Omnipotent Sage Chapter 531


A quaint material quality, a refined talisman, a marvelous feeling, as well as that faint scent of the wild – all these left Zhou Bao in constant shock.

The Highest-grade Supreme Fairy Weapon with a fragment of the Ancient Sacred City!

This was what Zhou Bao felt when he first saw that fragment.

Sure, it was only a fragment the size of a palm. But it blessed Zhou Bao with a beautiful sense of perfection. It was as if it was not a fragment but rather a whole piece that had been painstakingly refined by a master artist. One couldn’t bear to touch it, harm it, or defile it.

Seeing Jing XIII pick it up carelessly with his big hand, Zhou Bao could not help but roll his eyes, thinking,“What a brute!”

“Haha, when I first saw something like this, I felt really strange. In the end, however, this thing is still a defective product and not of the real Ancient Sacred City. Although it may be composed of Fairy Dharma of the Ancient Sacred City, it is no longer possible to revive the glory of those days. Therefore, after a long time, there isn’t much to feel!”

Zhou Bao did not say anything; he just received the fragment from Jing XIII. But as soon as he touched it, a wave of thoughts from the fragment entered Zhou Bao’s mind, and he was slightly shocked as he received them. He finally understood why Jing XIII said that refining the Supreme Fairy Weapon was not difficult – these thoughts already contained the way to refine the Supreme Fairy Weapon. As long as the conditions were met, one could refine the Supreme Fairy Weapon. Of course, according to Zhou Bao’s current strength and conditions, anything he could possibly refine would be of the lowest grade. At the same time, he also managed to resolve a question in his heart; or in other words, confirmed an idea in his heart.

The most important distinction between Fairy Weapons and Pure Yang Celestial Devices were in their talismans. Pure Yang Celestial Devices, like the top Upper-grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices, including Zhou Bao’s Flipping Sky Seal, required three talismans to form a talisman formation. As for Fairy Weapons, the core was not composed of a talisman formation, but rather a simple talisman. Of course, this single talisman had another name: Immortal Character. Every Immortal Character represented a particular Fairy Dharma. It was the core of the Fairy Weapon, just like how the core of Zhou Bao’s Furnace of Immortality was like. Same goes for the Wheel of Time. As for the Jade Plate of Fate, only heaven knew what that blinding light in its core was.

Taihao Fairy Weapons and Heavenly Fairy Weapons were like that, and the same goes for the Supreme Fairy Weapons.

Immortal Characters were different from talismans and normal characters. Be it talismans or normal characters, all of them needed a sequence of multiple strokes to form a sentence and convey a complete meaning. On the other hand, an Immortal Character could convey countless meanings. It could convey the meaning of one character, or it could convey the meaning of an entire sentence. An Immortal Character could even convey the meaning of an entire book series thoroughly – how did it do that?

It could do that based on one thing – insights!

The more insights one had about an Immortal Character, the more meanings it could convey and the more powerful it was.

With every increase of insights about an Immortal Character, the Immortal Character would evolve according to the nature of one’s insight after a certain level, and one’s rank and power would grow larger and larger. Of course, it was too early to speak of these things. Be it the Furnace of Immortality or the Wheel of Time, the Immortal Characters on them were all formed naturally. Zhou Bao had neither an opportunity to gain any insights nor could he have derived any insights from them. The Immortal Character from the Ancient Sacred City’s fragments in front of him was the same; he was unable to gain any insights about it. However, he could use those prior thoughts to refine one Supreme Fairy Weapon. Of course, on the condition that he had such an opportunity. Right now, he could only do a rough sketch at best.

Moreover, the process of refining a Supreme Fairy Weapon was extremely difficult.

“You don’t have that much time. Maybe I can help you in operating the Wheel of Time!” Jing XIII said.

“It’s ok. I have a method to operate it!” Zhou Bao looked at Jing XIII and said, “After I refine this piece of Supreme Fairy Weapon, I will not forget to help you with it. But for now, you can go back!”

“Seems like you still don’t trust me very much!”

“Of course I don’t trust you. There has been no incident that proved our affections and disproved traitorous ways. I don’t think our relationship is deep enough for me to trust you with something like this. If you have any requests, just say them!”

“I don’t have too many requests, and I haven’t even thought of any requests I can make!” Seeing how defensive Zhou Bao was around him, Jing XIII felt a little disappointed. However, he naturally did not display such disappointment on his face. “Perhaps I will need a favor from you in the near future. Please do not reject then!”

“As long as I can do it and it does not hurt me, I will do my best!” Zhou Bao did not promise immediately, but neither did he reject. He only gave a conditional reply, which still pleased Jing XIII immensely. “Alright then, I shall leave now. I wish you success!”

After saying this, his figure flashed and disappeared in front of Zhou Bao.

“This guy has big ambitions. He has helped me so much in such a short amount of time. I must be careful in case he takes advantage of me!” Zhou Bao warned himself. A redlight flashed from his eyebrows, and the Primitive Dragon Chimera’s incarnation appeared by his side. Raising its hand without any words, numerous Fire Dragons shot out of it, breaking the void apart and entangle them in the Wheel of Time. Under the control of the Dragon Chimera’s incarnation, the rotation of the Wheel of Time suddenly sped up. Zhou Bao took a deep breath and exited the Silver Frost Castle. At the same time, the Jade Plate of Fate appeared in front of Zhou Bao.

