of his Demonic Qi, Zhou Bao rushed toward the headquarters of the palace.

In the center of the palace was a luxurious hall which was the only one place that was able to defend itself against enemies. Guards here were fighting back desperately, relying on the powerful formations and inhibitions.

"Oh no, the dragon isn't here. He's inside the hall!" though Zhou Bao. He flashed across myriads of inhibitions and entered the inner part of the hall to find his target, but he soon discovered that there was something not quite right here. The Demonic Immortals here did not belong to the Dragon tribe and they did not have any bloodline linked to the Dragon tribe at all. Even if they did, it was very weak, and this was not enough to tempt his Demonic Fire.

"Humph. Trying to escape? I won't let you go that easily!" Zhou Bao seemed to realize something. He ignored the fighting going on in the hall and used the Phantom Body Skill to enter the basement of the palace and bypassing dozens of inhibitions. At last, he arrived at his destination.
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