Omnipotent Sage Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Lunar True Thunder (b)
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"It's all thanks to my Demonic Fire of Dragon Chimera, otherwise, you guys will be able to escape!" thought Zhou Bao.

Under the Rolling Dragon Palace there was something that was a bit of a mystery. It was an underground palace about 1,000 feet under the ground. Compared with the palace above the ground, it was not so expansive, but it was built like a complicated maze. More than 30 Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe were there, deep in discussion about something.

"Big brother and second elder brother, we cannot stay here all the time. We must go out and help our father!"

These Demonic Immortals' cultivations varied. Those with the highest cultivation were two Three-tribulation True Immortals, who looked cold and solemn. The one with the lowest cultivation had not reached the Mysterious Realm yet.

What interested Zhou Bao most was that the statuses of these Demonic Immortals were not determined by their strength. Those who were in the center were three people who were not that powerful, among whom, the most powerful one was just a Metaphysic Individual Immortal at the Blood-Changing Realm, while the weakest one who had just reached the Mysterious Realm, was also the one who was doing the talking.

"Third brother, be quiet. Do not show disrespect for your elders just because you are favored by father. It's father who told us to hide in the underground palace. He's so invincible that there is no way he can be defeated by those criminals from Dragon Abyss Prison. He did so because that he doesn't want our presence to be a hindrance to him, and thus spare him any further problems. You have just entered into the Mysterious Realm, therefore, there is nothing you can do. You will merely be an encumbrance to him!"

Amongst these three people, a Demonic Immortal of the Dragon tribe who seemed to be 20 years old was scolding a teenager aged 16 or 17 in a low tone.

"The teen flushed due to the scolding. He glared at the person who scolded him and replied in outrage, "I don't care about that. I definitely will go and help father. You can stay here if you're too scared. I'm not afraid of them, I can...!"

"Third brother, shut up!" Another person about the age of 25 or 26 shouted before the teen could finish speaking. "Don't think too highly of yourself just because some celestial devices have been bestowed on you by our father. You're only an Individual Immortal, therefore, even if you are able to barely operate these devices, you will not be able to withstand attacks from so many Venerables. Your second brother is right. If you go out now, you will only make a bigger mess!"

"Big brother, but...!"

"Stop talking. If you're disobedient, I'll ask Longand Long to subdue you and take the Heaven and Earth Bag from you. Then, let's see what you can do to help father!"

Upon hearing that, the teen did not raise any more objections. With a discontented look on his face, he turned away angrily.

"They should be the three princes of Rolling Dragon King. Damned. The Third Prince just looks like a child, therefore, the Fourth Prince should be younger than him. How did he try to flirt with Ji Yeyue, thinking he could get her?" Zhou Bao doubted that, but his senses were quickly taken over by the Demonic Fire inside his body, and he was overwhelmed by the desire to eat dragons. There were so many Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe, which was more than enough for him to have a really good meal.

"Oh no, someone is here on a raid...!" Just when Zhou Bao moved, the two Three-tribulation True Immortals named Longand Long respectively felt Zhou Bao's murderous intent, and their expressions changed greatly.

"You're quite perceptive, but it's too late!" thought Zhou Bao.

Stimulated by the spirit of the Dragon tribe, Zhou Bao's Demonic Qi began to grow. The Demonic Fire encircled him and turned into more than 30 jet black stripes, rushing toward the Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe in the underground palace.

Although these Demonic Immortals had been told to be cautious, Zhou Bao's speed was so fast that they could not avoid the Demonic Fire. Most important of all, Zhou Bao's black Demonic Qi was born to suppress them.

There was a saying that was similar to the relationship between Zhou Bao's Demonic Qi and the Dragon tribe, which said, "everything has its vanquisher, just like bittern to tofu". No matter how powerful these Demonic Immortals were and how strong their Real Essence was, they could not activate their power once they encountered the Demonic Qi. Within a few seconds, all the Demonic Immortals were tightly bound by Zhou Bao's black Demonic Qi.

"Oh, no...!"

"Oh my God...!"


After a short burst of screechings, immense pneuma was absorbed by the Demonic Fire. Those Demonic Immortals, including three princes, without exception, were all turned into dried up corpses due to the Demonic Fire.

"Oh, no...!"

Above at Rolling Dragon Palace, Rolling Dragon King was fighting fiercely against Lord of Heaven Beicang and Lord of Heaven Jiangchuan. In an instant, his expression greatly altered and he started to roar as if he had a premonition that something was wrong. Golden light was glittering around his body, and the two Lords of Heaven could clearly feel an increase in pressure.

"You all must die. I'll kill you! I must kill you!" Rolling Dragon King roared. The golden light around him was shining brightly, and his Qi Power suddenly skyrocketed as if it was a massive balloon.

"Damn it! Rolling Dragon King is putting up a desperate fight!"

"What happened? Why did he suddenly go crazy?" The two Lords of Heaven looked at each other and felt extreme fear deep in their hearts.