As he gently flicked the Jade Plate of Fate, it reverberated with a clear sound. Subsequently, the Azure Big World shook as if it had been agitated by something.

Zhou Bao took a deep breath, and a wave of wild primitiveness radiated from his body. Then, waves of white airflow surrounded Zhou Bao’s body as a Primordial Fierce Beast taller than thousands of feet appeared.

Once the Primordial Fierce Beast Demonic Ape Zhuyan’s Real Body appeared, it leaped towards the Jade Plate of Fate. At the same time, the Mysterious Divine Light within Zhou Bao began to flow like crazy. Rays of mysterious Incantation Gestures radiated from his hand to the Jade Fate of Plate. As the Incantation Gestures flowed, the Jade Plate of Fate grew brighter and more glaring. A ray of purple light gushed out from the Jade Plate of Fate. Following the surge, the boundless space-time in the Azure Big World actually began to condense and shrink.

As space-time condensed and shrank, the entire Azure Big World began to shrink as well. And the Silver Frost Castle, which had about a third of itself damaged, exited from the boundless space-time of the Azure Big World.

“Sssh, sssh, sssh, sssh, sssh~!” Now that Zhou Bao had activated the Real Body of Zhuyan, he could not help but let out a burst of low screams. The Mysterious Divine Light within him was depleting rapidly. If he did not have the Dharma Power-restoring Skill, he would not have been able to sustain it for so long. Now, the recovery speed of the Dharma Power-restoring Skill was lagging behind the rate of the expenditure of his energy.

“Damn it!” As he felt the Mysterious Divine Light within him dry up, Zhou Bao swore fiercely under his breath. He stopped making Incantation Gestures and started activating the Mysterious Divine Light within him to activate the Golden Dharma Power from the Innate Deity that laid deep within his Dantian. Under the relentless attack of the Mysterious Divine Light, the Golden Dharma Power began to flow, fuse with the Mysterious Divine Light, and, through the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill, transformed into the Mysterious Divine Light. However, this transformation was not complete as Zhou Bao simply could not wait for that to happen. When he stopped inputting the Incantation Gesture into the Jade Plate of Fate, he had already begun to feel the slight movements of the Jade Plate of Fate. The ball of space that he previously condensed also began to recover and expand while its pressure weighed on Zhou Bao with the force of a massive mountain.

Even if he used the Real Body of Zhuyan now, he could only surrender in the face of such a massive force. He was not able to suppress it, and no one had the time to deplete the power of the Golden Dharma Power with the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill.

“If this is the case, let’s keep trying everything in this desperate situation, like giving medicine to a dead horse!” Zhou Bao looked more resolute. He began to directly transfer the Golden Dharma with the Mysterious Divine Light into the Jade Plate of Fate.

With the help of the Golden Dharma Power, the space-time around the Azure Big World began to condense and shrink much faster than expected. Within a short period of time, the entire Azure Big World shrank to the size of a watermelon.

Of course, the so-called watermelon size was from the perspective of Zhou Bao only. He had exceptional powers then and his horizons were also broad. Naturally then, he understood that every world, even those as small as a grain of sand, was real. Sizes were only relative. The real Primitive Might could condense a macro world into a micro one, which is thousands of times smaller, in an instant. Furthermore, no Jade Plate of Fate was needed. As of now, he used the Power of Fate within the Jade Plate of Fate and the Origin of the Great Ways to condense and shrink the space-time of the Azure Big World into the bare minimum needed for the Supreme Fairy Weapon.

At this point, the Silver Frost Castle also began to move. Under Zhou Bao’s control, it began to near to the Azure Big World inch by inch. Just when both of them were about to touch each other; a very, very tiny black hole suddenly appeared in the Silver Frost Castle and instantly swallowed the Azure Big World.

Zhou Bao saw clearly that the entire Azure Big World had landed in the magic formation of the Silver Frost Castle. It had morphed into a ball of glaring, azure light and instantly filled the entire Silver Frost Castle.

Subsequently, the Silver Frost Castle began to melt into a ball of water-like, silver liquid – like mercury. It began to constantly churn and change into different shapes vigorously; but no matter how it changed, it was not able to solidify.

“Seems like Jing XIII does have a deep knowledge on how to refine Supreme Fairy Weapons. If not, he would never hand over this fragment of the Ancient Sacred City!” Zhou Bao slowly lifted the fragment of the Ancient Sacred City. He vigorously shook it and threw it directly into the constantly changing mass of mercury.

Once the fragment was added, the mercury suddenly calmed down, no longer being as chaotic as before. In fact, it began to take shape slowly; and eventually, a perfectly streamlined, massive battleship appeared in front of Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao’s finger was lifted again. The Jade Plate of Fate lit with a little light, covering the massive battleship. And the battleship, smooth as silver, had mysterious patterns engraved on it.

Within the battleship, where originally was no formation, now was an endless, azure abyss. Surrounding the abyss were numerous complicated deity lines forming a pattern. An almost boundless amount of pneuma poured out through those deity lines and powered the entire battleship.

After seeing this battleship, Zhou Bao let out a sigh of relief. This Supreme Fairy Weapon finally had its first prototype!

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