Omnipotent Sage Chapter 529


“Not good!”

Zhou Bao, who was originally using the Furnace of Immortality to suppress the golden bridge, saw two people entering the hollow. As he was about to activate the Flipping Sky Seal to break open the hollow and kill those two people, the Silver Frost Castle began to shake violently. Zhou Bao felt that the Silver Frost Castle seemed to have become an enormous volcano that could erupt at any time. The threat of a sudden outburst lied present, and once this volcano did erupt, the consequences were not by any means anything Zhou Bao could stop.

“Wheel of Time, suppress it!”

Without thinking about it, he shouted at the top of his lungs, reached his hand out, and the Wheel of Time appeared from the hollow above the Silver Frost Castle. The Wheel of Time came to a halt and seemed to be like a huge mountain that brutally suppressed the Silver Frost Castle from above.

As the Wheel of Time stopped its operation, time in the entire Azure Big World stopped and the violent movements of the Silver Frost Castle also ceased completely.

“Damn it. This guy is actually willing to blow up a Highest Heaven Celestial Device. I must not let such a ruthless man run loose!” Zhou Bao thought secretly to himself. The two men that ran away were both at the peak of the Venerable Realm and had Pure Yang Celestial Devices. However, since Zhou Bao could suppress a Highest Heaven Celestial Device like the Silver Frost Castle, he naturally would not care about those two at the peak of the Venerable Realm.

The Wheel of Time firmly suppressed the Silver Frost Castle. The Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness, which extended out of the Silver Frost Castle, had been pulverized by the Furnace of Immortality without a sound.

No one was controlling the golden bridge elsewhere, and there was also no energy from a magic formation that was sustaining it. So even if Zhou Bao did not use the Furnace of Immortality, this golden bridge would have shattered sooner or later.

After the golden bridge had shattered, Zhou Bao’s eyes flashed and the Furnace of Immortality was reactivated, smashing fiercely towards the side.

Space had been completely shattered at that moment.

Looking up, it was as if space was plate glass that had been shattered by an enormous force. With the Furnace of Immortality as the center, countless fine fragmented remnants extended outwards into the boundless hollow. Two swift figures appeared in the hollow; they lost the Silver Frost Castle, and now they were using their Upper-grade Pure Yang Celestial Device to fly.

“Want to run? But it’s not that easy!” Zhou Bao laughed coldly. With a push of the Furnace of Immortality, it transformed into a ball of golden light that flew outwards. In the blink of an eye, it appeared on the heads of the two men and pressed down on them like an incomparably gigantic mountain.

“Nooo~!” Seeing the Furnace of Immortality above him, Tai Shang’s expression changed and he shouted, “I have enormous benefits, enormous benefitsss~!”

“People like you have no damn benefit!” Zhou Bao laughed coldly. Not being tempted by Tai Shang’s words at all, he dropped the Furnace of Immortality straight down on both of them.

Following a loud crash, Tai Shang and Yu Tong were instantly crushed to pieces. Zhou Bao did not give them a chance to turn the tables back on him at all.

In a distant space-time, a huge Star Area floated in the middle of the hollow.

If Zhou Bao had the ability to cross hollows and stand outside of the Star Area, he would be surprised to find out that this huge Star Area was exactly like a galaxy he had seen in his past life’s universe. Stars and planets, countless as the grains of sand in the Ganges, floated in the hollow. All these stars and planets were similar to the ones in the universe of Zhou Bao’s previous life. It was not like the one of the Azure Big World where the outside was parcelled with countless space-times. In fact, the entire Star Area was in the same space-time except for the one big star in its center.

At the center of the Star Area was a giant, purple planet that was surrounded by countless stars. This vast planet was a macro world, and it was hundreds of times larger than the Azure Big World. Layers of space-time storms repeatedly surged in its surroundings, and amidst them, there were vague displays of monster spirits showing their true faces. They would leave these space-time storms to guarded this vast planet.

“Who?! Who dared to kill Yu Tong! Who?!”

At this time, a loud voice boomed from the gigantic, purple macro world that seemed to have reverberated throughout the entire world.

“What? Yu Tong has been killed?! Haha, who has such guts?!”

“Now we’ve got a good show to watch. I heard that Tai Shang and Yu Tong went to the Desolate Ancient Star Area as ordered by that old fella. It’s only been a few days; so why is there already news of their death?!”

“It should be true! For so many years, I’ve never heard such a roar. He must be very angry – extremely angry!”

“That’s right. This old fella had always been moody. This time around, it does seem like he is really furious. Hahaa~!”

In the depths of this gigantic, purple macro world, countless ancient beings had heard this roar. Each one of them took delight in this suffering and were using their divine thoughts to communicate about it with each other.

“No matter who it is, I’m afraid that that person is unlucky this time. This old fella is excellent at divination, so he should be able to figure out who the murderer is. Everyone, let’s go back and check whether it was done by one of our own men. If it is not, then forget about it. If it is, then think of some countermeasures!”

“Yes, Elder Jun is right. We should go back and check in order to prevent any further troubles…!”