Danger and death were just around the corner!

The spiritual mind and strength of Genuine Immortals at the Lord of Heaven Realm saved their lives. They glanced at each other and withdrew at once.

Although they knew nothing about what had happened, they clearly understood that, if they lingered any longer, they would definitely die.

They retreated so fast that they had no time to warn the surrounding Venerables.

As they were retreating at full speed, a destructive power exploded from Rolling Dragon King.


Sounding like a clap of thunder, a sound rang out and the golden light became much more dazzling, as if something within it had exploded. The two Genuine Immortals who were retreating felt a blast of ice-cold power rushing toward them.

Crack, crack, crack...

The sound of cracking of bones spread to their ears. After a while, they both felt a sharp stabbing pain.

"It's Lunar True Thunder. Holy shit! What happened? Why did Rolling Dragon King use this?"

Feeling the power that could destroy them internally, they smiled bitterly at each other. However, they forcibly gathered the Dharma power that could still be of use and broke through the void, losing the courage to look back.

Of course, they did not dare to look back. In fact, just when the Lunar True Thunder exploded, Zhou Bao fled as well. Utilizing the weird Demonic Qi of the Dragon Chimera, he had killed more than 30 Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe and absorbed all their essence. At that moment, he was overwhelmed by a great sense of danger, therefore, without even thinking twice, he displayed Three Realms Division and was transported to the seabed 1,000 miles away from the palace. However, that apparently was not enough because he could still feel the danger, and thus, he displayed Phantom Body Skill and escaped to the Sea Area in the far distance. He turned around in curiosity, only to find a scene that was enough to freak him out.

The seawater behind him had frozen thoroughly from the seabed 30,000 miles deep to the surface. All this process had happened in an instant. Furthermore, the freezing process continued and spread out towards all directions very rapidly. It was so fast that the speed of Zhou Bao's Phantom Body Skill was no match for it. Before the seawater froze, the chilly air started to eat away at Zhou Bao's tendons and meridian, hence, he had no choice but to gather his Demonic Qi. He forcibly operated Three Realms Division and transported himself to the Sea Area a hundred miles away. This time, the freezing process gradually slowed down, but within a short span of time, the seawater behind him had started freezing again.

At this time, Zhou Bao had no other choice. In order to avoid further problems, he directed his Furnace of Immortality to break open the hollow and entered his space. In this way, he did not have to be afraid of anything.

Rolling Dragon King was a strong man, 30 feet tall in height with a brass-colored face. Unlike the Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe that Zhou Bao had encountered earlier, he did not have a horn on his forehead. The only feature that gave way his identity was his nose; it was big and eye-catching.

He wore a bright yellow robe which was embroidered with a variety of scenes of mountain-like clouds. Behind his back was a map of the beautiful landscape. Usually, his appearance alone could frighten many people.

"God-damned! No matter who you are and what kind of background you come from, I swear I'll kill you! No one can protect you now! You are already a dead man!"

The angry roar reverberated over the sea and even broke through space, echoing around the surface of the Five-dragon Regions.

"You can kill me if you are able to find me!" thought Zhou Bao. He now appeared to be a bit embarrassed. As the Lunar True Thunder exploded, he sensed the danger and knew that he would not be able to withstand attacks from the overwhelming thunder, therefore, he entered into his independent grey space. However, it was not easy for him to get out. Luckily, he knew Infinite Realms Teleportation and through this, he had deduced the location of an uninhabited island where he had bid farewell to Ji Yeyue, otherwise, he could not come out of it.

Just when he came out, he heard again the roar of Rolling Dragon King that echoed in the sky around the Five-dragon Regions. The vicious killing intent inside it made Zhou Bao shrink in immense fear.

Although he had killed Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe in secret, he could not conceal this fact from the Dragon King. After all, his purpose was to seize the treasures that belonged to the large sects of the Seven-deity Regions from the Third Prince. Once he returned them to these sects, he would be exposed.

"Rolling Dragon King is a True Immortal at the Lord of Heaven Realm whose strength is beyond anyone else. Obviously, I'm unable to harm him. Besides, his last move possesses an amazing lethality. If it had been executed in the Wuyang Region, no one would have survived. I have killed three of his sons and so many of his subordinates, who are all Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe, therefore, his hatred towards me is totally beyond reconciliation. If I were him, I would definitely seek revenge. Therefore, I must never let him know that I'm the killer. I absolutely cannot reveal the treasures I acquired from the Third Prince and other people, otherwise, I will have to bear the anger of a True Immortal at the Lord of Heaven Realm. That's no joke. Genuine Immortals of the Lord of Heaven Realm are quite rare. Very few have reached this realm amongst all the experts in the Seven-deity Regions!" Thinking about this, Zhou Bao made up his mind secretly. He had taken back his treasures, and he could never show the celestial devices he had acquired from the Third Prince, but at the very least, he would return Master Jin Hua's treasures.
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