After bouts of divine thoughts were exchanged, calmness once again returned to the vast planet as if nothing had happened.

“Desolate Ancient Star Area, at the Desolate Ancient Star Area, something happened to Yu Tong at the Desolate Ancient Star Area!” In the depths of the macro world, there laid a jade tower. It had a height of 9,990 feet and was made completely of White Jade. At the top of the jade tower, there was a jade platform, and on this platform, a man with a superior yet eccentric uniform sat in front of the black jade table with bamboo chips scattered in front of him.

“It’s the Desolate Ancient Star Area. They met with enemies there. To be able to suppress the Silver Frost Castle, murder Tai Shang and Yu Tong, and not allow either of them to send any message – this can only be done by someone at the Lord of Heaven Realm! Lord of Heaven, Lord of Heaven, how can a Lord of Heaven appear in a place like the Desolate Ancient Star Area? Unless it was by accident? That’s impossible. Damn it! Why is my Innate Divination only able to tell me that the accident happened at the Desolate Ancient Star Area and nothing else?!” His face showed signs of annoyance and he slapped the black jade table in front of him. “The fairy weapon in the Infinite Star Sea is about to show up. Now there is no time to talk about this matter. I will send Yu Tong and Tai Shang to undergo a reincarnation first. Once the matters at the Infinite Star Sea are settled, I will make a trip to the Desolate Ancient Star Area and do a thorough check myself. I will have a look who has such guts to kill my men!”

He furiously slapped the jade table into pieces and disappeared from the jade platform.

“We should do some planning!” In the Azure Big World, the Wheel of Time had returned to its normal operation. The Silver Frost Castle, on the other hand, had been moved to the center of the Sea of Divine Power. Zhou Bao looked at this enormous Highest Heaven Celestial Device. In his gaze, traces of delight could be seen. However, Jing XIII, who stood next to him, completely shook him out of his reverie.

“Do some planning? What kind of planning?!”

“The Azure Big World has only just formed. Although you have now mastered the Principle of Great Ways of the Azure Big World as well as its fate, in the end, it is still a new macro world. Once we are found out, we will become a highly popular cash cow target!”

“A highly popular cash cow target?!” Zhou Bao whispered. “There shouldn’t be anyone from the real world that can find out about us!”

“Aren’t we already found out? It’s just that we were decisive in our moves that we prevented them from leaking out the message. That’s how we prevented an enormous disaster from happening!”

“Do you know the origin of those two people?!”

“No. However, owning such a Highest Heaven Celestial Device means that their origin certainly is out of the ordinary!” Jing XIII cast his gaze to the Silver Frost Castle. “This time, they were really unfortunate to have been suppressed by you before they could even summon the full potential and power of this Highest Heaven Celestial Device. Reason being that you had two fairy weapons in your hands and could master the Principle of Great Ways of the macro world. Otherwise, we would not be able to deal with this Highest Heaven Celestial Device!” Jing XIII spoke fearfully. “A Highest Heaven Celestial Device crossing the hollow; its uses are more diverse than the usual fairy weapon. It’s also very powerful. It’s just that such Upper-grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices are hard to come by!”

“What did you just say? This Highest Heaven Celestial Device has fragments of the Ancient Sacred City? What is that?!”

“Not sure. According to legend, the Ancient Sacred City is a Supreme Fairy Weapon. For some unknown reason, it broke into fragments and dispersed in all directions. Some of them landed in some necromancers’ hands. Then, these necromancers combined them with their Highest Heaven Celestial Devices to increase their power!”

“Sacred City, broken fragments. Does this mean that there are multiple Highest Heaven Celestial Devices like that?!”

“No? There were not many who were successful. Even if it’s fragments of the Supreme Fairy Weapon, it would not be easy to handle it. Only the master necromancer could successfully combine them. The castle was one of them!” Jing XIII said.

“Then, do you have any clues about those two people?!”

“No. I was in Azure Heaven since the day I was born. I saw Azure Heaven turn into the Azure Secret Area, and now I have seen the Azure Secret Area become the Azure Big World. I’ve only left this place once a long time ago, and heard about the Ancient Sacred City’s matter at that time. After that, I stayed in Azure Heaven!”

“These two men had exceptional powers. However, I’ve never heard of them, so they were not people from our world. Could they have come from another macro world?!” Zhou Bao mumbled to himself. He suddenly lifted his head and asked, “How much do you know about other macro worlds?”

“Other macro worlds?!” Having heard Zhou Bao’s words, Jing XIII was momentarily shocked and then smiled. “I don’t know much. I only know that originally all the macro worlds in this world all revolved around your world and took orders from the main world. Your world was termed the main world. The Heaven Realm, to rule heavens and realms, is the highest form of existence!”

“The Heaven Realm? No wonder the Divine Wind Palace is thinking day and night of restoring the glory of the Heavenly Court. It was from here!” Zhou Bao stroked his chin and mumbled to himself. “This means that it is very likely that these two men came from another macro world. With a cultivation at the peak of the Venerable Realm and Highest Heaven Celestial Devices, it seems that this world is not average!”

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